Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

In the heart of the Civic Center, you can find a multipurpose amphitheater named for music promoter Bill Graham. The Bill Graham Civic Auditorium San Francisco holds about 8,000 people. In addition to being a popular concert venue, it is also home to the Civic Center Theater. If you are in town for a concert or show, you’ll want to see the auditorium! Read on to learn more about this multipurpose amphitheater in San Francisco.

Bill Graham was a music promoter

The Bill Graham Civic Auditorium San Francisco was founded by a man with a passion for the arts. A former refugee from Nazi Germany, he saw San Francisco’s counterculture as a place of creativity and music. The city had already changed from an industrial center to a vibrant musical community. In the 1970s and ’80s, Graham stitched together a city divided by a soaring population, putting on incredible concerts.

The music promoter Bill Graham, who died tragically in a plane crash in 1991, saw the creation of a beautiful civic auditorium in his hometown. The Bill Graham Civic Auditorium San Francisco hosted such legendary acts as Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, and Gladys Night & the Pips. The nearby historic Orpheum Theatre also plays host to Broadway shows. The Bill Graham Civic Auditorium San Francisco was the music promoter Bill Graham envisioned, and now the auditorium celebrates that legacy by providing music to people from all walks of life. Read this First!

It is a multipurpose amphitheater

Located in San Francisco, the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium is a multipurpose arena that has a capacity of 8,500. The venue was named after promoter Bill Graham. During its initial construction in 1960, the venue grew to a size of over 80,000 square feet before being expanded. Currently, the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium is a multi-purpose amphitheater that hosts concerts, sporting events, and community gatherings.

Originally known as the San Francisco Civic Auditorium, the venue opened in 1915 and was named after its promoter Bill Graham. Its modern design features a single circular stage, a balcony, and a trellis. It was designed by Bay Area architect John Galen Howard and was the site of several major events and ceremonies including the Democratic National Convention in 1920. It also hosted the San Francisco Warriors from 1964 to 1966. In addition to performing concerts, the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium is also home to the World Cyber Games, where a single video can be viewed by thousands of people.

It holds 8,000 people

Located in San Francisco, the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium is a multi-purpose arena that seats 8,500 people. Named after concert promoter Bill Graham, it is a great place to see live music, sporting events, and more. If you’re looking for a place to go to see a concert, you’ve come to the right place. The Bill Graham Civic Auditorium is one of the largest arenas in the country.

The venue was built in 1915. Originally, it held only 6,000 people. It required earthquake retrofitting, and closed for two years during construction. The auditorium reopened in March 1996 and has hosted a variety of events. This venue has a capacity of 8,500 people. It is the perfect place to catch a concert and enjoy the city’s beautiful weather. You can find tickets through Ticketmaster and third-party sites like Ticketliquidator.

It is located in Civic Center

The multi-purpose arena in San Francisco is called the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. The arena is named after promoter Bill Graham and holds 8,500 people. This San Francisco location hosts a variety of events including concerts, theater, sporting events, and more. The auditorium was designed by architect Richard Serra, and features a unique design and is open to the public. For more information, visit

This concert venue is located in the Civic Center and is a short walk from the Bart station. This venue is a good choice for those who want to attend a concert without worrying about security. It offers comfortable seating and is near restaurants and food stands. Security at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium is smooth. Ticket prices are competitive. There is no bag restriction or fee for tickets. Guests should arrive at least 15 minutes before show time to avoid any line. More about San Francisco here.

It offers a wide range of services

The Bill Graham Civic Auditorium is a multi-use facility in San Francisco, California, that hosts various types of events. Known for its 7,000-seat capacity, the auditorium also offers a range of area services. Lighting design, carpentry, and props are available on-site to help make your event as unique as possible. Its versatile space also allows you to host a variety of events, from corporate meetings to sporting events to concerts.

Parking in the area is difficult, but there are several parking garages nearby. The Civic Center Garage has 843 spaces. The BEI Hotel Civic Center has 200 parking spaces on 8th Street. Another parking garage is the Performing Arts Garage, with 598 spaces located on Grove St. This garage closes an hour after each performance. If you are planning a large event, you should arrive early to secure parking.

It has a standing-room-only capacity

The Bill Graham Civic Auditorium is a multipurpose arena located in San Francisco, California. It was named for promoter Bill Graham and holds up to 8,500 people. Its capacity ranges from musical acts to sporting events. For the most part, it’s filled to standing-room-only capacity. Nevertheless, the venue is known for its excellent sound system, and its staff is friendly and helpful.

The Bill Graham Civic Auditorium is a unique venue for events in San Francisco. The auditorium can hold up to 8,000 people and has 31,140 square feet of column-free space. It’s a great venue for events, including concerts, and has a preferred caterer – Global Gourmet Catering. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium San Francisco is the perfect place for a corporate or personal event. Continue reading about Tenderloin Museum.

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