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What is Included in a Professional Housecleaning Checklist?

professional housecleaning checklistFeeling forever strapped for time and always in the middle of doing something, but never off the hook? Organizing your to-do list wisely is a foolproof way to put a stop to all that once and for all. Likewise, when it’s time to make your Brentwood home spick and span, either find yourself a trustworthy housekeeper in Brentwood or get down to business at least once a week. Whether you consider cleaning a priority or not, a little thinking ahead goes a long way, all the more if you’re expecting. This is why we’ve composed a comprehensive professional housecleaning checklist to make your extensive cleaning task a little easier to handle.

Standard professional housecleaning checklist

The basic professional housecleaning checklist covers all the typical housecleaning tasks, but that doesn’t make it any less effective. These are, first of all, dusting various surfaces, including window sills and ledges and wiping household appliances, cabinets and the like. It also includes removing cobweb, floor mopping and sweeping, vacuum-cleaning, cleaning light switches and door knobs, and last but not least, taking out the trash. In terms of specific rooms, don’t forget to make the beds, thoroughly clean the bathroom (cleaning mirrors, sinks, the bathtub or shower and the dreaded toilet) and the kitchen and dining area (wiping tables and countertops, cleaning the stove and the sink).

Advanced professional housecleaning checklist

If you want more thorough cleaning done, you’ll have to pay special attention to the bathroom and shower, which means you’ll have to go to great lengths to make the area look absolutely immaculate. The same applies to the kitchen area where every appliance, cabinet and countertop has to be squeaky clean.

Deep cleaning

The reason why deep cleaning is the most expensive professional cleaning option is that it requires extra work. It means going above and beyond, as if you were an actual cleaning professional. Among the items on a deep cleaning professional housecleaning checklist is thorough cleaning of the living room’s every nook and cranny. As far as the kitchen goes, it means also cleaning the inside of the microwave, oven and fridge.

Extra cleaning duties

Depending on how much time you have and the type and size of your home, there are extra cleaning tasks to be added to your professional housecleaning checklist. Were you to hire a professional cleaner, you would have to pay extra for these services, normally charged by the hour. These include doing the dishes, washing the laundry (with the bedding), cleaning inside the cabinets and detailed cleaning of the window blinds. As far as the outside of the house goes, these tasks include cleaning the baseboards, the patio and the balcony.

A professional housecleaning checklist and MaidThis – your recipe for a spotless home

If you have better things to do in the summer than go about cleaning your Brentwood home, we completely understand. What’s more, we’ll be more than happy to match you with amazing cleaning professionals so you can be as free as a bird and make better use of your free time. We work with outstanding cleaning professionals in Brentwood and across LA. All you have to do is shoot us a call, and we’ll design your tailor-made professional housecleaning checklist, leaving you free to do whatever you want!

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