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How We Provide Our Bedroom Cleaning Services

If you only want targeted cleaning services for your bedrooms, we can do that. We have customers who request such services for a variety of reasons. Our standard cleaning package for bedrooms includes the following cleaning tasks:

  • Make the beds (change linens on request)
  • Organizing tables and desks
  • Dusting and polishing furniture
  • Wiping down walls and window coverings
  • Floor cleaning – vacuuming, sweeping, moping

If you want a bedroom deep cleaning, our cleaners could add tasks like carpet shampooing, window washing, and drawer and closet organization.

At MaidThis St. Petersburg & Clearwater, we recommend you have your bedroom cleaned at least once a week. A bedroom deep cleaning would be nice every three (3) months.

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Long List of Satisfied Clients

Stacy Scott
Stacy Scott
McKenzie does a great job! She pays attention to detail and reports everything that needs attention!
MaidThis team has been a wonderful resource for our rental property. They always go above and beyond to make sure things are taken care of. Mehkenzie In particular is our primary cleaner and she is second to none. Mehkenzie Makes sure nothing is missed and is sparkling clean before she finishes. I would recommend MaidThis Myrtle beach cleaning service to anyone needing a great cleaning service.
Brandon Rialti
Brandon Rialti
Excellent cleaning and staff, very friendly and responsive, have never once been disappointed by their service. Highly recommend!
Zack Cafarelli
Zack Cafarelli
I needed help on short notice for a move-out cleaning of my condo. I was able to get a cleaning appointment quickly and that worked with my schedule. It was also the best rates I’ve come across in my research. My cleaners Shanna and Rick showed up promptly on time and took my concerns into consideration and immediately began cleaning everything from top to bottom. I have a cat and the amount of hair didn’t even phase them. I came back and couldn’t believe how efficiently they worked. I highly recommend this team for all of your cleaning needs.
Annette Grier
Annette Grier
This company is great!! I tried two other companies before them and there is no comparison. They cleaned and checked on everything!! Even checked on my outside seating and picked up paper in the yard. They have picked up garbage left outside of the trash receptacles by the guest. No other company did this. They are incredible!! They truly understand how Airbnb works. If you have an Airbnb property, this company will not let you down. They make sure that my property is ready for the next guest. I get great reviews for my property and I owe that to this fantastic company, Maid This. Thanks for helping me to remain an Airbnb Super Host.
xOpz War
xOpz War
Brad McAdams
Brad McAdams
Very professional and courteous team! They were extremely friendly and efficient and were even accommodating to a couple extra follow-up requests.
Bedroom cleaning service in St. Petersburg & Clearwater

We Offer these Cleaning Solutions for Bedrooms

As a responsible professional room cleaner, MaidThis fully understands that each customer’s needs will differ from one customer to the next. That’s exactly why we offer specific room cleaning services for the bedroom via a variety of options.

Of course, we have already discussed intermittent targeted cleaning for the bedroom on special occasions, or weekly/monthly on request. Your maids will clean bedrooms as part of our regular and deep home cleaning or housekeeping service packages.

If by chance you have budget concerns or want more control over your cleaning costs, MaidThis would be happy to offer you an hourly rate. You would only be charged for that which you authorize.

Detailed description of our bedroom cleaning services in St. Petersburg & Clearwater

Furniture dusting and polishing (includes nightstands, vanities, desks, television with stand, bookshelves, head and foot boards, toy boxes, chairs, tabletop decorations and trinkets, baseboards, ceiling fans, and lamp/light fixtures)

Walls (includes dry wiping walls, wall coverings, and corners to remove dust and cobwebs (harsh chemicals will not be used on paint)

Floor cleaning (includes vacuuming carpets, sweeping and moping of hardwood, laminate, tile, or dry wood floors. We would also vacuum the top and bottom of furniture cushions). Carpet shampooing is available on request

Empty and clean wastebaskets as professional housekeepers understand the importance of promptly removing waste, preventing the spread of bacteria and mitigating potential health risks by sanitizing.

Bed-making (changing bed linens would be included on request)

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Enjoy the Convenience of a Clean Bedroom

If you think about it, you and your family spend at least one-third of your lives in the bedroom. That’s not always a comfortable thing to do in a dirty or cluttered bedroom.

At MaidThis St. Petersburg & Clearwater, we are happy to step in and help when keeping your bedroom or bedrooms clean becomes a burden. For an affordable price, we’ll gladly show up and clean your bedroom(s) as frequently as you want. We’ll handle the dusting, floor cleaning, and furniture cleaning while you focus on more productive and enjoyable aspects of your life. Instead of begrudgingly trying to fit home cleaning chores into your busy schedule, call MaidThis. We’ll have our professional maid service take over your home or bedroom cleaning for you.

Note: If you have specific cleaning needs, you’ll be glad to know we can customize room cleaning to meet your needs. Also, your bedroom cleaners will be available to come clean when it’s convenient for you and the family.

Bedroom Deep Cleaning Additions

The average person from Florida will generally focus their cleaning efforts on visible bedroom surfaces. What gets missed is what’s going on in and under the bedroom furniture. Knowing how adverse many folks are about deep cleaning tasks, professional maids are proud to handle such tasks on their behalf.

Your cleaners or maids have access to the best tools of the home cleaning trade. That includes vacuum attachments that make it easy for them to get at those hard-to-reach places. As part of our deep cleaning services, housekeepers can easily clean under beds and bedroom furniture with next to no extra effort.

Your maids also specialize in going through closets and drawers (with your permission) to declutter and get everything nice and organized. We think you’ll find that a small investment in decluttering closets and drawers will bring you great peace of mind. Contact us now for bedroom cleaning services in St. Petersburg & Clearwater.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to declutter a bedroom?

It’s much easier to clean your bedroom regularly if you control the clutter. Accumulating clutter in your bedroom only serves to demotivate you to do any cleaning. To declutter a messy bedroom, be prepared to throw out everything you don’t need and organize the things you do need. If you need help decluttering, a professional room cleaner like MaidThis can help.

How to clean a bedroom?

As a professional room cleaning service, we can state with confidence that the best way to clean a bedroom is to follow the following methodology. You should start by cleaning the high (pictures, walls, light fixtures, etc.), move to the middle (making beds, dusting/polishing furniture, etc.), and end up cleaning the floor.

How to clean bedroom walls?

Caution is warranted when cleaning bedroom walls. You must take note that some harsh cleaning chemicals will damage paint and some wall coverings. If you are not sure, the best way to clean a bedroom wall is to wipe it with nothing more than a dry or damp cloth. Dusting with a feather duster might also suffice.