The De Young Museum San Francisco

The M. H. de Young Memorial Museum is one of the many fine arts museums in San Francisco. Located in Golden Gate Park, this museum is a component of the Legion of Honor and the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. The exhibits at the de Young Museum include works by a number of prominent artists. Among the many highlights of the museum are the Art of New Guinea exhibits, Kiki Smith’s large sculptures, and collections of Asian and Pacific art. This article is for you!

Art of New Guinea exhibits

The Art of New Guinea exhibit at the de Young Museum San Francisco features more than 400 masterworks by artists from New Guinea. The pieces were donated by the Frieded family and are part of the Jolika Collection. The Friededs’ gift changed the international profile of New Guinean art and the museum’s entire collection of Oceanic art. This exhibition has since moved to a new location and includes many pieces from the Frieded family collection.

The museum’s exhibitions highlight the country’s unique culture. In addition to a permanent collection, the museum’s Oceanic Art gallery is one of the first galleries that visitors approach after entering the permanent collection. It occupies a large section of the second floor and is divided into two areas. One part of the gallery is devoted to the Jolika Collection, which houses works from the country’s people. The other half of the gallery is devoted to rotating exhibitions. Currently, there is an exhibition of Maori art.

Kiki Smith’s large-scale sculpture reinterprets David, Joanna, and Abigail Mason

This monumental sculpture reinterprets a painting by Freke-Gibbs, one of Smith’s favorite subjects. Smith focuses on the human body, spirituality, and nature, and uses multiple mediums to convey these themes. Near(2005), for example, is Smith’s first large-scale sculpture to be included in a permanent collection.

Smith incorporated the images of women in the painting into her work. Red coral is one of the materials she used to make votive images, which were often held as talismans against evil and death. Her use of these images resonates with the religious imagery found in the original painting. The sculptures are also a striking reminder of how important and influential the Mason family were to the city.

The three-story bronze statues of Abigail, Joanna, and David Mason at the De Young Museum San Francisco are monumental in scale. The three female figures have been reinterpreted by Smith in a striking new way. The monumental scale of Smith’s sculptures at the museum’s De Young Museum San Francisco is an impressive example of an artist’s skill and ability. The work has a controversial past, but the De Young Museum San Francisco has presented this monumental work to the public in a way that’s both accessible and engaging. More places to also visit by clicking here.

Public transit discounts

Muni offers $2 off the adult admission price for the de Young Museum with a valid FastPass or transfer. The de Young Museum also offers free admission to veterans on Veterans Day. Public transit discounts at the de Young Museum include Go City San Francisco Combo Pass. The museum is open daily from 9:30 am to 5 pm and closes early on Fridays and holidays. Guests may also choose to park their cars in the Concourse Parking Garage. Bicycle parking is available at Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and Fulton Street.

To save money on admission, visitors can purchase a personalized discount card that offers discounts at two and five Bay Area attractions. Visitors can also receive a $2 discount by presenting their Muni or BART tickets. The discount is valid for the same day only. Public transit discounts at the de Young Museum San Francisco do not have any specific coupon or promo code to use. Patrons can purchase an electronic or paper voucher and present it to the entrance desk. The voucher is valid for same-day general admission to the museum and the Legion of Honor.


The collection at de Young Museum San Francisco includes a collection of contemporary works by renowned artists, including a large installation by Ed Ruscha, who is associated with the Pop and Conceptual art movements. The museum also houses the largest collection of Teotihuacan murals outside of Mexico, thanks to a bequest from the Harald Wagner estate. Its impressive collection of sculptures also includes works by Frank Stella, who was only 23 when he first exhibited his legendary black paintings.

The new de Young Museum is a modern building constructed of the finest materials. It features a stunning facade crafted from nearly ninety percent copper and thirty-nine thousand pounds of glass, as well as seventy-two copper panels, with over one million embossings. It also features a permanent collection that features works from Africa, the Pacific Islands, and America. Its collection of African and Oceanic art also offers a unique look into the cultures of these regions. Next article.

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