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Our Apartment Cleaning Services

Residential cleaning services benefits


  • Offering clear and affordable pricing
  • Easy to cancel whenever necessary
  • Service from the best apartment cleaners in Texas
Vacation rental/Airbnb cleaning services benefits

Vacation Rental/Airbnb

  • Linked automated scheduling with our online scheduling system
  • Online cleaning progress reports
  • No-Show Guarantee means service is coming
San Antonio apartment cleaning process
Apartment cleaning in San Antonio, Texas

Get Smooth Apartment Cleaning Services

You’ll learn to appreciate the way we handle apartment cleaning in San Antonio. Why? It’s a process we have cultivated to make it easy for you to get the service you want and need for your home or an Airbnb.

Appointment booking process that’s fast and easy

Our automated online scheduling tool makes it easy for you to book as many appointments as you want in minutes in a single sitting.

Cleaners that get it right

It’s our cleaning company’s cleaner screening process that helps us identify the best cleaning personnel, maid personnel that does great work and does it fast.

Putting free time in your pockets

Instead of using your valuable time to clean your appointment, you can use that time to do things that are more productive or enjoyable in your life.

Maid service in San Antonio, Texas

Our 5-Step-Cleaner Screening Process

As for the aforementioned cleaner screening process we use, it works. It helps us identify the best maid candidates quickly and efficiently. Our cleaner screening process includes these 5 steps::

Only 2% of domestic maid applicants make it through this screening process


Receive Applications Online

The receipt of online applications makes it easier for us to get information on a wider range of housekeeping candidates that might fit into the MaidThis cleaning methodology.


Online Video Interviews

The process of starting with short online interviews gives us an efficient way to move through large groups of applicants to get to the very best candidates.


Comprehensive In-house Interviews

Only the very best housekeepers will get a sit-down interview where we can discuss their work experiences and background, as well as their qualifications.


Professional Maid Orinetation

Our finalists are introduced to the MaidThis methodology through one of our company orientation presentations that cover the company’s expectations.


Final Background/Reference Checks

Before we can start assigning cleaning jobs, we are obligated to ensure we know everything we possibly can about the cleaners that we send to customer apartments.

Long List of Satisfied Clients

allison ting
allison ting
Isa Davis
Isa Davis
did a 1 time deep clean and they did such a great job in 4 hours - very affordable! easy to schedule, easy to coordinate, no issues at all. highly recommend!
Ali Markulis
Ali Markulis
Mayra was amazing! She really went over and above. I really appreciated her organizing the small details so I could feel fresh and clean for the week! 10/10 great service
AJ Radford
AJ Radford
Had a great experience. Cleaner was thorough and left my place sparkling!
Alice L Walker
Alice L Walker
Excellent customer service. Matched me with perfect cleaners and were super helpful!
Jonathan Marcus
Jonathan Marcus
I work for a company that needs continual cleaning services. After a bit of a search, I came across MaidThis. A year and half later, and I've enjoyed all of my cleaners: From Joao Q., to Lynda M., to Francis H., to Dolores M., to Kya K., and to Teresa B., they have all been a pleasure to work with and have been thorough in their cleaning. Let me not forget to mention Eddie & Grace from Sales, as they have been very patient, responsive, and accommodating as well. I would recommend that if you're in need of such services, and it's within your budget, MaidThis meets the level of professionalism you'd expect. They have clear and constant communication, the website is easy to use, and the cleaners are there to work. Give'em a try...
Viliam Kamula
Viliam Kamula
Great sevice
Stefany Luna
Stefany Luna
mario was so good! he left the place feeing fresh and super clean
Great professional service, extremely happy with the results!
Jonathan Cabin
Jonathan Cabin
They did a good job and were nice.

Why Choose MaidThis Apartment Cleaning Service

It’s our responsibility to do whatever is necessary to become your go-to professional cleaners in San Antonio Texas. That applies whether we are providing standard services, apartment deep cleaning services, or even an apartment move out cleaning. With that as our primary goal, here are the things we do to ensure we get a call when you need us:

Online cleaning scheduling icon

Hassle-Free Scheduling

We put the cleaning appointment scheduling process in your hands. Both for your home or a vacation rental. After you schedule appointments that that work best for you and your family, you’ll get the benefit of our “No Show Guarantee,” which ensures we’ll have a top cleaner at your door at the time prescribed.

Cleaning products icon

Professional Maids

We go to great lengths to gain a clear understanding of your cleaning needs. If you need apartment deep cleaning services or an apartment move out cleaning, we use what we know about you to assign a cleaner who has the qualifications needed to meet your cleaning needs.

Quality cleaning icon

Outstanding Quality

Our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee is our promise to make sure we have delivered what we promised. If your home is not clean and smelling good, we’ll come back and do the work until you are happy and satisfied. You deserve the best we can offer so you can enjoy.




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MaidThis San Antonio trust badge
Cleaning services in San Antonio, Texas

We’re not happy unless you’re happy

We have learned through experience that happy San Antonio customers often lead to repeat business. If we can leave you happy and satisfied with the results, we’ll be happy when you book your next appointment.

It’s important that you understand that there are some cleaning responsibilities we might have to avoid. That includes the following:

Wiping lamps icon

To avoid damage to collectibles and delicate fixtures, we might avoid wet wiping such items.

Furniture cleaning icon

If moving heavy furniture might cause injury or damage, our maids will find a cleaning alternative.

Walls cleaning icon

Our maids can’t always wash walls with water or chemicals because of the possibility of paint damage.

I have been busy lately. How do I book cleanings for my apartment?

You have contacted the right professional cleaners in San Antonio. We invite you to call MaidThis San Antonio to book your first appointment. Or feel free to use our automated online appointment scheduling system.

Residential unit San Antonio, Texas

Frequently Asked Questions

I live out-of-state. How do I give you access to my vacation rental key?

Our customers will choose one of three ways: hide the key in a secure external location, leave it with the rental office, or put the key in a real estate lockbox.rnu003cdiv id=u0022gtx-transu0022 style=u0022position: absolute; left: 443px; top: 62px;u0022u003ernu003cdiv class=u0022gtx-trans-iconu0022u003eu003c/divu003ernu003c/divu003e

Can I reserve a maid I like?

If you have a maid who you would prefer, we’ll do everything possible to make sure they are available when you need them. It’s not a guarantee, but we’ll do our best.rnu003cdiv id=u0022gtx-transu0022 style=u0022position: absolute; left: 161px; top: 62px;u0022u003ernu003cdiv class=u0022gtx-trans-iconu0022u003eu003c/divu003ernu003c/divu003e

Are your cleaning chemicals safe for children and pets?

Great question. Yes! Our maids use chemicals that are government-approved and certified as eco-friendly and safe.

Is it easy to book multiple Airbnb housekeeping appointments?

Yes. It might be possible for you to link your u003ca href=u0022 rentalu003c/au003e schedule with our automated scheduling system for immediate appointments.