3 Steps to Get Ready for Spring

airbnb spring preparation


Spring is coming!

It’s the season of beginnings and rebirth – so why not check out how things are going in your vacation rental?

Prepping for spring and the busy season doesn’t have to require a ton of extra effort on your part. Here are 3 quick steps to take to get ready for the next high season.

1. Clean all the less conspicuous nooks and crannies.

When your cleaning team does a turnover job, they scrub all the “usual” areas that everyone sees. However, there are certainly spots that go without special attention from check-out to check-out.

When we say “all the nooks and crannies,” we’re talking all the little places in your home you never think about:


  • Inside cabinets, closets, and drawers.
  • All the exposed baseboards.
  • Windows (inside and out) and blinds.
  • Inside and behind the oven.


There’s a lot to think about when it comes to your vacation rental and the revolving door means more wear, tear, and dust on your stuff. Spring is the perfect time to give everything a good go-over with a fine-toothed comb.

Ask your cleaning team to add some extra tasks to your next turnover cleaning. Trust us: It’s money well spent.

2. Inspect your linens.

With so many folks coming and going, your linens are in a constant state of recycling. Depending on how long your guests stay and how often you have guests booked back to back, you may be washing towels and bedsheets multiple times in a single week.

Let’s face it: Your linens take a beating. It’s a good idea to give your linens a good go-over at least once a year, but ideally, you should do it every 6 months to be sure there are no rips, stains, or other marks of imperfection.

When you replace your linens, don’t automatically toss them in the trash! If your things are still usable and in decent shape, donate them to a secondhand store like Goodwill or the Salvation Army, or drop them off at a shelter.

3. Refresh your welcome packet.

How often do you go through your welcome packet or canned messages to make changes? Or, more importantly, when was the last time you did it?

If you haven’t made any changes since putting things together, now is the time:


  • Check on the reliability of the information you provide. Is it still accurate and up-to-date?
  • Add helpful tips or “bonuses” if you’ve made a few partnership contacts in your community.
  • Remove old and expired coupons or outdated event information.


Guests love a well-stocked welcome packet, so make sure to give yours a little shine up every once in a while.


Don’t wait too long before getting to work on your spring checklist. Before you know it, the high season will be here and there won’t be time to prepare – you’ll already be knee deep in bookings!


No matter how you go about preparing for a new year, give it all you’ve got. After all, your guests will appreciate it more than you know.


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