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Types of One-Time Cleaning Services

Standard Cleaning

Have a look at our regular checklist: Getting things soaking while running the washing machine and dishwasher; Decluttering, then dusting and damp-wiping working from the top down, including mirrors and windows; Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen thoroughly, including appliances and sinks; Freshening other rooms; Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping floors.

Every house has different needs, but you can judge the amount of time needed according to the square footage. Depending on the condition of the space, approximately one hour of cleaning is required for every 300 square feet. Our cleaning plans can easily be customized if necessary.

Deep Cleaning

Some people routinely schedule deep cleaning once or twice a year or so to give extra attention to corners and hard-to-reach spots. Some rooms tend to build up more grease and grime than others. Deep cleaning is an ideal option when someone in the living space has health concerns.

Hourly Cleaning

You can have your one time cleaning service focused to meet your unique needs. Hourly cleanings can be scheduled or you can design your own checklist to outline the details or particular jobs you want done. Examples include preparing a guest room or cleaning up after a reunion.

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Enjoy Streamlined One Time Cleaning Services

MaidThis in Myrtle Beach ensures that your one-time cleaning service experience will go smoothly from the beginning to the end. We’re not happy unless you’re happy.

Schedule your one time cleaning services in a heartbeat

Setting up a cleaning visit is simple. Choose your cleaning plan and pick the date and time. Then phone us or use our easy online booking form.

Our efficient professionals get the job done fast

Each one time house cleaner is experienced, skilled, screened, further trained, and bonded. They always provide good customer service while exceeding your expectations. Your home will sparkle!

Enjoy your home and your extra time

You’ll be energized and delighted to have free time to spend as you prefer. Being able to come home to a tidy, sanitary, fresh-smelling place is a priceless experience.

Our 5-Step-Cleaner Screening Process

MaidThis Cleaning in Myrtle Beach, SC, cares about your safety and security. We only accept 2% of applications submitted.

The Mission: To search everywhere to find you the best cleaners in the market!


Online Application

The first step in screening begins after applicants fill out the online form. Incomplete forms or those showing a clear lack of experience are deleted.


Phone Interview

Potential candidates move on to a phone interview. We can make a more detailed evaluation during a conversation when we discover how well they listen and respond.


In-Person Meeting

Applicants who reach Phase 3 are invited to a face-to-face meeting. We assess how professionally they present themselves and we learn more about their skills.



The remaining candidates attend a company orientation to learn more about MaidThis Cleaning in Myrtle Beach. They also receive extra training about policies, procedures, and good customer service.


Background Checks

Last but definitely not least comes thorough background checking to assess the honesty of their reporting. We explore their professional history and look for evidence of criminal behaviors.

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As you can see, we work hard to earn your trust

You get a no-nonsense approach without any hidden fees. That means full transparency at every stage of the process. Every one time cleaner is a local professional who has been screened and bonded. Our full-service company offers a variety of cleaning plan choices as well as custom jobs, and your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed. Does that sound too good to be true? We promise that it’s all true!

For safety, maids don’t handle a few tasks:

Wiping light fixtures: Light bulbs and electrical connections can be hazardous, especially during wet-wiping.

Moving furniture: Heavy or awkward furniture is best handled by at least two movers trained in body mechanics.

Walls: Wallpaper and different types of pigments can be surprisingly fragile, especially when they’ve aged.

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