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Small Offices and Shared Spaces Require Detailed Cleaning on a Regular Basis

If you’ve got a small business that serves the public or manage an apartment building or condo community, you are in control of a facility that is loaded with shared spaces. Commonly touched items can serve as a space that spreads illness. Careful management of these shared spaces, especially surfaces that are frequently touched, can keep your employees, clients and guests safer over time.

You don’t have to have a small office to need small office cleaning! These services can support:

  • Small businesses and storefronts
  • Small private offices
  • Lounges and common areas of your condo complex
  • Personal care or self-care spaces such as salons and yoga studios

Whether your clients are spreading out their yoga mat on the floor or gripping the handrails of the chair in your waiting room, these common and shared touch spaces need a regular cleaning for the safety of all

Cleaning Services for Gathering Spaces

It’s important to note that only hard surfaces can be sanitized. However, regular cleaning and vacuuming of soft surfaces can prevent the build-up of dust and other allergens. The cleaning steps used by professionals from MaidThis can keep your common areas feeling fresh, clean and comforting.

Long List of Satisfied Clients

Benjamin Furtwengler
Benjamin Furtwengler
Super easy to set up and did a great job! Shanna was amazing and made sure everything was to my liking before she left. She was even able to get the grout in the shower looking like new! Everyone I had contact with was very friendly and quick to answer my questions!
Dior Gordon
Dior Gordon
She was professional in her work
INurseStaff Staff and Recruiting Agency
INurseStaff Staff and Recruiting Agency
MaKenzie, did an amazing job cleaning for us!! My husband wanting to move in right away :) We would definitely recommend!!
Allison Alvarado
Allison Alvarado
Penny Clagett
Penny Clagett
Did a great job. Very communicative and punctual.
Ricky Crowley
Ricky Crowley
Quick response sent someone great the next day! Shanna was wonderful no complaints
Doreen Byrnes
Doreen Byrnes
Great service on time and did a wonderful job! Thanks
Ellen Yates
Ellen Yates
Thorough cleaning job by two friendly cleaners-just one came tho Gu
Ron E
Ron E
Have been using MaidThis Myrtle Beach for two years. Very happy with the cleaning service. Office manager (Melanie) is always responsive to any questions and coordinates each cleaning. Shanna was cleaner this week and did an outstanding job. This is our vacation home and is cleaned after we leave. Shanna sent me pictures of every room after cleaning complete. This is standard MaidThis procedure. Price is reasonable and I highly recommend MaidThis Myrtle Beach.
James Nelson
James Nelson
They did a great job cleaning my condo. Very professional and very clean. The place looked awesome after they were do! I am very happy and very pleased with there great work!

Benefits of Relying on Professional Cleaners

If you’re a small business owner, you likely spend a lot of time in your facility. You may have a staff member who regularly tidies and wipes down your common areas. The problem with trying to clean these common areas on your own is that you can develop blind spots around issues such as clutter, dust and fingerprints.

A regular office cleaning, perhaps on a Monday, can help you refresh your workspace and create a new start to your work week.

MaidThis Hires the Best!

Hiring a MaidThis maid for your small business office cleaning or common area cleaning means that the space will be reviewed from the top down. Our Myrtle Beach office cleaning service professionals will:

Dust the corner where the wall meets the ceiling

Dry dust your light fixtures

Sanitize hard surfaces

Vacuum soft furnishings

Polish mirrors and glass

Generally freshen the space

Tidy up reading materials

MaidThis maids go through a 5 step hiring process, including a background check, to make sure that your space is both clean and secure. MaidThis also offers an hourly cleaning service. If you’re not sure your facility qualifies as a traditional office or if the space doesn’t always require a regular cleaning, you can still bring us in on an hourly basis for a solid scrub.

MaidThis Has a Vigorous Hiring Process

The professionals taking care of your small business office cleaning have already been through a thorough interview and orientation process. Before your Myrtle Beach office cleaning professional gets to your door, they’ve also been through a background check.

  • a detailed online application
  • a phone interview
  • an in-person interview
  • detailed orientation
  • a background check

We offer a no cancellation guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re happy with your cleaning, please let us know so we can share the good news! If you’re not, please let us know so we can fix the problem and review our process.

“This will free up time and worry! How do I start?”

Let’s get to work! To schedule your first office or common area cleaning in Myrtle Beach, you can call us for more information or fill out the intuitive online booking form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you manage office cleaning?

Our small office cleaning services start from the top down. Dry dusting of corners, baseboards and light fixtures will freshen the space. If you need a cleaning service to tackle your small business office cleaning outside of your regular office hours, we just need access.

How do professionals clean offices?

MaidThis professionals clean offices the same way that they clean homes and apartments. The space gets tidied, solid surfaces are either polished or disinfected, mirrors and glass are polished, and soft furnishings are vacuumed before your maid takes care of the floor.

How often should an office be cleaned?

A weekly dusting is a good investment of your time, even if your office doesn’t get a great deal of traffic. If you have a lot of people in and out of the space, a regular hard surface sanitizing is key.

Will my maids bring their own cleaning products?

MaidThis maids travel with top quality cleaning products. When we’re done, your office will smell fresh and clean but won’t smell like a cleaner. We can also use products you prefer and let you know when your supplies need to be stocked up. Please let us know when you book your cleaning if you have any sensitivities to product or fragrance.