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MaidThis Denver is a premium company that you can rely on to dispatch experienced cleaners to your doorstep. We bring a cleaning service that allows you to focus on the things most important to you and let us handle the turnover.

When you hire MaidThis Denver, you will receive a dependable, premium-quality cleaning service by the most trustworthy and reliable cleaners for your short-term rental unit. Your cleaners will give you the time to focus on hosting, and not worry about managing cleaners. Your pro cleaning service will secure you the 5-star rating you need!

At MaidThis Denver, we are well aware of the differences between turnover cleaning and regular cleaning, and you can expect your cleaners to know how to do their job properly. All the cleaners we partner with have plenty of experience performing thorough turnover cleaning, they know what to do, and you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Before they start the cleaning process, it would be useful if you could provide them with notes about the unique features of your property that could help them clean it better. We will then provide your notes to every cleaning crew dispatched to your property, so they know how to clean your short-term rental to perfection.

Yes, all the cleaners we sent will come packed with supplies and ready to go. Your cleaners will bring all the necessary cleaning supplies that will ensure your property shines. The only supplies you need to provide include laundry detergent, the trash can liner, and the dishwasher soap.

With MaidThis Denver, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy. That means that if you notice that your cleaners have missed a spot included in your cleaning service, they will come back to your property and fix the problematic area.

However, you should also keep in mind that this is the turnover cleaning service, not deep cleaning and that you should specify if your short-term rental requires deep cleaning.

The two most important ways of ensuring the quality of our service are by sending only the most experienced short-term rental cleaning professionals and by providing you with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy.

Most owners either hide the key at a specific spot for their cleaners or have a lockbox. If you have a lockbox, please provide your cleaners with information on its location and code in the notes. We will not hold on to any spare keys, but we do recommend that you store a backup key somewhere.

You need to schedule your cleaning 48 hours in advance. However, we whole-heartedly recommend that you schedule a cleaning as soon as possible. You can always log in to our website and schedule all the cleanings you will have.

We always do all we can to take care of all our customers, but if you’re scheduling a last-minute appointment in under 48 hours, we are not able to guarantee the availability of your cleaners. If you have a same-day booking situation, reach out to us and we’ll do all we can to help you out.

Sometimes, things you have no control over can come up on your end, and you’ll have to cancel your cleaning appointment. Perhaps you’ve had a last-minute cancellation too. Whatever it is, we know how you feel. That is why we have no cancellation fee if you cancel an appointment at least a day before. The 30$ cancellation fee applies if you cancel the day before after 4 p.m., or on the same day.

Absolutely! We have included doing one to three full loads of laundry within the standard short-term rental cleaning package. However, you qualify for a discount if you don’t need us to do any laundry for you.

Also, if there are more loads to wash, we charge only 10$ a load. We will use only the linen you provide for us. If the machines are located in the building or on the site, there is no additional fee. However, if your cleaners have to visit a laundromat, there is an additional 10$ fee.

The first thing we always like to do with first-time customers is talk to you in order to completely understand your cleaning needs. You can contact us at any time and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. Also, you can learn more about turnover cleaning service and get cracking immediately!

No, this isn’t our general practice. You can find the checklist your cleaners will follow on our Pricing & Services page. The checklist your cleaners will do is probably extremely similar to the one you had in mind, and we can slightly personalize it to fit your needs since every property has unique intricacies. But, our service might not be right for you if you’d like the cleaners to position your coffee pod at the exact same location every single time they clean.

We guarantee that your cleaners will check all the cleaning tasks before your guests arrive. We are not able to guarantee the exact starting time of your service because of the potentially hectic traffic. However, we do plan out the best and least congested routes to your property to ensure your cleaners have plenty of time to tackle all the cleaning tasks.

We do not. MaidThis Denver is a referral agency, and we do not hire any “Independent Contractors” or “Cleaning Professionals”. Instead, we refer “Independent Cleaning Professionals”. The difference is that all domestic referral agencies have to abide by the Colorado civil code. We just provide the software and match you with your cleaners.

There absolutely is! Just make sure you book 48 hours in advance and we will GUARANTEE that we will dispatch cleaners to your location. If you book later than 48 hours in advance, we cannot fully guarantee availability, but we can guarantee to do all we can to accommodate your request.

You’ve probably already been there, walking into your rental unit only to find that your guests seem to have found your linen closet and used up every single piece of linen in there. Don’t worry though, MaidThis Denver has got your back.

The turnover package includes a load of laundry per room (i.e. 2BR rental – 2 loads of laundry; 3BR rental – 3 loads of laundry, etc.). You don’t want to leave a rental with dirty laundry for your new clients. Also, if there is a truly incomprehensible amount of laundry to do, we charge an additional 10$ a load.

The cleaners that arrive at your property will do absolutely all they can to spot any damages left by your guests. However, they are not able to catch everything every single time, so if they happen to miss anything, they cannot be held responsible for any damages left behind by guests that did not report them.

Your primary goal is to clean your rental property before the next guest arrives, and that’s exactly what your cleaners are going to do. Your cleaners will have the place spick-and-span before the next reservation checks in.

However, the cleaners are not able to arrive right on time every single time. You know, traffic and all. But, they will be there to clean your rental property between two reservations and make sure it looks great.

If your cleaners are not able to enter your property, they will spend half an hour trying to get hold of you. The cleaners are able to remain at your property if you contact your previous guests and coordinate them to return the keys and give them to your cleaners. We charge an additional 40$/hour if the cleaners have to wait for the key or 50$ as a cancellation/rescheduling fee.

However, don’t worry. As soon as you see our messages, you can reach out to our office at (720) 826-8188. Although we are not able to guarantee availability at this point, our team from Operations will try to reroute another cleaner to your property.

You’ve probably already had the negative experience of a guest leaving your rental property absolutely trashed. Then, you’re left biting your nails worried about how to get your property ready for the next guest.

For just an additional 80$, your cleaners will spend several hours longer to ensure you’re fully protected by inspecting your property in great detail for all the damages and thoroughly cleaning it to get it in tip-top shape for your guests. Your cleaners will send you pictures of your property and will require adding our deep cleaning fee to get your property back to its original state.

We have dispatched cleaners over 20,000 times. Really. Every now and again, you will encounter a guest who is looking to cancel a reservation without a particularly sound reason. Sometimes, it has to do with the weather. At other times, they will say it’s because of the cleaning.

If your guest is livid about the cleaning effort your cleaners have put in, we will dispatch a cleaner to fix everything for the guest, completely free of charge. We’ll do all we can to have your guests satisfied with your rental property.

However, if your guest still decides to cancel the reservation, there’s nothing we can do about that, unfortunately, and we are not responsible for any costs you associated with that.