Are House Cleaning Services Worth It?

When we talk about the worth of a product or service, it’s not the price alone that is the deciding factor. The value is the ratio between the financial investment and the quality of the result. For example, you can have your hair done in a prestigious salon and pay 30% more than you think is ok. However, true professionals will know how to cut your hair so that it keeps the desired look as it grows. You can end up having gorgeous hair for months. You’d probably say such a haircut was well-worth the money. We have already discussed the reasons to get professional cleaning services and the signs that tell you it’s time you called in a professional. So, let’s look into the value of cleaning services in Redondo Beach and across Southern Cali.

Do things around the house that you enjoy

Yeah, as outlandish as this may sound, when you think about it, you probably have some housework that you like. Something that helps you zoom out or even meditate. You know, like ironing while watching TV. Or baking a dessert, experimenting with spreads, 5-minute snacks and smoothies. Regular professional cleaning services will relieve you of the chores that suck your time and energy, so you can do the things that bring you pleasure.

Make some money on the side

Do you have a bonus program at work to earn some extra cash? Are you running a blog that pours in a steady trickle every month? Do you have some work you do on the side, like making clothes or grooming pets? If you are trying to make more money, it would actually make sense to outsource your weekly cleaning routine to a professional house cleaner. Comes across as counter-intuitive, but think again. Your home has to be cleaned – period. Cleaning your home won’t get you paid – period. Why not get it done by someone else, so that you actually buy yourself more time to make more money?

Think about the value of your time

You can calculate the worth of your own personal hourly rate. Take your monthly earnings, take out the tax, and divide it by the number of hours you do in a month. Is it more than what you would pay a house cleaner? If so, it means you’d pay yourself more than a professional cleaner. What are you waiting for?

On the other hand, the value of your working hour is not the same as the value of an hour spent with your family and friends. This is the time when you create priceless, lifelong memories. While it sure feels good to have control over your home, it is the time we spend with loved ones and doing what we love that gives meaning to our lives. If cleaning doesn’t contribute to making your life more meaningful, doesn’t it make sense to delegate it so you can do the things that really matter to you?

Relax so you can be more productive (AKA make more money)

It sometimes happens that we work long hours not because it’s impossible to finish it all in a day, but because we can’t whip ourselves into working faster or smarter. When weekends come, we’re strapped both for time and energy to cram in both the things that need getting done and relax. It’s this relaxation part that often gets sidetracked, unfortunately.

On the face of it, relaxation doesn’t bring us money and adult life is all about making money, so we can afford things we need and like. On the other hand, when we are relaxed, we have more energy to be productive and actually make money. Our thoughts are clearer and we have more inspiration. When we are relaxed, we can work smarter.

If a house cleaner takes on deep cleaning our kitchen or bathroom while we have an invigorating walk with family or a stimulating conversation with a friend over coffee, we may very well be more productive at work (and get a promotion, a bonus or an original idea for a lucrative project).

Simply have a cleaner home

If any of the above points resonate with you, this one is a cherry on the top. Simply, a professionally cleaned home is likely to sparkle in a way you could never make it shine. Maybe, because it’s just not your thing or you don’t have the time available to do it as well as you could. But, a nice smelling, clean home does make us feel good about ourselves and our lives, doesn’t it?

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