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What is MaidThis Cleaning Salt Lake City?

MaidThis Cleaning Salt Lake City stands as a respected firm, dedicated to connecting clients with skilled and diligent cleaning experts. By entrusting your vacation rental cleaning to the experts, you can focus on other aspects of your business, knowing that your property’s cleaning needs are in the hands of top-notch cleaners who will keep everything looking great all the time.

What should be included in a vacation rental cleaning?

Our skilled cleaners at MaidThis Cleaning Salt Lake City are well-versed in differentiating between routine and turnover cleanings. Their expertise ensures the safety and satisfaction of both you and your guests. Informing us about unique property features and any preferred cleaning methods or supplies will enable our cleaners to tailor their approach for optimal outcomes.

Does MaidThis Cleaning Salt Lake City provide cleaning supplies?

Yes, cleaners make sure to take only the latest and safest cleaning appliances, tools, and products to their mission. In most instances, only dishwashing liquid, clothing detergent, and trash or rubbish bags should be on hand by the customer. If they aren’t, companies will happily work with clients to help provide them with any mentioned.

What if my cleaner makes a mistake?

MaidThis Cleaning treats all Salt Lake City client’s needs seriously, which includes complaints about mistakes made by a cleaning company. For this reason, we have a guarantee that service will be delivered as per your demands. If a cleaner makes a mistake or misses something that should have been cleaned, please contact us right away and we’ll personally ameliorate your issue at no charge to you. However, we ask you to consider that cleaning services aren’t entirely similar to those specializing in deep cleaning. For clients with short-term rentals that must receive detailed cleaning, early notification for more thorough cleaning is advised.

What is your quality assurance?

Our policy guarantees complete satisfaction for all clients. This allows for all issues to be addressed with haste and free of charge. To maintain such a high degree of professionalism for the cleaners we work with, our vetting procedures comprise five steps to guarantee great service.

How will my cleaners gain access to my vacation rental?

Most short-term rental proprietors usually opt for key placement in hidden spots or lock boxes. You might have your own hidden location to place keys for guests. It’s commonly done, but don’t do it if your rental is located in a place where break-ins sometimes occur. Do you have a lock box? You can inform your cleaners of its whereabouts and access process. While spare keys won’t be retained, it’s advisable to have backups available.

How far in advance should I book my cleaning service?

We recommend that bookings for cleaning be scheduled two days before the day of service. However, so that cleaners can be well-prepared to abide by your requests, booking earlier is also suggested. Bookings made at the last minute, or those requested less than 48 hours before the service, are more difficult to accept due to the availability limitation of cleaners. For cleaning that’s booked on the same day, we’ll work to get you taken care of, so give us a call, by all means!

How do I cancel a cleaning service?

If you choose to cancel service, there’s no cancellation fee for you to worry about if it’s done 24 hours before your scheduled cleaning. This goes for all Salt Lake City residents, regardless of what time it is you decide to cancel. There is a $30 cancellation fee if you choose to cancel on the same day as the scheduled service, or for those made one day before 4 pm.

Are laundry services available?

Yes, there are laundry services. For the average vacation rental, a cleaning package is 1 to 3 loads of laundry. There’s a $10 charge per extra load after that. If you have a washing machine at the location of the place you want cleaned, there’s no additional charge for extra loads. When cleaning at a local laundromat is required, an additional $10 will be charged. And for those with no laundry at all, your final charge will be discounted.

How do I book a vacation rental cleaning?

A simple call to MaidThis Cleaning Salt Lake City initiates the process! After understanding your cleaning requirements, we’ll coordinate a house cleaning appointment that aligns with your schedule. We aim to personalize the service to deliver maximum value.

Can I give the cleaners my own custom cleaning checklist?

Our operational approach follows the checklist outlined on our Pricing & Services page. While customization within this framework is possible to suit your short-term vacation rental’s layout and specific needs, a fully independent checklist isn’t part of our process.

Will my cleaners always arrive on time?

Although the precise starting times for your vacation rental cleaning aren’t always guaranteed due to the unpredictable nature of traffic conditions, we have implemented a policy that ensures you will always receive your cleaning before anyone arrives at your rental property.

Does MaidThis Cleaning Salt Lake City employ its own cleaners?

No, we don’t directly employ cleaners. MaidThis Cleaning Salt Lake City operates as a referral agency. We put you in touch with great cleaning companies and ensure they meet our expectations for service. Our approach involves meticulous vetting of “Independent Cleaning Professionals” before they join our platform and are referred to our clients.