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Our Weekly Cleaning Service

Let the maids clean so that you have one less thing that you need to worry about, and watch how having professionals come on a weekly basis completely changes the way that you are living and how happy you feel.

Using an Airbnb cleaning service or a Vrbo cleaning service can help you as you keep a rental property ready for new guests. Using a service that is set up to arrive on a weekly basis can be especially helpful. If you think that having assistance with the cleaning work at your rental might help you stress less or be able to have guests stay there more often, we are here to help.

Residential cleaning services benefits


  • Pricing that always makes sense
  • Choose to keep or cancel services
  • We offer cleaners from the top 2% available
Vacation rental apartment

Vacation Rental

  • Stress less with automated scheduling of cleanings
  • Simplified handling of reporting work
  • We offer cleaners with a no-show guarantee
House cleaning services in St. Petersburg, Florida
Weekly cleaning services in St. Petersburg & Clearwater

Get Smooth Weekly Cleaning Assistance

Hiring St. Petersburg & Clearwater cleaners should help you stress less, not more. With MaidThis, you don’t have to worry about the schedule on which your cleaners will appear or the quality of work that they will do.

It Takes Just Moments to Book Weekly Services

Because of the way that our contact form is set up, you can have cleaners scheduled to show up weekly after spending just moments on it.

Professional Cleaners in St. Petersburg & Clearwater Work Fast and Effectively

Your house isn’t the first that our cleaners have worked in and they will use all their experience to make sure they do a good job and do that quickly.

We Offer the Gift of Free-Time

Knowing that cleaning work will be done on a weekly basis helps you stress less about everyday messes. Spend more time with family when you hire a St. Petersburg & Clearwater maid service.

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Our 5-Step Weekly Cleaning Maid Screening Process

Our success as a national cleaning company service is directly attributable to the quality of the St. Petersburg and Clearwater maids we are able to find through our 5-step cleaner screening process. The 5-steps are:

Step 1

Application Completed

We are a cleaning company that takes our work seriously and that means going over each submitted application with care and really paying attention to the details.

Step 2

Talking with Domestic Workers Via the Phone

We like to get a feel for each maid by holding a conversation with them on the phone. We also use phone calls to ask questions related to applications.

Step 3

Talking with Domestic Workers Via Video Chat

Anything that doesn’t get answered over the phone can be answered as we talk “face-to-face” via a video interview.

Step 4

Training Related to Our Services

If someone seems ready to be part of our cleaning company, we start training them so that they know what our home and rental cleaning services include.

Step 5

Looking into the Background

Before we send someone to complete weekly cleaning in St. Petersburg & Clearwater, we complete a background check to make sure they can be trusted.

Long List of Satisfied Clients

Stacy Scott
Stacy Scott
McKenzie does a great job! She pays attention to detail and reports everything that needs attention!
MaidThis team has been a wonderful resource for our rental property. They always go above and beyond to make sure things are taken care of. Mehkenzie In particular is our primary cleaner and she is second to none. Mehkenzie Makes sure nothing is missed and is sparkling clean before she finishes. I would recommend MaidThis Myrtle beach cleaning service to anyone needing a great cleaning service.
Brandon Rialti
Brandon Rialti
Excellent cleaning and staff, very friendly and responsive, have never once been disappointed by their service. Highly recommend!
Zack Cafarelli
Zack Cafarelli
I needed help on short notice for a move-out cleaning of my condo. I was able to get a cleaning appointment quickly and that worked with my schedule. It was also the best rates I’ve come across in my research. My cleaners Shanna and Rick showed up promptly on time and took my concerns into consideration and immediately began cleaning everything from top to bottom. I have a cat and the amount of hair didn’t even phase them. I came back and couldn’t believe how efficiently they worked. I highly recommend this team for all of your cleaning needs.
Annette Grier
Annette Grier
This company is great!! I tried two other companies before them and there is no comparison. They cleaned and checked on everything!! Even checked on my outside seating and picked up paper in the yard. They have picked up garbage left outside of the trash receptacles by the guest. No other company did this. They are incredible!! They truly understand how Airbnb works. If you have an Airbnb property, this company will not let you down. They make sure that my property is ready for the next guest. I get great reviews for my property and I owe that to this fantastic company, Maid This. Thanks for helping me to remain an Airbnb Super Host.
xOpz War
xOpz War
Brad McAdams
Brad McAdams
Very professional and courteous team! They were extremely friendly and efficient and were even accommodating to a couple extra follow-up requests.

Why Choose MaidThis Cleaning Services

We are serious about all that we do and the cleaners we let work under the MaidThis name! Our home and rental cleaning work will not disappoint and our cleaners can be trusted.

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Life is busy and we make fitting housekeepers into your family’s complicated schedule easy. You pick a cleaning time that works for you, and our cleaners will show up on your schedule each week, as expected.

MaidThis St. Petersburg and Clearwater house cleaning products icon

The cleaners sent to you need to know how to handle the job you need done. Whether handling Vrbo cleaning, caring for your home, or offering an Airbnb cleaning service, those sent to you are picked out just for you.

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Nothing matters more to us than leaving your home in good shape and pleasing you by doing that. When cleaners finish your weekly cleaning, we want you to be happy with the way that your home looks and smells.




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MaidThis St. Petersburg & Clearwater trust badge

We’re Not Happy Unless You’re Happy

It really is our job to please you and you should feel free to bring up anything that you don’t find right. Give us the chance to fix things and leave you satisfied.

Know that maids will avoid cleaning light fixtures and delicate lamps to keep them safe.

Understand that furniture stays in place while maids clean so that they don’t mess it up.

Maids will avoid wiping your walls because they don’t want to damage the finish.

«Sounds like something that I need! How do I set this up?»

Using a weekly cleaning service in St. Petersburg & Clearwater helps home and rental owners know they will have quality cleaning help on a regular basis!

Residential unit in St. Petersburg and Clearwater, Florida

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I schedule cleaning for my home or Airbnb property?

The frequency of cleaning depends on your specific needs and usage. For most houses and short-term rentals, weekly cleanings strike a balance between maintaining cleanliness and convenience. Regular cleanings ensure that your space remains inviting for guests. However, consider factors like guest turnover, foot traffic, and personal preferences when deciding on the frequency.

What services are typically included in weekly cleaning for houses and Airbnb properties?

Weekly cleaning services cover essential tasks to keep your home or rental property in top shape. These services usually include:

  • Surface Cleaning: Dusting surfaces, wiping down countertops, and cleaning visible areas.
  • Floor Care: Vacuuming carpets, sweeping floors, and mopping hard surfaces.
  • Bathroom Cleaning: Sanitizing sinks, toilets, showers, and mirrors.
  • Kitchen Maintenance: Cleaning appliances, wiping down cabinets, and emptying trash bins.
  • Bed Linen Change: Replacing bed sheets and towels.
  • General Tidying: Organizing common areas and making beds.
  • Trash Removal: Emptying bins and recycling containers.

Please contact us to have latest information on our cleaning services in St. Petersburg & Clearwater.

What additional services can I consider for a more thorough weekly cleaning?

Beyond the basics, you might want to explore additional services:

  • Deep Cleaning: Occasional deep cleans that address neglected areas, such as baseboards, blinds, and behind furniture.
  • Laundry Service: If you provide linens for guests, consider having them professionally laundered.
  • Window Cleaning: Regular window cleaning enhances the overall appearance.
  • Appliance Detailing: Cleaning inside ovens, microwaves, and refrigerators.
  • Airbnb-Specific Tasks: Restocking guest amenities, checking smoke detectors, and ensuring proper lighting.

What’s the cost of weekly cleaning services in Florida?

Prices vary based on factors like property size, location, and the level of service. Generally, weekly cleaning rates for houses and Airbnb properties range from $50 to $125 per session. Some services offer discounts for longer-term contracts or multiple cleanings per month.

How do I find a reliable weekly cleaning service in St. Petersburg & Clearwater?

Research local cleaning companies or individual cleaners in your area. Look for:

  • Reviews and Ratings: Check online reviews and ratings on platforms like Google or Facebook.
  • Recommendations: Ask friends, neighbors, or other Airbnb hosts for referrals.
  • Licensed and Insured: Ensure the service provider is licensed and carries liability insurance.
  • Customization: Discuss your specific needs and preferences with potential cleaners.