Recurring Cleaning Services 
in Philadelphia, PA

Recurring Cleaning Services
in Philadelphia, PA

You can count on this Philadelphia cleaning service to treat you right!






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Do you Need Your Home Cleaned Today?

Most of our customers count on MaidThis to show up weekly or monthly to handle their home cleaning responsibilities.

If you require regular house cleaning, we highly recommend reaching out to our office directly, bypassing our popular online automated scheduling system for a quicker response. We’re here to have your back whenever you need us.

regular cleaning services  in philadelphia
regular cleaning maid in philadelphia

Get Smooth Regular Cleaning Services

What our loyal customers seem to appreciate most about MaidThis is how easy we make it to get their homes cleaned regularly. Our secret sauce to success lies in this process:

Book recurring appointments fast

Our online automated scheduling tool makes it fast and easy to book as many appointments as you want in one sitting.

Rely on our professional maids

The effort we put into screening our contract maids pays off, which ensures your housekeeping is being handled by a highly qualified cleaner.

Cross cleaning your house

The whole point of hiring a professional cleaning company is so you can relax and focus on other parts of your life while your home gets cleaned.

philadelphia regular cleaning services

Introducing Our 5-Step Cleaner Screening Process

If we could point to one reason why MaidThis is tops in Philadelphia, it would have to be our ability to find great cleaners. To do that, we use this 5-step cleaner screening process:

Let us tell you about this process:


Online Application

By accepting online applications, we get better access to a wider body of qualified professional cleaners from the Philadelphia area.


Interview By Phones

10-minute video interviews are all we need to find plenty of potential candidates who meet our cleaner requirements and specifications.


In-person Interview

The best of the best are brought in-house for a full review to discuss their backgrounds, work qualifications, and how they can bring value to our customers.


Company Orientation

Selected individuals get invited to participate in company orientation presentations where they learn about MaidThis and what we expect from cleaners.


Background and Reference Checks

To protect our customers and the company’s reputation, all contract cleaners must pass very strict background and reference checks.

Why Choose MaidThis Cleaning Services

When you need domestic cleaning help, we are aware that you have options. However, we are confident that MaidThis Philadelphia will always be your best option for two reasons: our customer service is second to none and our pricing is budget-friendly. Other reasons to call us include:

You tell us where and when

We give you the power to decide when it’s appropriate for us to come and handle your domestic cleaning in Philadelphia. Once we know where and when you want our services, our “No-show” guarantee ensures the work gets done.

Hand-Picked Cleaners

To ensure you get exactly what you want and deserve, we go to great lengths to make sure we find the right contract cleaner to handle the job. They will have the right qualifications and work experience.

Worry-free billing & payment

As part of our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, we are obligated to deliver exactly as we promised. That usually means delivering a clean home that smells as clean as it looks.




Hours Saved



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Sounds too good to be true?

Customer satisfaction and happiness are always our primary goals. Why? When our customers are satisfied and happy, we can smile, knowing we have delivered as promised.

Here are three tasks we can’t handle due to potential issues:

Housekeeping Philadelphia lamp cleaning icon

Delicate household items and light fixtures can easily break if not handled carefully.

housekeeping services in Philadelphia, PA chair icon

Moving heavy furniture around the home might expose our maid to possible injury

MaidThis Philadelphia wall cleaning icon

Some wall paints and coverings can be damaged if cleaned with the wrong products, even water

Our locations

If you’re anywhere in the map area, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Available service areas:

19120, 19124, 19111, 19143, 19149, 19134, 19140, 19148, 19104, 19144, 19145, 19131, 19139, 19146, 19147, 19115, 19136, 19128, 19135, 19121, 19154, 19141, 19132, 19152, 19114, 19116, 19151, 19138, 19142, 19119, 19130, 19125, 19133, 19103, 19150, 19122, 19126, 19123, 19107, 19106, 19153, 19129, 19118, 19137, 19127, 19102, 19108, 19109, 19176, 19112, 19155, 19162, 19161, 19171, 19170, 19173, 19172, 19175, 19137, 19127, 19102, 19108, 19109, 19176, 19112, 19155, 19162, 19161, 19171, 19170, 19173, 19172…

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How do I reach out to MaidThis Philadelphia?

We are always happy to welcome new customers. When you are ready to schedule your first regular cleaning appointment, you can use our automated scheduling tool or feel free to call our Philadelphia office.

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