Listen to This: Music Makes Cleaning Easier

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Music has the immense power to make us experience a wide range of emotions, among which is sheer, overwhelming joy. It also makes everything better and easier, even if it’s something as tedious as housework. 

You can play nursery rhymes to make cleaning more fun for kids, some hot jazz to keep things upbeat as you tackle a major clean-up, or blast your favorite ‘80s soundtrack as you prepare your home for a party

Whatever your preferences, be it classical, electronic, or rock genre, music is your best friend whether you’re doing some regular house cleaning, or giving your Culver City home a major makeover. But, let’s see why you should incorporate music into your spring cleaning routine and what you stand to gain from it.

The science behind it

Music makes us happy – it’s an actual scientific fact that has been confirmed many times over. The reason behind this is that hearing music makes the brain release dopamine, a chemical that makes us feel good and also gives us a much-needed energy boost.

This means that music has the power to make us more productive by feeding us with positive vibes. Music also makes repetitive work more fun (another scientifically confirmed fact), which makes it just the ideal cleaning partner.

What’s interesting is that lyrics can be distracting if you are trying to focus on learning something. But with cleaning, there’s no excessive mental effort, so you can play whatever you like. What’s more, playing familiar tracks will improve your focus.

Get your blood pumping with fast tracks

Fast evergreen classics like Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean, Madonna’s Papa Don’t Preach or Queen’s Another One Bites the Dust have that awesome rhythm that makes you move even if you try to fight it. You might even come up with some new dance moves!

What’s more, the faster you move, the faster you’ll get the job done. In fact, go ahead and sing along to your guilty pleasure – the time will just fly by. You’ll almost regret having finished scrubbing your bathroom midway through The Greatest Pop Hits of the ‘90s.

Find relaxation with serene melodies

Granted, slow music does not have the same effect on everyone, but there’s no harm in giving it a go. Try some smooth jazz or lo-fi hip-hop, and polishing your silverware or making your wardrobe nice and tidy might actually make you calmer and more relaxed. Still, if you feel that you’re on the verge of dozing off, go back to Lady Gaga and turn up the volume to 11.

Go retro and dance to the radio (like no one’s watching)

Music Makes Cleaning Easier

The radio is a nearly (and unjustly) forgotten invention, yet all the modern gadgets have failed to render it obsolete. Turn it on and get cleaning as it plays in the background. You might find yourself amused at what you might hear on radio talk shows, not to mention experience the real thrill of suddenly hearing an old song you loved growing up.

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