Daily Cleaning Schedule With a Printable Checklist

Your Daily Cleaning Schedule Checklist

Establishing a daily cleaning regimen will help keep you organized!

Prudent and clean living persons have one amazing trait in common. They don’t mind tidying up the house daily so their weekly major house cleanings are a little easier to handle. If you want to join the ranks of the prudent and clean living folks, we suggest you adopt a daily house cleaning schedule. Better yet, we recommend you adopt a cleaning schedule that is guided by a solid daily cleaning checklist.

Daily cleanings will never be a waste of your time. They will ensure your home is reasonably clean each day while waiting for a thorough house cleaning on “cleaning day.” A daily cleaning checklist will make it easier for you to stay organized and not miss key cleaning chores.

Daily Cleaning Tips That Save Time

As professional house cleaners, our maids are filled with information about ways to effectively clean the house daily. It doesn’t necessarily mean a thorough cleaning but something closer to tidying up to keep the home looking organized and nice. If interested, here are some daily cleaning tips to help you be a better daily house cleaner:

  • Wipe out bathroom and kitchen sinks after every usage
  • Rinse out shower/tub after use
  • Wipe kitchen spills immediately
  • Put kids toys away daily
  • Make the bed in the morning
  • Put dirty clothes and towels in the laundry
  • Feather dust furniture each day
  • No wearing of shoes in the house
  • Empty wastebaskets each day
  • Quick wipe down of stove and kitchen appliance after cooking
  • Run the vacuum or sweep the high-traffic areas of each room before bed

Daily Cleaning Schedule: Room By Room Cleaning Guide

The key to making daily cleaning easy to handle is consistency. You’ll want to adopt a daily house cleaning schedule that serves to motivate you to clean or tidy up at the same time each day. Before bed works for a lot of people.

When the timing and the chores become a habit, you should be able to get through your entire house in less than 30 minutes. As for the chores you want to include in your daily regimen, take a look at the following room-by-room breakdowns.


  • Empty dishwasher and reload with dirty dishes
  • Wipe out the sink
  • Wipe stove and or microwave after cooking
  • Wipe countertops and exposed appliance surfaces
  • Wipe spills from floor
  • Sweep crumbs from kitchen floor
  • Put leftovers and condiments away

Living Room

  • Fluff pillows and furniture cushions
  • Feather dust furniture and light fixtures
  • Neaten things on coffee and end tables
  • Sweep high traffic areas


  • Make beds in the morning
  • Put clean clothes away and dirty clothes in the hamper
  • Feather dust furniture
  • Vacuum or sweep/mop high-traffic areas as needed


  • Wipe sink after use
  • Wipe soap spots from mirror and facets
  • Wipe out shower/tub after each bathing
  • Wipe and disinfect toilet seat
  • Hang towels
  • Clean floor as needed

Kids’ Room

  • Put toys away
  • Pick up dirty clothes
  • Feather dusty furniture
  • Make beds in the morning – older kids can do this


  • Sweep entrances
  • Empty wastebaskets and remove trash
  • Check home security system
  • Declutter common areas

If time won’t allow you to manage your daily and weekly housekeeping responsibilities, might we suggest you give MaidThis St. Petersburg & Clearwater Florida a call? We offer a full range of housekeeping services that are specifically designed to save you time and make your life easier. That’s not to forget to mention that your home will be clean and smelling fresh by the time you get home on cleaning day. As cleaning pros, we’ll work hard to exceed your expectations. You can schedule appointments online or by phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I manage a daily cleaning schedule if I need Airbnb cleanings?

It’s likely you don’t have the time to handle your rental cleaning responsibilities if you have a high-traffic unit. We have a great process for handling vacation rental cleaning. We have an automated Airbnb cleaning system that syncs with the Airbnb system. We get alerts when a vacation rental cleaning is needed, and we automatically schedule it.

If I am good about tidying up, how often will I need to do weekly standard cleanings and take care of deep cleaning of the house?

If you maintain a tight cleaning schedule every day, a weekly cleaning schedule should suffice. As for deep cleaning of the house, we would recommend that you do that at least once a month as long as you are tidy.

Does MaidThis offer daily cleaning services?

Yes we do. We have plenty of busy customers who love coming home to a clean house every day. We also specialize in Airbnb cleanings. If you want daily cleanings, we could offer you a reasonable hourly rate and send maids in each day at a predetermined time. Let professional cleaners handle your home or Airbnb while you visit some of the nicest attractions in St. Petersburg & Clearwater.

How long should it take me to handle my daily cleaning responsibilities?

To make a reasonable estimate, we would need to consider factors like the number of rooms in the house, family size, and the overall cleanliness of the household or a vacation rental. With that said, the habit of doing daily cleanings while using a good checklist should make it easy to accomplish everything in less than 30-45 minutes. The good news is the time needed will get shorter as you maintain cleaning discipline and it works both for Airbnb or a home cleaning.

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