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Pristine Kitchen Cleaning

Our Cleaning Services Include: Disinfecting and Sanitizing Countertops and Sinks, Sweeping and Mopping Floors, Cleaning Off and Dusting Major Appliances and Cabinets.

MaidThis St. Petersburg & Clearwater Recommends: House cleaning should take place weekly so you can stay ahead of schedule and not have food piling up on your kitchen counters.

MaidThis is ready to handle any room in your house, even the ones that are the most neglected. We’re not afraid to clean your kitchen. Our cleaning company can help with precise services such as cleaning kitchen cabinets and kitchen hood cleaning. Our in-depth service removes the gunk and grime from the exterior and interior of the major appliances and areas of your kitchen.

The biggest inquiry we get from our clients is that they want clean floors. They want to impress their guests who come over because they spend most of their time in the kitchen. Because of this, we can shift most of our attention to your floors.

No matter your needs, our kitchen maids will go above and beyond to get them done. We offer customized services so that you’ll walk into a fresh and sparkling clean kitchen. You’ll no longer feel ashamed about having company over because you have a dirty and cluttered kitchen.

Cleaning services in Clearwater & St. Petersburg

Long List of Satisfied Clients

Stacy Scott
Stacy Scott
McKenzie does a great job! She pays attention to detail and reports everything that needs attention!
MaidThis team has been a wonderful resource for our rental property. They always go above and beyond to make sure things are taken care of. Mehkenzie In particular is our primary cleaner and she is second to none. Mehkenzie Makes sure nothing is missed and is sparkling clean before she finishes. I would recommend MaidThis Myrtle beach cleaning service to anyone needing a great cleaning service.
Brandon Rialti
Brandon Rialti
Excellent cleaning and staff, very friendly and responsive, have never once been disappointed by their service. Highly recommend!
Zack Cafarelli
Zack Cafarelli
I needed help on short notice for a move-out cleaning of my condo. I was able to get a cleaning appointment quickly and that worked with my schedule. It was also the best rates I’ve come across in my research. My cleaners Shanna and Rick showed up promptly on time and took my concerns into consideration and immediately began cleaning everything from top to bottom. I have a cat and the amount of hair didn’t even phase them. I came back and couldn’t believe how efficiently they worked. I highly recommend this team for all of your cleaning needs.
Annette Grier
Annette Grier
This company is great!! I tried two other companies before them and there is no comparison. They cleaned and checked on everything!! Even checked on my outside seating and picked up paper in the yard. They have picked up garbage left outside of the trash receptacles by the guest. No other company did this. They are incredible!! They truly understand how Airbnb works. If you have an Airbnb property, this company will not let you down. They make sure that my property is ready for the next guest. I get great reviews for my property and I owe that to this fantastic company, Maid This. Thanks for helping me to remain an Airbnb Super Host.
xOpz War
xOpz War
Brad McAdams
Brad McAdams
Very professional and courteous team! They were extremely friendly and efficient and were even accommodating to a couple extra follow-up requests.
Kitchen cleaning service in St. Petersburg & Clearwater

Prestige Kitchen Maids

MaidThis St. Petersburg & Clearwater offers kitchen cleaning alongside deep cleaning, housekeeping services, and weekly and monthly cleanings. What makes our service unique is that our clients can order hourly kitchen cleaning. We work around your schedule — not the other way around. This means that you can book an appointment at the last minute.

We understand that life gets busy. There might be a time when you need a clean kitchen because unexpected guests are coming over. Give that dirty work to us. We provide professional cleaning services that come with a money-back guarantee. We’re not done unless you’re happy.

Our professional cleaning maids will:

Clean your countertops and erase crumbs

Spray and wipe your glass-top stove

Thoroughly wipe your microwave inside and out

Wipe down the exterior of your kitchen appliances

Quickly remove fingerprints, streaks, and stains

Make your cabinet hardware and faucets sparkle

Sweep and vacuum floors and carpeting

Maid kitchen cleaning service in St. Petersburg & Clearwater
MaidThis St. Petersburg & Clearwater trust badge

Your Trusted Source For Kitchen Cleaning

We understand the needs of our clients. Most of them are busy individuals, families, and vacation rental owners who don’t have time to clean. The kitchen isn’t a room you should neglect. However, it gets pushed to the wayside for other responsibilities. You may find that you have dirty dishes piling up in your sink.

This makes it impossible to do easier tasks, such as wiping the counters and removing food particles. You may have also noticed that your appliances don’t sparkle like they used to. Your cabinets might have buildup and you don’t know where it came from.

It can be hard to maintain a spotless kitchen. Instead, enlist the services of MaidThis St. Petersburg & Clearwater to make this room sparkle. Our courteous cleaners know that you don’t have the time for upkeep. You can schedule weekly or monthly bookings, on your terms.

Allow MaidThis to take over your kitchen and thoroughly clean this space. This gives you more time to focus on more important responsibilities. You’ll have a greater sense of peace knowing that you’ll return to a beautiful and fresh-smelling kitchen.

Tailor-Made Kitchen Cleaners

The kitchen is one of the busiest places in your home. It’s a space where your family gathers around and cooks together. It’s also a place where you’ll entertain your guests. Not only does the kitchen bring people together, but it also attracts crumbs, dirt, and grime.

Regularly cleaning your kitchen helps it look its best. MaidThis professional kitchen cleaning services are ideal for busy families and individuals who want a clean kitchen but struggle with upkeep and maintenance. Contact our cleaning company to get back on track. You can create a regular schedule with our maids and cancel whenever you want.

Professional cleaning in St. Petersburg & Clearwater

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where should cleaning supplies be stored in the kitchen?

The best place to store your cleaning supplies is in the cabinet underneath the sink. You can also use a caddy or storage basket to keep everything organized. Installing a lazy Susan under your kitchen sink can also make it easier to keep those cleaning products within whenever you clean.

Why are my kitchen cabinets sticky after cleaning?

Even if you clean your kitchen cabinets, cooking adds grime in the form of stains, splatters, and steam that rises. Even if you use a vent hood or splatter guard, residue can appear on all surfaces of your kitchen. Dirt that escapes in the air can cause that sticky residue.

How much do commercial kitchen cleaning services cost in St. Petersburg and Clearwater?

The average cost for these services in St. Petersburg and Clearwater, Florida is from $20 to as much as $40. Deep cleaning services cost more since it requires a more intensive and in-depth maid service. Professional kitchen cleaning services can cost as much as $200 since businesses and commercial properties typically have larger kitchens to clean.

How often should I clean my kitchen cabinets?

It depends on how often you use your kitchen. If you love to cook, you should wipe down your cabinets daily. This will maintain the look of the exterior of the cabinets and the hardware. If you’re someone who orders takeout, once or twice a week is sufficient.

Maid cleaning service in St. Petersburg & Clearwater

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