How Much Does House Cleaning Cost

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When you decide to use a service provider, you need to focus on two things. First, can they deliver in a way that you can’t? Second, what cost will you have to pay for the cleaning services?

How Much Does House Cleaning Cost

In your busy life, there are only a few responsibilities that you can delegate to outside resources. One of them is house cleaning. How much does a house cleaning cost in Philadelphia? That would depend on several things, including which cleaning company you choose. We can tell you that the average cost of house cleaning by MaidThis Philadelphia will be very affordable. Beyond that promise, let’s get into the details below.

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What’s the Average Cost of House Cleaning?

At MaidThis, we have many customers and they all have different cleaning needs. Instead of trying to create a “one size fits all” price, we offer a variety of cleaning packages that can be scaled and customized to meet specific customer needs. Our basic cleaning packages include the following:

Standard Cleaning Package Cost

Our standard house cleaning package covers the chores that regular folks will do every week. That typically includes chores like furniture dusting, wiping kitchen/bathroom cabinets and countertops, scrubbing plumbing fixtures, and floor cleaning. The cost for our standard package starts with a base rate that’s adjusted based on other factors.

Deep Cleaning Package Cost

Our deep cleaning package includes standard chores, plus extras like window and window covering washing, cleaning walls and baseboards, shampooing carpets and furniture cushions, and thorough cleaning of all appliances inside and outside. Our deep cleaning cost will usually start at a base rate that’s higher than the standard package.

Move-Out Cleaning Package Cost

If a customer is moving, they might want a professional cleaning company to clean the empty home after their belongings have been removed. Our move out cleaning cost will usually be based on the size of the home and include typical deep cleaning chores only. It’s reasonable to expect the cost to run somewhere between our standard and deep cleaning packages.

Factors Used in Calculating House Cleaning Cost

We believe in complete transparency. Therefore, we believe it’s prudent to let you know how we set our cleaning prices. With that in mind, here are a few of the factors that go into our calculation.

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Home Size

The size of the most is the first and most important factor. There are two ways we can set prices based on the size of the home. First, we can use the home’s square footage. Our second option would be to set prices by room count. We would discuss with you which option makes the most sense.

Room Type

Sometimes, customers request cleaning services that target specific rooms instead of regular house cleaning. In such cases, we set prices based on the room type. Since kitchens and bathrooms require more scrubbing power, the prices for said services might be slightly higher than cleaning a bedroom or living room.

Service Type

We have already discussed the cost of our basic cleaning service packages. However, we do offer other services that carry their own costs. That would include a one time cleaning cost that might be needed under special circumstances. To reiterate, all of our services start with a base price that can be adjusted for customization.

Number of Cleaners

In most cases, only one cleaner is contracted per job. However, larger homes and special cleanings might require multiple cleaners working in the same home. There would typically be an additional charge for each additional cleaner that’s needed to get the job done right and per customer expectations.

Special Event Cleaning Cost

If you throw a big party or have a special event, we would price cleaning accordingly. We would consider where the cleaning is needed, what chores should be included, and the number of cleaners the job would require.

Reasons You Should Use a House Cleaning Service

House Cleaning Service

If you are going to pay a cleaning company like MaidThis to clean your home, it makes sense you would want to justify paying the cleaning costs. Here are some common reasons why customers enlist our services.

Lack of Available Time

Most families in Philly are two-income families. Each individual carries a lot of responsibilities, especially if children are part of the picture. When pressed for time, it makes sense to delegate one’s housekeeping responsibilities to save time and stress.

Physical Limitatioms

If someone is disabled or injured, there is a good chance their body won’t stand up to the rigors of housekeeping. MaidThis Philadelphia is happy to step in and offer our services to the people who really need our help the most. Everyone deserves a clean home.

Potential Cost Efficiency

If you factor in your valuable time and the cost of cleaning supplies and chemicals, you might come to a startling truth. It’s simply more cost-efficient to outsource your housekeeping responsibilities. The fact our services are affordable makes hiring us a good option.

Home is for Sale

If you are selling your home, you are showing your home. You’ll want it to look clean every time a realtor shows up with a client. Given the challenge you would face keeping your home clean under these circumstances, delegating the responsibility makes sense. In the end, keeping the home clean will make it easier to sell.

Why Choose MaidThis Philadelphia

Throughout the nation, MaidThis has a reputation that is second to none. In Philadelphia, we do three (3) things that put us above the competition. First, our maids are top-rated and provide elite cleaning services. Second, we price our services to fit into any customer’s budget. Finally, we fully guarantee the work our cleaners do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hiring a regular cleaning service worth it?

It’s worth it if you don’t have the time or the desire to deal with your housekeeping responsibilities. It’s also worth it if you can appreciate coming home to a house that looks and smells great.

Should you be home when cleaners come?

Our cleaners work fast and efficiently. They prefer for the residents to go about handling other matters, leaving clear access to the home so they can do their best work.

What’s the difference between a housekeeper and a maid?

Maids will primarily focus on house cleaning chores like scrubbing plumbing fixtures, vacuuming, dusting/polishing furniture, and wiping cabinets and countertops. Housekeepers typically have more flexibility and get into additional responsibilities like doing the laundry, grocery shopping, and cooking meals.

A Final Tip for You

With the airbnb cleaning checklist at your disposal, contemplate easing your workload by entrusting the cleaning to professionals like MaidThis Philadelphia. As a reputable nationwide cleaning agency, MaidThis is committed to providing you the freedom to unwind and enjoy your leisure time. As Aristotle wisely stated, “The end of labor is to gain leisure.”

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