Ultimate House Deep Cleaning Checklist

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Your Space Can Feel New and Refreshed with a Deep Clean

How A Detailed Deep Cleaning Checklist Can Help Your Home Feel New

A deep cleaning house checklist will take both focus and planning. Because each household offers specific challenges, your cleaning process will be different than others. Households that include pets, for example, may need more detailed cleaning of furniture and rugs than a house that doesn’t have a pet. No matter how many people live in your home, scheduling a deep cleaning at least once every six months is a very good idea to protect your health and keep your belongings in good shape.

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What are the steps to deep cleaning a house?

Make sure you get your tools together as you review your deep cleaning house checklist. You’ll need a way to sweep corners and pick up cobwebs. You’ll need dusting rags for dry dusting and a polish to put a final glow on your wooden belongings. A spot cleaner and a soft brush for furniture cushions will be necessary, and you will need to be ready to change out vacuum cleaner bags repeatedly.

Deep Clean Your Home One Room at a Time

Each room will need specific products. Take your time. If you’re deep cleaning the bathroom, you’ll need disinfectants and deodorizers. Keep air moving with fans and your exhaust fan and take frequent breaks.

Step to Deep Clean Your Kitchen

Deep clean your cabinets and drawers

Disinfect your countertops. Wipe down the inside and outside of your cabinets with a mild soap and water. Pay special attention to the handle or the grabbing points.

Remove everything inside the cabinets and wipe down the shelving. Swap rags and change out the water as necessary. Carefully stack items back in the cabinets. Work your way around the kitchen and do your top cabinets, then get a chair or a stool and do the same to your bottom cabinets and all your drawers.

Deep clean your dishwasher

Once your dishwasher is empty, pull out the bottom rack of the dishwasher and clean the bottom. If the water in your area is especially hard, spray down the dishwasher with vinegar to dissolve build-up.

Clean your refrigerator, freezer and ice maker

Empty your freezer shelves into the cooler. Wipe down each shelf as you empty it before reloading it. If you notice anything especially smelly or frosted over, discard it. If you notice your ice cubes are melding together, dump the container and clean it as directed by the manufacturer.

Use the cooler to empty your refrigerator and wipe down each shelf. If your shelves are tempered glass and fit down inside a metal frame, carefully take them apart to remove any residue that may have fallen between the frame and the shelf. Handle one shelf at a time and wash it in warm, soapy water before rinsing thoroughly. Make sure you also empty and wipe down the door shelves.

Steps to Deep Clean Your Bathroom

Start with laundry

Every basic cleaning checklist starts with laundry. If you have a plastic liner for your shower curtain, consider replacing it during your deep clean.

Clean your shower

Remove everything from the shelves in your shower and wipe down the bottles. Scrub all shelves with a mild abrasive if they show marks from containers. A simple vinegar spray can remove residue from hard water. A mild abrasive will take off soap scum. While scrubbing your shower, check your grout lines. It may be wise to seal your grout after your deep clean.

Clean your toilet

Wipe down the exterior of the toilet, paying special attention to the base. Rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle can easily clean up any urine odor. Use a clinging toilet bowl cleaner to get under the rim and scrub the toilet bowl from the top down. Consider adding a Calcium/Lime/Rust cleaner to the water if you notice hard water residue.

Clean mirror and surfaces

Dry dust the top of your mirror, your medicine cabinet and your light fixtures. Never use water on a warm light fixture or near a warm lightbulb! Polish your mirror with an ammonia based glass cleaner.

deep cleaning checklist

Steps to Deep Clean Your Bedroom

Clean bedding

Wash all the linens. While your bed is clear, consider turning the mattress if recommended by the manufacturer. Put your pillows in a sunny window to freshen them.

Dust and vacuum

Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the bedframe, all furniture, window sills and baseboards. Always look up when starting your deep clean bedroom checklist. Check the corner where the wall meets the ceiling and the ceiling fan. Polish wood with an unscented product to add a bit of shine.

Clean and disinfect

Polish your mirrors. Sweep and scrub or vacuum the floor. During deep cleaning, consider getting all the carpets in your home steam cleaned to get out as much dust as possible.

Steps to Deep Clean Your Living and Dining Room

Dust from top to bottom

Do a cobweb check in every room of your home. Vacuum the tops of window treatments and your baseboards.

Clean eating surfaces

Use a mild disinfectant to clean every surface where you eat. If you like a cup of tea or coffee in your favorite armchair, disinfect the top of the side table. Use mild disinfecting wipes on your dining room table.

Dust and clean

Dry dust all shelving, light fixtures and the tops of picture frames. Use a polish and polishing cloth to brighten wooden surfaces when the dust is gone.

Take apart all soft furnishings and vacuum thoroughly. Check for spots on fabric and treat, following up with a soft brush to remove residue.

Why Choose MaidThis Philadelphia?

Many of us either have the time and energy to tidy or to clean. If you’re considering downsizing or are struggling with clutter, trying to clean as well can be overwhelming. Working with a diligent crew of professional cleaners can give you the time and energy to manage your possessions effectively while the maids clean your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is typically included in a deep clean?

A full review of the property from top to bottom should be part of your deep clean. You don’t have to wash the walls, but dusting is a great idea.

What should be done in a deep clean?

Hard surfaces should all be disinfected and soft furnishings should all be vacuumed. Wood should be polished and blinds dusted or vacuumed.

How do professional cleaners clean so fast?

Professional cleaners generally start at the door and work their way around. When working out how to clean your room fast, note that many skilled cleaners make two passes. On the first trip around the room, they tidy. On the second trip, they clean.

What is the difference between a deep cleaning and regular cleaning?

After a regular cleaning, your kitchen countertops will be sanitized but there may be dust on the cabinet shelving. After a deep cleaning, the cabinet shelves are as clean as the countertops.

A Final Tip for You

With the deep cleaning checklist at your disposal, contemplate easing your workload by entrusting the cleaning to professionals like MaidThis Philadelphia. As a reputable nationwide cleaning agency, MaidThis is committed to providing you the freedom to unwind and enjoy your leisure time.

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