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Ensure your guests' safety and satisfaction with a spotless and hygienic rental.

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Covid Guidelines

How can MaidThis Cleaning Myrtle Beach protect your guests from COVID-19?

Regularly disinfecting and sanitizing your property instills trust in your clientele, ensures your property complies with Airbnb's health & safety requirements, and sends a clear message that you take vacation rental cleaning very seriously. The cleaners we work with use EPA-certified household disinfectants and follow CDC and guidelines for sanitization of short-term rentals. They will thoroughly disinfect various high-touch surfaces in your property, including:










Outside of Appliances

Discover the MaidThis Cleaning Myrtle Beach Process

Never A

The Maid This Promise

Step 1

Automated booking for your Airbnb/vacation rental cleanings

Your calendar auto-syncs with our app, so your turnover cleaning service is scheduled automatically after your guests check out. You will be able to kick back and relax, secure in the knowledge that your property is in good hands.

Step 2

Your cleaners arrive at your property and do what they do best

The pros we work with have passed a strict 5-step vetting process to ensure maximum reliability. They will always show up at your property on time and consistently deliver the highest standard of vacation rental cleaning in Myrtle Beach.

Step 3

We will immediately alert you about any damages

Your cleaner will carefully inspect your property and let you know if any items are damaged or missing. They will also notify you about any supplies that need to be replenished before the next check-in.

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29526, 29527, 29566, 29568, 29569, 29572, 29575, 29576, 29577, 29579, 29582, 29588


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Wondering what is included in your Airbnb/vacation rental cleaning in Myrtle Beach?

Here at MaidThis Cleaning Myrtle Beach, we match our clients with highly dependable experts in vacation rental cleaning who possess an impeccable work ethic and an excellent eye for detail. You can trust them to approach all of the following tasks with utmost dedication and professionalism:

Laundry : Wash linens and towels

Make bed w/fresh linens

Sweep and Mop Floors

Vacuum Carpet and Rugs


Clean Mirrors

Clean Toilets

Empty Inside Trash and Place in

Outside Bins

Wipe Countertops

Wash, Dry, Put Away Dishes

Bathtubs/ Showers

Fridge Cleaning

Stove Cleaning

What You Get

Efficient and knowledgeable experts who have experience in VRBO and Airbnb cleaning

No flakes – you will ALWAYS receive your vacation rental cleaning service!

Automatic scheduling that doesn’t require any micromanagement from you

Pictures of the finished job

Damage report through our app

Free hugs (on request)!

What You DO NOT Get

You won’t be able to endlessly keep adjusting your cleaning packages free-of-charge. You will need to notify us about your requirements in advance. 😊

You won’t receive extremely detailed vacation rental cleanings every time, as these services are too expensive and time-consuming to be performed on every visit. The goal is to ensure your guests’ safety and happiness, not eat away at your bottom line.

You’ll never have to worry about getting a sub-par service or dealing with flaky or grumpy cleaners.

Case Studies

MaidThis Customer Success Story: Lauren Gibson

Lauren’s Results

  • Increase in revenue
  • Increase in positive reviews
  • Happy guests
  • Rentals cleaned to a high standard by professionals

How MaidThis helped Lauren

  • An easy scheduling system
  • Assigns highly trained, professional cleaners
  • Excellent support service
  • Affordable, consistent pricing with no surprises
  • Notifications, confirmation pictures and feedback


Increase in Reservations

1.5 single-star

Increase in Ratings


Turnovers Automated

“I definitely think that as a company we've been able to make more money, not only because we're saving money by using Maid This, but also because they're helping take a few of the necessary evils with doing vacation rentals off of the property managers plate.” Laura G, Property Manager

MaidThis Customer Success Story: Davida, Individual Host

Davida’s Results

  • Ability to grow to 9 listings
  • Scaled her property management business
  • Looking to expand even more

How MaidThis helped Davida

  • Multiple primary cleaners, always has a backup
  • Allowed her to focus on Airbnb management, not cleaners
  • Allowed Davida to take same-day check in cleanings, which was not done before


Increase in Reservations

100+ single-star

Increase in Ratings


Turnovers Automated

“One of the biggest benefits to MaidThis’ software is that it’s linked to the Airbnb calendar, and it instantly creates a cleaning schedule which takes a ton of work and pressure and thinking out of managing things.” Davida H

MaidThis Customer Success Story: Elizabeth K, Individual Host

Elizabeth’s Results

  • Fully remotely managed operation
  • Ability to grow to 7 listings
  • Increase in positive reviews

How MaidThis helped Elizabeth

  • Finding highly trained, professional cleaners for her, as she is out of state
  • Ability to grow without hiring a property manager
  • Notifications, confirmation pictures and feedback


Increase in Reservations

1 single-star

Increase in Ratings


Turnovers Automated

“Fortunately, I came across MaidThis and that was the biggest hurdle. I mean, I can decorate any place in no time, but obviously, in this business, a partnership with the right cleaners is very pivotal, especially if you’re trying to scale your business.” Elizabeth K

MaidThis Customer Success Story: Plushy Host, Property Manager

Plushy Hosts’ Results

  • Saved a $30,000/mo revenue property
  • Scaled roster of properties without worrying about finding cleaners
  • Expanded geographies

How MaidThis helped Plushy

  • Flexibility in finding cleaners for their unique property setup
  • Allowed Plushy to easily manage high-volume properties due to smooth turnover cleaning program
  • Multiple primary cleaners who know Plushy’s setup


Increase in Monthly Revenue

500+ single-star

Increase in Ratings


Cleanings Automated

“It's processes, procedures. MaidThis’s referral service is outstanding. You really are the exception to the rule. We wouldn’t be able to operate in San Francisco and Los Angeles if you guys didn’t have such great cleaners for us there“ Henry B

Frequently Asked Questions

You have to, if you want to succeed as a host! While Airbnb guests don’t expect you to provide them with the same amenities they would get at a hotel, they absolutely do expect you to give your property an in-depth vacation rental cleaning in Myrtle Beach before they check in. Failing to provide a tidy and hygienic environment will cause your property to accumulate negative reviews, which will greatly limit its ability to attract guests.

It depends on its size, its current cleanliness level, whether specialty tasks such as washing windows and cleaning inside ovens and fridges are required, and so on. If you need an accurate time frame for your Airbnb cleaning service in Myrtle Beach, don’t hesitate to give MaidThis Cleaning Myrtle Beach a call. Our staff will ask you a few questions and use your answers to tell you how long you can expect your service to take.

Ideally, your Airbnb in Myrtle Beach should receive a comprehensive vacation rental cleaning service right after the previous guests have checked out. This gives your cleaners ample time to thoroughly tidy up and disinfect the place, and allows you to fix any damages and replenish supplies before the next check in. Also, if a week or more has passed since the last turnover cleaning service, your property should receive a quick dusting and general tidying up right before new guests check in.

The price of an Airbnb/vacation rental cleaning service in Myrtle Beach is calculated based on various factors. These include the total square footage of the property, how messy the place is, whether specialized tasks are included (window washing, appliance interior cleaning, etc.), and more. The fastest and easiest way to get a quote is to contact MaidThis Cleaning Myrtle Beach or fill out our online booking form.

Whether you’re in need of a dependable vacation rental cleaning service or convenient and effective house cleaning service in Myrtle Beach and the nearby communities, you can’t go wrong by giving MaidThis Cleaning Myrtle Beach a call. We specialize in introducing the good people of Myrtle Beach to highly experienced and knowledgeable technicians who can make their properties shine.

Contact us today, or book your service by filling out a brief online form. The experts we team up with will happily keep your property healthy and fresh while you focus on your other responsibilities, or use your newfound free time to get a present or two for your loved ones at the Coastal Grand Mall or the Gay Dolphin Gift Cove. We can’t wait to meet you!


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