The 5-Step-Cleaner Screening Process

The tried-and-true road to finding 5-star cleaners and getting 5-star reviews.


Only 2% of the applicants have what it takes to make it through our stringent process!

Phase 1 Online Application

The first hoop the applicant needs to jump through is a detailed custom-made online test. If they get the green light, they go to stage 2.

Phase 2 1st Phone Screening

This is where it gets personal. A MaidThis Denver recruiter will have an in-depth next-level interview with the potential candidate.

Phase 3 In-Person Meeting

A candidate who got to this point is a person we want to meet face-to-face and get to know better. This Q&A step in the process helps us do just that.

Phase 4 Orientation

The heat is on! Those who can handle it will have survived the first 3 rounds and made it to the orientation stage where we take it up another notch.

Phase 5 Background

The process has been intense. Before we finalize it, we need to take one last step: make sure the applicant has a clean record and background.