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Our Quality Bedroom Cleaning Services

Sometimes, you just want some help cleaning very specific rooms instead of worrying about the entire house. We get that. That’s why we offer room cleaning services that are specifically designed for bedrooms.

When our cleaners tackle bedrooms, they will typically include the following chores: changing linens and making beds, dusting/polishing furniture, wiping light fixtures/blinds/wall hangings, and floor cleaning. Also, MaidThis recommends same-day cleaning, weekly cleaning, and vacation rental cleaning.

    • Removing away cobwebs
    • Dusting ceiling fans, furniture, decorations, and baseboards
    • Making beds
    • Emptying and cleaning wastebaskets
    • Vacuuming and mopping floors

    Deep cleaning adds more meticulous tasks:

    • Ceiling cleaning and wall washing
    • Sponging windows and blinds
    • Wiping mirrors, framed art, and wall decorations
    • Polishing furniture inside and out
    • Other tailored tasks such as closet organization
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Long List of Satisfied Clients

Allesondra Helwig
Allesondra Helwig
I recently had my first cleaning with Onixi, and she was great. On time, very professional, came home to a clean home. She had great attention to detail and was thorough with all the tasks I asked from her. Looking forward to having her come back on a monthly basis. And, the Maid This service team has been very attentive to ensure customer satisfaction, which has been very appreciated.
Nick Stumpf
Nick Stumpf
Well-run business with great, friendly, professional staff on both the cleaning and admin sides, user-friendly system and excellent communication and customer service. Recommended.
jaime alarcon
jaime alarcon
Absolutely fantastic service. Couldn’t be more happy.
Modi O.
Modi O.
i'm like 2 years into my MaidThis journey and honestly i don't even think about going anywhere else. they hold me down...i've even sent them to two of my friends' homes and now they're regular clients too. 10/10.
Yana S.
Yana S.
Great cleaning company! Very reliable:)
Judith Felton
Judith Felton
great job. Came on time and really worked hard. Thank you
Joe Gardner
Joe Gardner
I had a very good experience for the roughly 5 times I used this service. The one time that the cleaner didn’t do a great job, their team was very responsive and accommodating to help resolve the issue. So all around 5 stars :)
Emily Von Urff
Emily Von Urff
Amazing amazing service! Attentive to detail and incredibly kind. Happy to have found you guys!
Angela Dunsford
Angela Dunsford
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Offering the Right Bedroom Cleaning Solutions

The one-size-fits-all approach to cleaning bedrooms is seldom sufficient. Each and every residential customer like you is going to have different cleaning needs. That’s exactly why we offer a variety of bedroom cleaning options. Our MaidThis cleaning bedroom-only services are available weekly and monthly or as often as you might need them. We can also price them out based on an hourly rate to give you more control over your bedroom cleaning cost.

Note: Bedroom cleaning is always included in our standard and deep home cleaning packages that cover the entire house.

The bedroom cleaning chores we handle

Empty and clean out wastebaskets

Changing bed linens as needed and making beds

Washing pillows and curtains

Cleaning corners and clearing cobwebs

Cleaning windows, sills, and blinds

Walls – includes wiping or feather dusting of walls and baseboards

Wiping down walls and vent covers

Dusting and polishing furniture

Cleaning Floors – vacuuming carpets or sweeping, mopping, and waxing

Sanitizing door knobs, handles, and light switches

bedroom cleaning services in Salt Lake City
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A Clean and Fresh Smelling Bedroom Can Be Yours

How many hours a day do you and your family spend in your bedrooms? Probably 8 hours a day or more, resting, studying, and sleeping. If you live a busy lifestyle, it’s likely hard to find time to keep your bedroom(s) consistently clean. Why try when MaidThis Salt Lake City is willing to handle cleaning your bedrooms on your behalf?

While you attend to more urgent matters, we’ll employ our professional cleaning services and give you the help you need. Our expert cleaners will come in, clean the designated bedroom or bedrooms, and leave those areas sparkling clean and smelling fresh. You pick the time, we’ll do the work, allowing you to save valuable time to spend with your friends and family.

Why Wait? MaidThis is awaiting your call!

Quality bedroom cleaning services provide the cleaning that is needed when there is no time for that work to be done!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to declutter your bedroom?

Bedroom clutter tends to accumulate on desks, under beds, and in closets. The proper way to declutter a bedroom is to tackle every inch of the room, removing what’s not needed and organizing everything that is needed. A well-organized bedroom has a place for everything with everything in its place.

How to clean your bedroom?

Professional cleaners tend to follow a common cleaning methodology. When cleaning a bedroom, they like to start high with ceiling fans, wall hangings, and walls to knock the dirt down onto surfaces. Next, they clean those surfaces, which includes dusting/polishing furniture, changing linens, and making beds. That leaves all the dirt and dust on the floor where floor cleaning is done to finish the cleaning job. A little “smell good” mist is always a nice touch.

How to clean bedroom walls?

Some wall paints and wall coverings can be damaged by cleaning chemicals. That’s why caution is always warranted when cleaning walls and baseboards. As professional cleaners, our maids prefer to use featherdusters, dust clothes, and moist rags to safely clean walls and wall coverings.