How Much Does House Cleaning Cost?

Your average cost of house cleaning in Salt Lake City will depend on several factors. The size of your home will have an impact on your cleaning cost, as will the type of cleaning you need. For example, if you buy a new home, you may want it deep cleaned before you start moving in. The deep cleaning cost will be more than an average weekly cleaning, but it won’t need to be repeated until you move again.

You can get an estimate of your regular cleaning cost by filling out the booking form on our website. If your home is more than four bedrooms, we can give you an hourly rate.

Type of Cleaning Matters

If you’re moving out of an apartment and want a deep clean done, the move out cleaning cost will be more than a standard cleaning cost. If you’ve got a vacation rental that has been treated roughly by a guest, an hourly one time cleaning cost might be the most logical booking.

Standard cost for your home

If you plan to book a weekly cleaning, the size of your home will have the most impact. You can get an estimate on our website via our booking form. Once we know how many bedrooms and the square footage of your home, we can help you plan ahead and get your weekly cleaning budget established.

Cost to deep clean your house

You may not need or want a weekly cleaning. A quarterly deep cleaning may be more suited to your needs. This cleaning will cost more and may require more than one cleaner. If you want our help emptying, cleaning and organizing any of your cabinet or closet storage, you may need to be there.

Leave your old home or apartment clean

Move out cleaning is similar to deep cleaning and is charged at an hourly rate. In a tight rental market, hiring a professional to handle your move out can make it easier to get a good reference for your next apartment. How much does house cleaning cost? Not cleaning well can cost you a lot!

How Your House Cleaning Cost is Calculated

If you’ve never hired a maid, it can be hard to figure out what you should expect to pay. The size of your home will have a large impact, as will the depth of cleaning you expect. If your property is a vacation rental, you may not know the cleaning depth until maids arrive and can get you a condition report.

How Your House Cleaning Cost is Calculated

Square footage, number of bedrooms

Visit our website and fill out our online booking form. Once we know how many bedrooms and the square footage of your space, we can get you an estimate of a standard cleaning cost.

Room type and expectation

If you have a great room that needs high dusting, we may need to provide you with more than one cleaner. We may also have to decline some types of cleaning that will put our maids at risk.

Cleaning depth

A deep clean may be necessary. During a deep cleaning, maids may need to clean ovens or clean out refrigerators. A quarterly deep clean can be a great gift to an older relative or to someone with a health challenge.

Maid requirements

A deep cleaning may also require more than one maid. If maids need to work in pairs, this type of cleaning will cost more and will likely be charged at an hourly rate.

Special event cleaning

If you’re having a holiday celebration or a big party, you may want to bring in maids for a deep clean before you decorate. This will also be charged at an hourly rate. Be aware that, if you have a weekly cleaning booked and want to move the date to just before your big party, you can certainly change your schedule!

Do I Need a House Cleaning Service?

Many residents of Salt Lake City are extremely busy with family and careers. When considering how much does house cleaning cost, it may also be a good idea to consider what a regular house cleaning can give you.

Do I Need a House Cleaning Service?

MaidThis gives you back you time

Once you’ve established a regular cleaning schedule, the average cost of house cleaning can be balanced against the time you get back. If you spend all week working at a job or caring for your children and all weekend cleaning your home, you may find yourself with no energy to enjoy your family.

Regular maid services can help you rebuild your health

If you’ve been injured, ill or just had a child, you need to rest and recover. Booking a regular cleaning with a MaidThis professional can lower your stress level and make it possible for you to rebuild your strength. As you feel better, you may want to start tidying and decluttering your home to make it quicker to clean.

Weekly cleanings can reduce health risks and costs

There are many aspects of housework that can quickly pile up. Dirty dishes seem to grow exponentially, as does laundry. If you’re struggling to keep your home sanitized and disinfected, flu season can be tough! If you or a family member struggle with allergies, too much dust can lead to serious health complications.

A tidy home is a joy

There is little that’s more relaxing than settling down for a quiet evening in a clean home. If you love your home but hate trying to find the time to clean it, MaidThis can help. Booking a regular cleaning appointment on Thursday means that your Friday evening family movie night can be enjoyable for everyone!

Why Choose MaidThis Salt Lake City?

MaidThis has a five step hiring process that ends with a background check. You can be certain that your maid has been specifically chosen as an ideal aid to your home. MaidThis also offers a detailed orientation process to make sure that each maid offers the very best service.

Your maid will come with cleaning products that are top of the line in the residential industry. If you prefer that your maid use your products, you can certainly let us know when you fill out the booking form.

Whether you need a weekly cleaning appointment to keep your home fresh or a quarterly deep clean, MaidThis can help you relax and enjoy a clean home.

Is hiring a regular cleaning service worth it?

It can depend on how much use and abuse your house gets. If you live alone and your living room only gets used on the weekends, a weekly house cleaning may not be necessary. However, if you have a family and each room gets a lot of use each day, a weekly cleaning service can keep you healthier and lower your stress level.

Should I tip my house cleaner?

Tips for MaidThis maids are not required. We work to hire the very best and hope that you agree!

Should you be home when cleaners come?

It’s not necessary but you certainly can be home when your maid arrives. If you want help with a deep cleaning project, such as emptying out cabinets or cleaning out the refrigerator, it is best that you are there.

What’s the difference between a housekeeper and a maid?

A housekeeper may be required to engage in more involved tasks, such as laundry or even meal preparation. MaidThis maids can start laundry if needed, such as bed and bathroom linens.

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