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The Cleaning Services We offer for Laundry Rooms

How often do you do your regular house cleanings and forget the laundry room? Is it possible you didn’t forget but instead decided to avoid that room? It’s okay, rare is the individual who enjoys cleaning laundry rooms. With that said, our MaidThis cleaners don’t mind cleaning laundry rooms or any rooms for that matter. They charge laundry rooms with zest and a plan of attack.

Our general laundry room and house cleaning services cover:

  • Living room – dusting/polishing furniture
  • Kitchens and bathrooms – cleaning countertops and cabinets, scrubbing plumbing fixtures
  • Bedrooms – dust furniture and make beds
  • Floor cleaning in all rooms
  • Laundry room – clean appliances under/in/around, vents, and walls

Our list of added deep cleaning chores includes:

  • Shampoo carpets and furniture surfaces
  • Washing windows/window coverings
  • Decluttering rooms and storage areas
  • Thorough cleaning of all kitchen appliances and cabinets

Long List of Satisfied Clients

Benjamin Furtwengler
Benjamin Furtwengler
Super easy to set up and did a great job! Shanna was amazing and made sure everything was to my liking before she left. She was even able to get the grout in the shower looking like new! Everyone I had contact with was very friendly and quick to answer my questions!
Dior Gordon
Dior Gordon
She was professional in her work
INurseStaff Staff and Recruiting Agency
INurseStaff Staff and Recruiting Agency
MaKenzie, did an amazing job cleaning for us!! My husband wanting to move in right away :) We would definitely recommend!!
Allison Alvarado
Allison Alvarado
Penny Clagett
Penny Clagett
Did a great job. Very communicative and punctual.
Ricky Crowley
Ricky Crowley
Quick response sent someone great the next day! Shanna was wonderful no complaints
Doreen Byrnes
Doreen Byrnes
Great service on time and did a wonderful job! Thanks
Ellen Yates
Ellen Yates
Thorough cleaning job by two friendly cleaners-just one came tho Gu
Ron E
Ron E
Have been using MaidThis Myrtle Beach for two years. Very happy with the cleaning service. Office manager (Melanie) is always responsive to any questions and coordinates each cleaning. Shanna was cleaner this week and did an outstanding job. This is our vacation home and is cleaned after we leave. Shanna sent me pictures of every room after cleaning complete. This is standard MaidThis procedure. Price is reasonable and I highly recommend MaidThis Myrtle Beach.
James Nelson
James Nelson
They did a great job cleaning my condo. Very professional and very clean. The place looked awesome after they were do! I am very happy and very pleased with there great work!

Important of Keeping the Laundry Room Clean

Wouldn’t it be futile to wash your clothes in a room that isn’t clean? How much electricity does your dryer waste if the dust trap and vents are dirty? Honestly, laundry room lent, dust, and dirt are always a danger to clean clothes. If you don’t have time to tackle your laundry room, our maid service providers will gladly step in and handle that on your behalf.

At a basic level, we will include laundry room cleaning as part of our weekly and monthly house cleaning packages. That includes our standard and deep cleanings. On those occasions when you only want your laundry room cleaned, we can do that as well. For your convenience, we can offer you a predetermined hourly rate for such targeted services.

Our List of Laundry Room Cleaning Services

As a reputable full service home cleaning service in Myrtle Beach, SC, we feel obligated to make sure customers like you know exactly what’s included in each of our cleaning packages. That includes targeted cleaning of laundry rooms. In an effort to be transparent, here are the chores that our cleaners will cover in laundry rooms:

Dusting and dry wiping laundry room walls and baseboards

Cleaning of washers/dryers underneath, inside, and outside

Cleaning of dust vents and dryer dust traps

Cleaning folding tables and hanging racks

Floor cleaning – sweeping/mopping/waxing

Experienced Maids to the Rescue

It takes an experienced maid to know where the lint and dust likes to hide in a laundry room. Our top-rated maids have that level of experience. They know where to go and what it’s going to take to scrub everything clean.

At MaidThis, we are lucky to have a great reputation. We have earned this reputation by contracting with no one but the best maids in the Myrtle Beach area. It’s the effectiveness of our comprehensive 5-step cleaner screening process that connects us with the best candidates.

MaidThis is the right call if you want quality cleaning services at budget-friendly prices with the work always fully guaranteed.

“This would really help me a lot. How do we get started.”

“Our cleaners are sitting on go! When you are ready for your first appointment, you can reach out to us by phone or feel free to use our proprietary online automated scheduling system (see the link below).”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean a laundry room?

Laundry rooms are typically small with lots of hidden areas. The best way to approach cleaning a laundry room is to start by cleaning light fixtures and walls. Then, it’s time to clean the appliances, including dust traps and vents, as well as underneath the appliances. Flooring cleaning would come last when all of the dirt sits on the floor.

How often should you clean your laundry room?

At a minimum, you should do basic cleaning every week and follow that up with a deep cleaning at least once a month.

Can maids do laundry?

Yes. That is a maid service that we can make available. If it’s light laundry, the service might be included at no additional cost. If the dirty laundry is significant, our maids can do the laundry for an additional fee.