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Residential Cleaning

You don’t want another cleaner – you want TIME!

Would you rather…

  • Spend quality time with your family….or mop the floor?
  • Grow in your career….or clean the toilet?
  • Relax after a long work day….or track down the darn cleaner that flaked?

Your time is valuable and we get it. You work super hard in life and deserve some “me time”. Does it make you crazy that you just to come back to a clean home?

Sit back, grab a beer (or wine, kale smoothie, whatever you fancy), and let us do the dirty work.

Easy online booking, flat-rate pricing, no BS.

Take back your time.

Vacation Rental Cleaning

You Don’t Want To Find Cleaners – You Want To Grow!

Would you rather…

  • Increase your rental’s profits….or scramble after that darn cleaner that flaked?
  • Be able to pursue other hobbies….or spend hours researching to find yet ANOTHER cleaner?
  • Sip mai thais by the beach….or clean the toilet yourself?

The vacation rental industry is hectic, and it seems that problems pop up left and right. Does it make you crazy that you just want things to go smoothly?

Reliability, automated scheduling, flat-rate pricing, no BS.

Let’s automate your turnover operations.

“Ok guys but seriously, how can you make MY life better?”

Congrats, you just met the most kick-ass domestic referral agency in your market.

You are likely are doing amazing things in your life/career, maybe have a family or close friends that you want to spend more time with, or are sick of dealing with chasing down flaky cleaners. Your time is precious, and we understand that cleaning is really just one more item on your to-do list.

No more worrying about cleaning your home, if the maid you hired is going to show up, or even if you took out enough cash to pay the cleaner.

The referred housekeepers that show up to your home are independent domestic workers who take pride in making customers happy and delivering a smooth experience. You expect thorough and reliable home cleaning services and that the cleaners will have all of their own cleaning supplies. You want us to screen all of our cleaners, so you can rest assured that your home will receive the absolute highest quality of service. That is exactly what you’ll get!

“Why shouldn’t I just get an individual cleaner though?”

Referred Cleaner

Individual Cleaner

Primary & Backup Crews so you’re always covered

Auto-Scheduling & Billing System

Working 365 Days A Year (you never have to scramble to find a cleaner!)

Never a No Show GUARANTEE


Post-Cleaning Pictures & Supply/Damage Report (Vacation Rental)


Our Core Values

We’re an open book. Below is what we, as a company, value.

Keep It Positive

Cleaning isn’t the most fun thing in the world (that’s why you’re on this website, duh!). But we have fun here in our work and culture and that is an important part of our experience with you. So if we send you a goofy meme or give you a discount if you tell us a joke (hint hint), it’s just part of who we are.

Own It

When committing to any task, whether it be finding an awesome cleaner for you or telling you we will get back to you on something, our team OWNS IT. This means that we treat every responsibility and role as if its our own. Our sole goal is to save you a bunch of time and let you get back to doing what you love to do (aka not cleaning!), and we accelerate this goal by owning our part in this.

Deliver on Promises

We deliver on our promises. Period. It’s beyond frustrating when things don’t go smoothly and we get that. If you have questions, we answer them quickly…it’s as simple as that.

Kaizen / Constantly Improve

Kaizen is a Japanese term that means anything that can be improved, deserves to be improved. We are not perfect and will undoubtedly make a mistake at some point. What is unique is that our company’s “Kaizen” philosophy makes us see every issue as a learning opportunity, which will result in an even more amazing service for you! We absolutely LOVE the chance to exercise Kaizen, so if there is any issue we won’t only solve it…we’ll make the process even better in the future! Our goal is to constantly grow and improve to get you the best service possible.

Your Satisfaction Guarantee

You’re totally going to love your cleaner and we’re confident about that.

We aren’t happy until you are happy. Period. If you don’t like anything for whatever reason, we’ll fix it. No BS, no fine print.

Once you’re part of the MaidThis family, we know you’re going to recommend our referral services to your friends and family so your satisfaction is absolutely at the top of our priority list. That’s why if the domestic worker goofed up or you weren’t satisfied, we’ll be the middleman and can communicate with your domestic worker to help resolve it if you’d like OR can even match you up with a new domestic worker. We promise to resolve all complaints and issues fully within 48 hours.

“What is a Domestic Referral Agency?”

Imagine that you are the star of The Bachelor/Bachelorette. Its the season finale, and you’re sweating bullets because you only have a 1 special rose to give to your chosen partner but have NO idea who to give it to. Will your chosen partner be the love of your life, or end up being absolutely insane?!

We like to imagine ourselves as the agency matchmaker to pair YOU with your once-in-a-lifetime/totally NOT insane cleaner.

The domestic workers are screened and background checked. They are legal to work in California and are responsible for filing taxes at the end of each year. The agency (aka MaidThis) may follow up with you to make sure YOU are happy with our referral service. Unlike The Bachelor/Bachelorette, if you are not happy your cleaner, you can always ask for a replacement and we won’t make things weird 😉

Want more info? Check out our post about domestic referral agencies here

“So Are These Domestic Workers Your Employees?”

Nope! MaidThis Referral Agency does not hire “Domestic Workers” or “Independent Contractors.” MaidThis refers “Independent Domestic Workers.” The difference is that domestic referral agencies are required to follow the California civil code (continuing with The Bachelor analogy, we’re the matchmaker…not the person you’re marrying!). ​This means you are in control of the cleaning, but we’ll be here throughout the relationship to keep things smooth and ensure you’re happy.

“Why Should I Trust MaidThis?”

We can go on and on about how we’re one of the top rated domestic referral agencies and have amazing customer reviews, or about how over 100,000 homes have been cleaned through us, or about how each of our cleaning professionals goes through vigorous vetting processes before we bring them on, or even talk about how we’re completely tech-enabled and do automatic online payment to make life easy for you…

But let’s just leave it at this: customer satisfaction and ensuring the process is as smooth as possible is what we value here at MaidThis. We ready to help make your life easier and take back your time.

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