Step by Step Airbnb Cleaning Checklist

Even if you don’t live in the same city as your Philadelphia AirBNB properties, you can get a top quality AirBNB cleaning with a detailed checklist. Even better, your checklist can help you confirm that your cleaning supplies are complete, and the tools needed are readily available.

Benefits of Providing Housekeepers with an Airbnb Cleaning Checklist

Giving your maids from MaidThis a checklist means that your vacation rental property will be

  • checked for items left behind by clients
  • cleaned with products you prefer
  • ready for your new guests on time

You can also plan to get a notification of any items left behind or damage done to the property.

Build Your Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklist

Building your checklist is fairly simple. You need to be sure that the property is free of cobwebs, dust, dirt and odor. You’ll need to provide your MaidThis professionals the tools and cleaning products to take care of these concerns to your satisfaction. Getting your vacation rental deep cleaned from top to bottom can be done before each guest or done on a monthly basis if you have guests booked each weekend.

Professional Cleaners Checklist and Steps

You may already have a steady schedule with MaidThis cleaners for your home. One of the considerable differences between a regular home cleaning and booking a cleaning service for AirBNB is that there should be no personal effects to tidy; any remaining personal effects need to be sent back to the client. You may also prefer cleaners in your home to use products that leave behind a favorite fragrance. In your vacation rental, the only odor that should be left is clean.

Professional Cleaners Checklist

AirBNB Cleaning Steps Checklist


Dry dust light fixtures and ceiling fans
Wipe down appliances
Check oven and refrigerator
Empty dishwasher
Pull and wash linens
Disinfect countertops
Disinfect light switches

Living Room

Tidy remotes, controls, books and magazines
Remove cobwebs from ceiling/wall corner
Sweep or vacuum the baseboard
Dry dust lamps, light fixtures and ceiling fan
Vacuum soft furnishings and under cushions
Polish mirrors, dust wooden furniture
Vacuum carpets or sweep and mop as appropriate


Dry dust light fixtures and ceiling vent
Disinfect countertops, sink, toilet and tub
Clean shower surround
Check shower curtain, replace or wash as needed
Pull and wash linens and small rugs
Sweep and mop floor
Check medicine cabinet and vanity


Pull linens, wash as directed
Sweep corner of ceiling and wall
Sweep ceiling fan
Dust light fixtures
Sweep or vacuum baseboards
Check drawers and closets
Polish mirrors
Dust bed frame, furniture
Polish wooden furniture
Disinfect light switches
Vacuum/sweep/mop floors as appropriate

Off-Season AirBNB Cleaning Options

Monthly Cleaning

Your cleaning service for AirBNB properties may be able to be reduced during the off-season. It’s also a good time to take the time to do some deep cleaning, such as emptying and wiping down kitchen cabinets.

Off-Season Cleaning Checklist Steps

Monthly Clean

During the off-season, you may only have guests once a month. Now is the time to dig into some monthly cleaning steps to keep the place fresh and make sure that the decor is well-presented. During a monthly cleaning, you might choose to focus on dust. Make sure that the tops of window treatments are vacuumed, and window sills are free of dust. Go through the refrigerator and make sure the shelves are spotless.

Every 3–6 Months

Every 3 to 6 months, focus on odor. Make sure closets are fresh and aired. If cushions show spots or look crumpled, make sure everything is thoroughly vacuumed and spot-cleaned. Empty out any linen cabinets and wipe down the shelves, refolding towels for a tidy effect.

Once a Year Cleaning

This is the time to check and clean the grout in the bathroom and kitchen. You may want to bring in a steam cleaning team to tackle the carpets and the larger throw rugs. Your MaidThis team can come in when the carpets are dry and check for cobwebs, wiping down all surfaces that need sanitizing and leaving the place fresh and clean for the next guests.

airbnb cleaning checklist

Why Choose MaidThis Philadelphia?

Your vacation rental property needs attention before your next set of guests arrive. When you work with MaidThis Philadelphia, you have some excellent guarantees in place. They’ll use the products you prefer and notify you of items left behind or damage.

Even better, your MaidThis Philadelphia cleaners offer a guarantee against no-shows. The contracting, training and vetting process is extremely thorough. All of your MaidThis maids have also been through a background check before they enter your property.

Frequently Asked Questions

What cleaning is required for AirBNB?

Keeping your AirBNB clean is critical to effective marketing! Make sure that your vacation rental is free of cobwebs and that there’s no dust on light fixtures or ceiling fans. While it’s obvious that the home is not currently lived in, you need to be sure that it is quite livable.

How can I make my own checklist for cleaning?

Carefully review what makes any property feel grubby in your memory. If you have ever moved into a new apartment, you know that a detailed apartment turnover checklist includes things like leaving a spotless refrigerator, a thoroughly scrubbed stove top and a clean oven. Areas that collect dirt, such as spots under sinks where trash cans linger, need to be thoroughly reviewed.

What is included in an Airbnb cleaning?

Your AirBNB chore list can include steps such as laundry and changing out linens. During a deep clean of your property, you might request that the kitchen cabinets be completely emptied, wiped out, wiped down, and reloaded. You may want the oven checked occasionally and cleaned only during a deep cleaning. The same attention should be paid to the refrigerator.

A Final Tip for You

With the airbnb cleaning checklist at your disposal, contemplate easing your workload by entrusting the cleaning to professionals like MaidThis Philadelphia. As a reputable nationwide cleaning agency, MaidThis is committed to providing you the freedom to unwind and enjoy your leisure time.

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