The Total Home-Cleaning Checklist: An A-to-Z Guide for the Cleanest Home Possible

“Follow the List” for Gorgeous, Hygienic Cleaning Results

How This Cleaning Checklist Can Simplify Your Life

Use one or more versions of a cleaning checklist to get your life back on track. Count on MaidThis in St. Petersburg & Clearwater to get a head start. Here’s more about how to begin the journey.

Cleaning checklist

Daily cleaning

Most people are familiar with a daily cleaning. It includes standard cleaning duties like washing dishes, making beds, disinfecting counters, and all those critical chores that prevent messes from getting out of control. Some people post a house cleaning checklist on the refrigerator door.

Weekly cleaning

The weekly cleaning schedule helps make cleaning the house a bit simpler because it deals with heavier jobs, but only once every seven days. This essential roster includes things like dusting, vacuuming, and mopping the floors. The magic of this list is that it breaks up the bigger jobs into smaller pieces.

Monthly cleaning

The monthly cleaning checklist differs a lot from the daily cleaning schedule. Make sure you have the right house cleaning supplies to tackle these tougher tasks, like washing windows, cleaning the fridge, deep cleaning the oven, and shaking out large carpets. This cleaning checklist makes cleaning the house less stressful because you won’t forget those infrequent but vital jobs.

Room-by-Room Cleaning Tips and Tricks

The room-by-room strategy works wonders. It consists of four parts: the kitchen cleaning checklist, bedroom cleaning checklist, bathroom cleaning checklist, and living room cleaning checklist. Here are a few tips to make the project a bit easier and all the main rooms in your home fresher and cleaner.

Cleaners following a cleaning checklist


Kitchens get a lot of traffic. That’s why the kitchen cleaning checklist requires attention. Wipe handles and knobs to cut down on germs. Do the same with appliances and counters. Attend to floor mopping and sweeping regularly and clean out the fridge on a monthly basis. Contact the MaidThis team in St. Petersburg & Clearwater to get help with your entire house cleaning checklist.


The all-important bathroom cleaning routine can take the drudgery out of something no one wants to do. But the high-traffic room should be on your daily cleaning schedule. Use a name-brand disinfectant to eliminate grime and germs on all surfaces, especially toilets, bathtubs, mirrors, and sinks. Launder or replace shower curtains every few months.


Create a bedroom cleaning checklist to get every day started right. Make beds every day, dust flat surfaces, and vacuum regularly. Make sure to launder linens to minimize the buildup of odors and germs. Pro tip: Stay stocked up on house cleaning supplies before deep cleaning a house or apartment. Having to stop in the middle of the job to make a trip to the store can break your momentum.

Living Room

What’s a part of typical living room cleaning routine? No house cleaning list is complete without vacuuming of living room carpets, cushions, and upholstered furniture. Keep the area neat by picking up at least once per day. Dust all flat surfaces two or more times per week. It’s not about deep cleaning the house but keeping the main living area fresh and welcoming.

Why Choose MaidThis in St. Petersburg & Clearwater?

Maids cleaning

When you want top-rated, reliable, on-time house cleaning services, contact MaidThis and stop worrying. Your cleaning crew will arrive as scheduled and meet or beat your expectations. Whether you’re a rental/Airbnb owner or just want your own home cleaned by experts, MaidThis is the way to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a quick list of the questions people ask us so you won’t have to be left in suspense.

Do I have to provide cleaning supplies for the cleaners/maids?

You don’t need to provide anything except a space that needs to be cleaned. Your cleaning team travels with all the equipment, supplies, and tools for the job. If you want the crew to do dishes or laundry, we ask that you provide your preferred laundry detergent and dish soap. Additionally, you should leave enough trash can liners so the crew can empty all receptacles and put new liners in.

What if the cleaners make a mistake? Is there any kind of quality guarantee in place?

You get not only a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on every job, but we will fix any missed maid service at no charge to you. All the cleaners are fully vetted by our management, so you never have to worry about the reliability or trustworthiness of the crew members. Keep in mind that if you want a deep-cleaning service, it’s best to let us know in advance because that’s not part of the normal rental or residential cleaning process.

What’s the best way to book, and what if I need to cancel?

There’s never a fee if you cancel more than 24 hours in advance. The best way to book is to call MaidThis in St. Petersburg and Clearwater. If you use the services a few times, as most people do, we can work out a regular schedule to suit your needs. That way, you won’t have to make repeat bookings. In general, it’s best to book at least 48 hours in advance.

Will the maids be on time?

While there’s no guarantee of an exact starting time due to unpredictable traffic flow in most cities and towns, we have a “No Show” policy in place that guarantees your property will be clean as a whistle and ready for occupancy before your guests arrive or when you need to use it.

Can I request the cleaners to do laundry?

You get 1-3 loads as part of the typical rental cleaning service, with extra loads, or loads that must be done in a laundromat, for an additional charge. Plus, if you don’t have any laundry, then you get a discount on the cleaning service charges.

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