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Apartment Cleaning Services in Scottsdale, AZ

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Our Cleaning Services

Residential cleaning services benefits


  • Always clear and understandable pricing
  • Cancel scheduled services at any time
  • We offer the top 2% of cleaners
Vacation rental cleaning services benefits

Vacation Rental

  • Use automated scheduling to keep the place clean
  • Be in control of all reporting
  • Our cleaners are guaranteed to show as scheduled
House deep cleaning services
Maid service in Scottsdale, Arizona

Get Smooth Apartment Cleaning Services

You’ll have no need to worry when you choose our team for your Scottsdale home or apartment. We offer a cleaning service for apartment that is uncomplicated, fairly priced, and that will leave your place sparkling.

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It Takes Just Minutes to Book a Cleaning Service for Apartment

Life is busy and you don’t need to spend hours working on scheduling cleaning help; we make scheduling easy and something that can be done online.

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Trust Us to Work Quickly While Doing Good Work

Because of their experience and training, our maids can move quickly through your apartment and still leave the place sparkling.

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Enjoy all of your free time!

When you have someone cleaning for you, you are gifted free time to focus on your family or simply relaxing.

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Our 5-Step-Cleaner Screening Process

As a professional and responsible Scottsdale cleaning company, we are obligated to protect the interest of our clients. We do that by employing a comprehensive cleaner screening process that helps us identify the best candidates. That 5-step screening process entails:

The Mission: To search everywhere to find you the best cleaners in the market!


Submission of an online application

We have an application that we make available to those interested in working for us. This is a thorough application and must be filled out before we consider any maid.


Phone Interview

If an application interests us, we will then get in touch with the one who submitted it. We will complete a phone interview to get to know that person and learn what cleaning experience they have.


The Face-to-Face Interview

We will spend time talking with those we are interested in via a video interview to ask additional questions. This helps us dig deeper and really come to know those people.


Prospect Maid Orientation

We want each person working for us to know what their role is and we have an orientation process that helps them know about the condo cleaning and apartment deep cleaning services we offer.


Background Check

We are careful about who we let work for us and who gets into your home. Trust us to thoroughly look into the background of each applicant to make sure that they will not put you at risk.

Long List of Satisfied Clients

Why Choose MaidThis Move Out Cleaning Services

When you schedule care for your living place or apartment move out cleaning, you receive help from a team that is actually interested in your life. We get joy out of pleasing you.

Scheduling apartment move out cleaning or other cleaning work should be convenient. We have a form that makes the job easy so that you can save time.

We make sure that each individual sent to handle a cleaning project is prepared for that job. We screen our maids and send the right help to you.

We make sure that you are left with a place that feels clean and that you don’t find any issues after we have finished our work.




Hours Saved



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We’re not happy unless you’re happy

When we see a smile on your face as you take in your clean Scottsdale apartment, that brings us joy. Let us know if we’re not pleasing you so that we can make things right.

Please note our cleaners are restricted from:

We don’t wipe lamps and fixtures with wet cloths out of concern for them.

We leave furniture in place and work around it to keep it in good shape.

Wet cloths can damage walls and we look out for their finishes by not cleaning them.

Sounds perfect for my apartment!
What should I do now?

We are simply a call away from getting to your apartment and setting to work!
Contact us via phone or use the online form found below to set up the cleaning help that you need.