Airbnb Cleaning Checklist: Make Your Florida Vacation Rental Spotless

Cleaning up for the next guest is crucial if you want great reviews. The Airbnb cleaning checklist tips below will protect your property and boost business.

Airbnb Cleaning Checklist Basics

Airbnb owners know what a bad review can do to their business. New guests that walk into a spotlessly clean Airbnb will do a lot for your positive ratings! Hiring professional cleaners who will not cancel at the last minute is critical to providing terrific results. Put together an Airbnb checklist so expectations are established before the first cleaning. If at all possible, do your own inspection or ask a trusted colleague to check your property.

Airbnb cleaning checklist

Benefits of Using an Airbnb Cleaner Checklist

Creating your own checklist gives you multiple points to inspect your property after a guest has left. For example, it’s a good idea to have your Airbnb cleaners check bathroom cupboards to make sure dirty towels haven’t been wadded up to mildew in the space. Your cleaning team can also notify you of loose ceiling fan blades when they dust them down.

How an Airbnb Cleaning Checklist Benefits Hosts

With a checklist, you have a clear set of expectations for your Airbnb cleaning service. If your Airbnb property is in Florida, bugs can quickly build up in light fixtures. Checking light fixtures for dead insects can be a point on your checklist. It may not be appropriate to ask your Airbnb cleaners to get on a ladder, but you should at least get a note to address these concerns in your St. Petersburg & Clearwater properties.

How an Airbnb Cleaning Checklist Benefits Guests

Many Airbnb guests bring in food to share and prepare together. If they open a spotless refrigerator and get to cook on a perfectly clean stove, their whole visit starts off on the right foot. Too many of us have vacation horror stories. Your property will not be one with the right St. Petersburg Airbnb cleaners!

What to Keep in Your Airbnb Cleaning Kit

The most critical point in your cleaning supplies is that you must never transfer cleaners from their original containers. Bleach and ammonia, for example, must remain clearly marked and stored separately.

Consider putting together cleaning kit carriers for your St. Petersburg Airbnb cleaners, such as the following for the bathroom:

  • spray disinfectant
  • toilet bowl cleaner
  • glass cleaner for the mirror and shower doors

Kitchen cleaning products can include

  • oven cleaner
  • degreasing spray
  • dish soap

Air disinfectant sprays and furniture polish can be included in another carrier. Include gloves and masks for your maid service, as well as trash bags for each container in the property.

You’ll also need to consider consumables that guests may use, such as hand soap, shampoo, laundry detergent and dish soap. If you provide coffee and filters, your maid service will need extra.

Rooms Airbnb Cleaning Checklist


  • clean the bathroom mirror and sink
  • check sink cabinets for abandoned items or spilled product
  • spray down and clean the shower
  • carefully check the drain for hair trapped in the drain cover
  • scrub and wipe down the toilet
  • disinfect around the base of the toilet
  • replace all the towels in the room
  • empty and re-line the trash can
  • sweep and mop the floor


  • open and empty the refrigerator, wash shelves and doors. Check under produce drawers for moisture or leftover food
  • wipe down the table, chairs and chair legs
  • check oven for food or spilled grease
  • clean burners and burner trays
  • empty dishwasher
  • check under sink for trash, dirty linens, or food
  • wipe down counters and sink
  • change linens and refill hand and dish soap
  • empty trash and replace liners
  • dust ceiling fan, check light fixtures, sweep and mop floor

Living Room

  • sweep ceiling fan
  • check closets for dust, trash or abandoned items
  • remove and plump furniture cushions
  • consider spraying freshener/disinfectant on bottom of cushions to freshen furniture
  • thoroughly vacuum furniture and rugs, including tops of baseboards
  • polish all wooden surfaces
  • check lamps to make sure light bulbs don’t need replaced
  • check and empty any garbage cans


  • sweep ceiling fans and dust light fixtures
  • check closets and empty trash
  • thoroughly vacuum the room, including the tops of baseboards and corners where wall meets floor
  • plump pillows before making the bed
  • polish side tables and nightstands. If bed frame is wood, polish it also
  • check drawers for items left behind or trash
  • look for spots where dust builds up, such as the footboard of the bed, and vacuum/polish

General Recommendation:

A simple way to make sure that every inch of the room is reviewed is simply to study it first in a counter-clockwise pattern, addressing trash and disinfecting anything dirty. Next, review the room in a clockwise circle to make sure that everything sparkles. Still, if you need professionals to do the cleaning for you, simply contact us.

Off-Season Airbnb Cleaning Checklist


  • pull weeds along sidewalks or between sections of a walkway
  • run sinks, shower and toilet to check for leaks
  • trim shrubs away from the house

Every 3-6 Months

  • open the space on a breezy day and air out the house
  • pull furniture away from the wall and dust/polish all wooden surfaces and baseboards
  • pull refrigerator and stove for a vacation rental deep cleaning


  • empty and clean all cabinets, replacing shelf liner if necessary
  • check and change all batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • clean the carpets
  • address scuffs and scrapes on wooden surfaces
  • touch up paint as necessary

Frequently Asked Questions

My regular cleaner is sick! Now what?

You can book an Airbnb cleaning service with Maid This online or over the phone. Your St. Petersburg & Clearwater maids offer a guarantee against no-shows!

How much will it cost to clean my Airbnb?

Prices are based on the size of your property. An hourly cleaning rate is also available for very large properties. To book Maid This St. Petersburg & Clearwater for Airbnb housekeeping, we’ll need to know the size and scope of the project.

What about security for my St. Petersburg & Clearwater property?

Your maids go through a detailed 5 step employment process, including multiple interviews and a background check by our cleaning company. We make sure that your property is safe during your cleaning service.

Will MaidThis cleaners follow my cleaning checklist?

You’re welcome to create a checklist of your own, but you may not need to after you review what’s normally included in our Airbnb cleaning process.

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