How Do I Find The Motivation To Clean?

How do I motivate myself to clean my houseCleaning is the worst. Not only is it a tiring, time-consuming, mind-numbingly boring activity that we all have to do regularly for the rest of our lives, it often eats into the free time we would otherwise spend doing the things we enjoy in the company of our loved ones.

With the above in mind, it’s no surprise that many Americans have to force themselves to clean their homes. Short of hiring a reputable Bel Air cleaning service to give your home a professional cleaning, there seems to be no way to make housekeeping any easier. 

Or is there? In this article, we’ll give you some pointers on how to avoid procrastination when it comes to home cleaning and get more cleaning done in a shorter amount of time. Keep reading to learn more. 

How do I motivate myself to clean my house?

As with all things in life, the bigger the mess you’re dealing with is, the scarier it looks and the harder it is to get started cleaning it. Your first priority should be to learn how to prevent dirt and clutter from getting out of control. 

Consider doing some or all of the following:

  • Develop anti-clutter habits. Have dedicated spots where certain items (game controllers, TV remotes, phone chargers, etc.) are kept and always leave these items there. Never leave clothes lying on furniture. Always wash the dishes or put them in the dishwasher after eating.
  • Have your kids help out. Children tend to be naturally disorganized and not overly concerned with hygiene, but that doesn’t mean they should stay that way. Teach your kids to tidy up after themselves from an early age, and you’ll have a lot less clutter to deal with. 
  • Do a little cleaning every day. It takes only a few minutes to dust a few shelves, wipe down some windows, wash some utensils, or make the beds, but it will go a long way toward making your big home cleanings much less taxing. 
  • Train your pets not to climb on furniture. This will greatly minimize any hairs you have to deal with during your cleanings, and prevent scratches or other damage.

How do I get myself to start cleaning?

If you still have trouble getting yourself to clean even after doing everything you can to reduce the amount of dirt and clutter in your home, you’ll need to resort to more extreme measures.

Do the following:

Invite an important guest over

Whether it’s your boss, your in-laws, or someone you’re romantically interested in, same logic applies; you can’t let them think you’re a slob! This will give you ample motivation to make sure your home is spotless before they arrive. 

Outsource it to the professionals

If your house is already very messy and you can’t find the time to clean it, or if you’re dealing with a greasy oven or some other type of extra-difficult cleaning, consider outsourcing the cleaning to a maid service. 

The pros know exactly which cleaning products to use to make your home pristine no matter how dirty it may be. This also gives you the leisure time you need to kick back, or enjoy a pleasant afternoon at the Bel-Air Country Club

Where can I schedule a reliable Bel Air cleaning service?

How do you get yourself to clean the houseFor too many Americans, home cleaning takes as much time as a part-time job and makes the after-work hours a lot less relaxing than they should be. Here at MaidThis, we team up with the finest cleaning experts in Bel Air who will be happy to take the cleaning off your hands!

Book your cleaning today, or give us a call if you’d like to learn more about what we provide. We can’t wait to meet you!

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