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The professionals at MaidThis can help you manage the need for an emergency cleaning service. If you own a vacation rental and have a sudden booking, same day house cleaning will help you get great reviews. If you generally clean your own house on the weekends and find that your in-laws are coming on Thursday, you need a same day maid service for your own space!

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Get Smooth Same Day Cleaning Services

You can book your cleaning over the phone

Once we know the dimensions and other pertinent information about your space, you can give us a call to book your same day service. We can respond more quickly over the phone and get your cleaning booked quickly.

Our professional maids will get the job done

Our orientation and training process prepares our maids to provide consistent service to each home. Book your cleaning and prepare to enjoy a clean house!

Enjoy your newly cleaned space

If you work a job all week, the last thing you want to do is clean all weekend. A simple phone call and a professional cleaning appointment late in the week can give you time off on the weekends. You deserve it!

How We Screen Our Maids for the Best Service

We understand that it can be unsettling to invite a stranger into your home and most intimate spaces. Even hiring a cleaning service to get a vacation rental ready for guests can be worrying.

Our application, vetting and training process is detailed and our maids are ready to help you clean your house, apartment or vacation rental.


Potential maids apply online

Those who want to work for Maid This must apply online and pass a screening test.


Phone Interview

Next, our applicants undergo a phone interview to make sure that they are a good fit for our hard-working team.


In-Person Screening

We like hard workers with a great attitude. The in-person meeting helps us confirm that new applicants will fulfill all requirements.



New maids undergo a detailed orientation with our operations team to train them on our requirements and processes.


Background Check

You deserve to feel secure in your home. As the last step, our background check is designed to reduce risks to your security and to make sure they can be trusted with the responsibilities of working for MaidThis.

We Clean Apartments Too!

MaidThis professionals can also provide excellent same day house cleaning for your apartment. Use the calculator on our website to enter information about your space so you know the cost, then give us a call.

Benefits of Choosing MaidThis

You deserve a reliable cleaning service. Our maids are trained and checked to protect your security. We use environmentally safe products and are happy to work off of your checklist. We offer a no cancellation guarantee. Why wonder if your vacation rental is ready when you can call MaidThis?

We’re easy to reach

You can book an appointment with just a few clicks or taps of your finger. We will send you automatic reminders and connect you with a professionally vetted cleaner. You can reschedule or cancel appointments on our user-friendly platform.

Our cleaners are safe to invite in your home

Many apply but few are chosen to work for MaidThis. Only 2% of applicants pass our application and testing process. Your house, apartment and vacation rental deserve the best.

Billing is simple, traceable and consistent

You can make your payment through our secure system. Once the cleaning service is completed and you’re happy with the result, you can pay through our website.

house cleaning services in Myrtle Beach

Satisfaction Guaranteed and a No Cancellation Promise

A thorough, detailed cleaning of any space takes time and effort. Your time and effort may be dedicated to family and career. You can book a same day cleaning of your home with our fully trained maids with a simple phone call and pay for it, once you’re happy, with a few keystrokes. In a complicated world, this kind of simplicity should be enjoyed!

P‌lease be aware that there are things our maids don’t do:

Wiping light fixtures: Light bulbs can break if exposed to moisture; a light fixture may be old and fragile. Water and electricity is always a bad mix! We don’t clean light fixtures.

Moving furniture: Moving furniture can scratch floors or damage carpet. Additionally, old furniture can be damaged in the moving process. We don’t move furniture to clean behind it.

Wall cleaning: Vintage wall-coverings may not stand up to modern cleaning products. We don’t wash walls.

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“I Need Same Day Cleaning Services! What’s Next?”

Check out our website to plug in the numbers for your living space so you know what the cost will be. Next, call 843-350-9077 or, if you want to book your service on the website, go ahead.