The Ultimate Deep Cleaning Checklist For a Spotless Home

It’s time for a deep clean. It’s probably been a while since you last cleaned your home. It’ll need a deeper clean than you expected. Your deep cleaning journey is going to be difficult at first. The best way to prepare yourself is with a deep cleaning house checklist. It will keep you on top of your chores. With a strategic plan, you’ll know exactly what to clean and how. Bacteria, dirt, and grime immediately get swiped away.

Your national nightmare will be over. Get your cleaning tools and clear your schedule. You’re embarking on the journey to cleanliness. Deep cleaning is important because it maintains the health and wellness of your home. It keeps you and your loved ones safe and healthy.

Deep cleaning helps you target allergens, dander, mildew, mold, and pollen. Removing them instantly decreases respiratory problems and improves indoor air quality. This helps create a healthy home environment. You’ll notice that you don’t struggle as much during allergy season. As you can see, there are benefits involved with deep cleaning. There is no reason not to take the plunge with a professional deep cleaning checklist.

Get Started On Your Deep Cleaning Journey

cleaning tools

It’s good to tackle your deep cleaning house checklist with the right supplies. Regardless of your cleaning goals, stay focused on the task at hand. Having the tools at your disposal eliminates distractions.

Here are some of the cleaning tools you need:

  • An abrasive scrub pad
  • All-purpose cleaning spray
  • Buckets – one for clean water and the other for dirty water
  • Degreaser
  • Dish soap
  • Disposable paper towels, rags, or scrub pads
  • Rubber gloves
  • Scrub brush
  • Spray bottle with 1:1 vinegar and water

The Comprehensive Deep Cleaning Checklist

It’s easier to let your tasks fall by the wayside. When your chores start piling up, it’s time to get a printable cleaning checklist. The right checklist will save you time and effort with dusting, disinfecting, scrubbing, and thoroughly cleaning.

This list might freak you out at first. However, it can help guide your cleaning efforts. You’ll save time on the deep cleaning process. There’s nothing better than crossing off a task on your to-do list.

Room-by-Room Deep Cleaning Checklist

A room-by-room deep cleaning house checklist will work fine in two formats. It’s okay to use a single checklist if it’s organized by room. If you can’t find or create one you like, we would recommend you go with multiple checklists with one designated for each room in the home.

Regardless of the format that you choose, the following information is going to focus on the deep cleaning tasks that you should tackle in each room. Note: Deep cleaning chores should be additions to the standard chores you would do with regular cleaning.


  • Clean doors and door knobs
  • Hang up jackets
  • Mop or sweep the floors
  • Organize shoes and boots
  • Shake out doormat
  • Wipe the walls and baseboards


  • Clear counters
  • Clear fridge and clean inside out
  • Clear the freezer and clean inside out
  • Clean dishwasher with vinegar
  • Clean microwave
  • Clean oven and stove top
  • Discard expired food left in refrigerator, pantry, and freezer
  • Degrease backsplash, cabinet doors, and oven
  • Deodorize and degrease the kitchen drain
  • Dust on top of high surfaces, such as tops of cabinets, fridge, and range hood
  • Mop the floors
  • Remove contents from cabinets and thoroughly clean
  • Wipe down baseboards and walls

Living Room Areas

Living Room Deep Cleaning
  • Dust and polish furniture
  • Dust electronics and decor
  • Clean the ceiling fans
  • Dust and clean lamp shades and lighting
  • Dust the blinds and/or curtain rods
  • Mop or vacuum the floors
  • Organize magazines
  • Shampoo carpets or rugs
  • Vacuum curtains
  • Wash the windows and windowsills


  • Clean curtains
  • Dust the blinds
  • Dust curtain rods
  • Dust and polish furniture
  • Flip the mattress
  • Mop or vacuum floors
  • Organize the closets
  • Shampoo carpets and rugs
  • Wash windows
  • Wipe the baseboards
  • Wash the bedding, including the pillows, sheets, and duvets


  • Clean bathroom and shower
  • Clean hardware and faucets
  • Clean and sanitize counters
  • Clean toilet, tub, and shower
  • Discard bath and beauty products
  • Discard any expired skincare products, makeup, and medication
  • Mop and sweep floors
  • Replace shower curtain
  • Scrub tile grout
  • Wipe baseboards and walls
  • Wipe mirrors and vanity

Kids’ Toy Room

Kids' Toy Room
  • Disinfect and sanitize toys
  • Donate unused toys
  • Mop or vacuum floors
  • Organize toys and play areas
  • Shampoo carpets and rugs
  • Wash stuffed animals and soft toys

Office or Library

Office or Library
  •  Dust bookshelf and electronics
  • Dust and polish furniture
  • Recycle unnecessary or dated paperwork
  • Sanitize the keyboard and mouse

Additional Tips For Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning isn’t just focused on the cleaning process. It also involves a thorough inspection of your home. This is also a good time to test and replace the batteries in your smoke alarms.

Ideally, replace the filters once a year or as necessary. Don’t forget to clean the air vents and registers as well. If your lighting is dim, replace the light bulbs.

Sanitize the most used areas of your home, including the door handles and light switches. You might also want to disinfect your phones, computers, gadgets, toys, and remote controls.

Hire MaidThis Myrtle Beach For Your Deep Cleaning Needs

If you can’t handle this deep cleaning checklist, it’s best to enlist the help of a professional cleaning service. You might wonder how much it would cost for professional deep cleaning.

Cleaning costs depend on the size and layout of your home, how many rooms, and other factors. Contact MaidThis Myrtle Beach for a free estimate. Our cleaning service starts with a simple booking.

We hire experienced maids who will enter your home on time. They’ll wipe down all the appliances, countertops, dressers, faucets, and sink basins. They’ll also spend extra time in your kitchen and bathrooms.

Our experienced maids will move into our bedrooms, living room, family spaces, and even the kids’ room. Next, they’ll vacuum and mop the floors.

MaidThis is conveniently located in the Myrtle Beach area. Our cleaning team works hard to deliver incredible results. To learn more about our deep cleaning services, call us or use our intuitive online booking form to request a free estimate today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the correct order to clean a house?

The best way to clean your house is to declutter before getting your hands dirty. Take time to remove any clutter and put away any belongings. This will make the cleaning process easier for you.

This is an important start before cleaning any of the rooms. It’s also important to have a process in place. This eliminates any confusion or overwhelm.

This is necessary when it comes to cleaning your kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and other places in your home. When you put your stuff away, it’s easier to know where everything belongs and to focus on the most important matters.

How long should it take to deep clean a house?

How long it takes to deep clean a house depends on the size of the home, the number of rooms, and the layout. It can also depend on other factors, such as kids and pets. On average, a deep cleaning can range from three hours to as much as 15 hours.

What are the steps for deep cleaning?

The most important step is decluttering your home. This makes the cleaning process easier. Take a look around your home. Look out for any clutter on the floor or any belongings that don’t belong in its place.

When it comes to the cleaning process, you should start in the high places before going lower. That means dusting and cleaning the corners, ceilings, and walls.

Move onto the windows, windowsills, and baseboards. Take the time to touch up your window treatments. You can also dust the furniture, decorations, and other knick knacks.

From there, you can move on to deep cleaning the floors.

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