MaidThis Offers Weekly Cleaning Service in Minneapolis, St. Paul, MN

MaidThis Offers Weekly Cleaning Service in Minneapolis, St. Paul, MN

We’ll gladly step in and handle your weekly home cleaning needs!



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Our Weekly Cleaning Service

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  • Low prices that will blow your mind
  • A liberal cancellation policy that works for you
  • Access to the best professional cleaners in Minnesota
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  • our automated scheduling process makes life easy
  • Updated cleaning progress reports available online
  • Relax knowing our No-Show Guarantee is in place
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Get Smooth One-Time Cleaning Service

The best thing about using MaidThis is we have designed a weekly home cleaning service that makes getting your home cleaned every week smooth and easy. This process includes the following components.

Book Your Appointments Quickly

It’s incredibly easy for you to use our automated online appointment booking system to book cleaning appointments at your convenience.

Our Speedy Maids Pay Attention

Our screen vetting system ensures that your housekeeping needs will be handled by a maid who does precise work with a great attitude.

Enjoy Your Newfound Freedom

The value of incurring our weekly cleaning service cost is it frees up more time you can enjoy and spend with your family.

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Our 5-Step-Cleaner Screening Process

We have found that the secret of finding the best maids with which to work is doing the proper due diligence. That’s exactly what we do with this comprehensive 5-Step cleaner screening Process:

Only 2% of all the applicants pass our entire screening process successfully, and that’s whom we work with exclusively.


It Starts with an Application

By permitting applicants to send their information online, it gives us access to more possible qualified candidates from which we can choose.


We Start a Conversation on the Phone

In our search for the best contract maids, we have developed a way to use short online video interviews to identify candidates who meet our basic requirements.


Zoom Meeting

After a successful video interview, the best candidates get a sit-down interview that affords us a chance to further investigate their backgrounds and qualifications.


Team Orientation

Before we sign on the dotted line, we use our orientation presentations to make sure our finalists know what we expect and how they can benefit from working with us.


Background Check

We will not issue assignments to any candidates until they have successfully cleared all of our strict background and reference check requirements.

Long List of Satisfied Clients

Jonathan Boyce
Jonathan Boyce
home cleaning done right
bonnie shrader
bonnie shrader
they did a good job.
jonathan montenegro
jonathan montenegro
did an amazing job cleaning my home.
Michael Luna
Michael Luna
Great service
Shailey Shah
Shailey Shah
This is the easiest service to book and they tell you exactly what you are getting in your cleaning. It's great that you can include add ons online if you need anything extra done. Whenever I have called, there is always someone available over the phone to help me; and when they are busy someone always promptly calls me back.
Robin Brinson
Robin Brinson
Teresa deep cleaned my house today. I can says, without hesitation, she did a really outstanding job. The entire process with them from beginning to end is such a pleasure. She did an incredible job and had every detail sparkling clean. I will definitely use them again and highly recommend them for your job.
Catherine Cameron
Catherine Cameron
Awesome! Today's cleaning by Teresa was super efficient and I'm still basking in how clean our house is - I don't think it's ever looked and felt this good. So grateful for the fantastic service. The customer service is great too and the service is very easy to set up and use.

Why Choose MaidThis Cleaning Service

By reputation, MaidThis is considered one of the best cleaning companies in the U.S. If you want access to the best cleaners in Minneapolis/St. Paul, you need to call us. Along with great service and affordable prices, you’ll also get the following benefits:

We empower you to control the appointment scheduling process online or by phone. Once you tell us where and when, we’ll be there. That’s ensured by our No-Show guarantee.

You don’t have to worry about the quality of service you’ll get. We’ll do everything in our power to find the one cleaner who we believe will be able to best serve your cleaning needs.

As a reputable home cleaning service, we will pledge to deliver the best services possible. We promise to leave your home clean and smelling good or you can invoke our 100% satisfaction guarantee.




Hours Saved



We’re Not Happy Unless You’re Happy

It’s only when we see our customers smiling that we know they are happy with the services we have provided. Customer smiles tell us we are doing a great job. Please understand that some of the following tasks are avoided because of possible issues.

Please understand that our maids might have to avoid chores such as:

To avoid damaging trinkets and light fixtures, wet wiping them might be avoided

If moving a heavy object could result in injury, our maids might choose another option

If paint could be damaged by wet-washing, simply dusting the walls might be the best option

I want to sign up now. What should I do?

Thank you for your patronage. To make it easy to book your first weekly cleaning appointment, you can use our online automated scheduling system or give us a call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to clean once a week?

Perfectly okay. The truth is that most households will tidy up daily and follow that up with good weekly cleanings.

What is a weekly cleaning schedule?

A weekly cleaning schedule requires the setting of a standard day and time when housekeeping responsibilities will be handled.

Why is weekly cleaning necessary?

Within 7 days, dust, dirt, and grime can accumulate throughout the house. At a minimum, you need to attack your dirty house at least once a week.