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Remember To Have Fun: The Most Awesome Party Games


We get it, it’s hard to party like you used to. Not only does your idea of a party nowadays boil down to occasionally having pizza in bed while watching a sitcom during what little free time you have, but the mere idea of organizing a party gives you a headache. Obviously, you’ll need some snacks and drinks, people whose company you actually enjoy, and last but not least, an impeccable-looking home. Luckily, as with any major clean-up, you can rely on cleaning services to be at your beck and call.

Try to remember how amazing it used to feel to take a night off, dress up and entertain in the comfort of your home, especially with Christmas season being just around the corner. Then, while someone else does the cleaning, take your time to choose the best party games for a truly memorable night!

The truth games

For a close-knit group of friends, the classic Truth or Dare is perfect. Bur for a new twist to this all-time-favorite, the Truth or Shot, the dares involve drinking, in which case whoever prefers not to answer a question must face the consequences and drink up.

Two Truths and a Lie works well even for a group of strangers who are just getting to know each other. One player says two truths and a lie about themselves, while everyone else tries to guess which statement is a lie. Whoever guesses the lie is up next.

Drink up – Never have I ever

The rules are simple. Each person comes up with a statement, for instance, „Never have I ever kissed a member of the same sex“. Whoever has done this, must take a drink.

Would you rather…?

This is an awesome game for a get-together with a group of girlfriends you haven’t seen in ages. Questions can range from funny („Would you rather be drunk at the most important work meeting in your life or french-kiss your boss at an office party?“) to very personal („Would you rather live in the lap of luxury alone or barely make ends meet with the love of your life?“), just make sure not to make anyone uncomfortable.

The quirk alert game

This a fun game to play and a piece of cake to set up, but it only works if everyone at the party knows each other well. Distribute sheets of paper with blank squares marked with the name of each person at the party. Each player should write down what they expect others would do at some point during the evening, for instance „Jack will complain about work“, „Jill will take selfies“ and so on. Whoever is the first to check off all their predictions, wins.

Before and after the party, premium cleaning services are here to help

The top-notch cleaning pros we refer can turn your home from an eyesore into a sight for sore eyes. With our affordable rates and flawless performance, you’ll have time to prepare for a fun get-together with friends. So chill that wine and give us a call!

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