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A Clean Dining Space Makes Family Meals a Joy

A dining room cleaning service can be a separate project before a big dinner or can be included in the cleaning of your whole house. No matter which you choose, your dining room will be cleaned from the top down. We also offer a deep cleaning to get your dining room sparkling clean from top to bottom, tackling stubborn stains and sanitizing surfaces to thoroughly refresh every corner.

Your table will be thoroughly cleaned, the table base dusted and the chairs wiped down or vacuumed as appropriate. Trash cans will be emptied and wiped down, leaving your eating space clean and fresh.

If you have small children and a high chair is a fixture in your dining room, our maids will help provide extra cleaning support for this area. A thorough mopping under and around the high chair or the dining room chairs and booster seats for your little ones can be incorporated into your weekly dining room cleanup.

In addition to cleaning dining room spaces, our house cleaning steps include:

  • a disinfection of kitchen and bathroom countertops
  • a thorough scrub of toilet, tub and showers
  • careful dusting of all flat surfaces and cobweb-collecting corners
  • sweeping and mopping or vacuuming of all floors as appropriate

Long List of Satisfied Clients

Benjamin Furtwengler
Benjamin Furtwengler
Super easy to set up and did a great job! Shanna was amazing and made sure everything was to my liking before she left. She was even able to get the grout in the shower looking like new! Everyone I had contact with was very friendly and quick to answer my questions!
Dior Gordon
Dior Gordon
She was professional in her work
INurseStaff Staff and Recruiting Agency
INurseStaff Staff and Recruiting Agency
MaKenzie, did an amazing job cleaning for us!! My husband wanting to move in right away :) We would definitely recommend!!
Allison Alvarado
Allison Alvarado
Penny Clagett
Penny Clagett
Did a great job. Very communicative and punctual.
Ricky Crowley
Ricky Crowley
Quick response sent someone great the next day! Shanna was wonderful no complaints
Doreen Byrnes
Doreen Byrnes
Great service on time and did a wonderful job! Thanks
Ellen Yates
Ellen Yates
Thorough cleaning job by two friendly cleaners-just one came tho Gu
Ron E
Ron E
Have been using MaidThis Myrtle Beach for two years. Very happy with the cleaning service. Office manager (Melanie) is always responsive to any questions and coordinates each cleaning. Shanna was cleaner this week and did an outstanding job. This is our vacation home and is cleaned after we leave. Shanna sent me pictures of every room after cleaning complete. This is standard MaidThis procedure. Price is reasonable and I highly recommend MaidThis Myrtle Beach.
James Nelson
James Nelson
They did a great job cleaning my condo. Very professional and very clean. The place looked awesome after they were do! I am very happy and very pleased with there great work!

A Customized Cleaning Checklist Can Help

The professional maids from MaidThis can work from a customized cleaning list to just address your dining room. If you choose to hire MaidThis maids at the hourly rate, they can also address other spaces as directed on your cleaning checklist.

For example, if you’re having a dinner party, you may only want your dining room and living room cleaned. Both spaces will get a top down cleaning process that will leave them dust free, tidy and fresh for your guests.

Flat surfaces will be wiped down and dusted. Furniture will be vacuumed for freshness. From fan blades to baseboards, your guests will enjoy a fresh, clean space in your communal gathering areas.

Our Dining Room Cleaning Checklist

Your dining room will be:

cleaned from the top down, starting at the light fixture

cobwebs will be cleared

 the dining room table will be tidied and wiped down with an appropriate cleaning product

your dining room chairs will be wiped or vacuumed as appropriate

the floor under your table will be swept and mopped or vacuumed as needed

the base of your table will be cleaned

the entire floor will be vacuumed or swept and mopped

trash will be emptied

By the time we leave, your dining room will be fresh, tidy and ready for your beautifully prepared meal!

MaidThis Contracts with Skilled Maids for Best Results

The MaidThis screening process includes a detailed online application, multiple interviews and a background check. Our orientation is intensive and our training process is without par. In addition to contracting the best maids, we work to offer consistent service to every client, every time.

Our screening process and training process also mean that we can offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, no matter which maid addresses your cleaning tasks. We also offer a no cancellation guarantee.

“I’m ready to book a dining room cleaning! What’s next?”

Excellent! Let’s book your Myrtle Beach, SC dining room appointment for as soon as possible so you can enjoy the MaidThis difference. You can give us a call or simply book an appointment with our online booking tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean a dining room fast?

The key to keeping your dining room clean is to stay on top of clutter. If your table is a dumping ground for non-dining room items, designate a space for these items and build better habits with your family. Get in the habit of wiping the table down after each meal. If you have little ones and crumbs are a concern, sweep the dining room when you sweep the kitchen each night.

What do I clean my dining room table with?

It depends on the material and the finish. If your table is wood, a simple vinegar and water spray may be all you need. If your table has a glass top, an ammonia based cleaner and a microfiber cloth may be necessary.

How often should you clean the dining area?

Because you’re eating on the surface, you’ll want to wipe it down before each meal and wipe it again after you eat and clear the plates. If it’s cold and flu season, it may be a good idea to run a disinfecting wipe over the table before a meal.