Stay Relaxed This Christmas Season

Relaxed Christmas - Cleaning Service Laguna NiguelHow can you have a sustainable Christmas this year? How can you simply enjoy the holidays and rein in the stress that seems to be inevitable? Don’t get swept away by the holiday craze – hold on to these ideas compiled by the most trusted cleaning service in Laguna Niguel.

Trim the to-do list

Just the bare necessities should make their way to your to-do list. This is actually tougher than one would think because we love feeling efficient and having a stark to-do list doesn’t contribute to that. If you find yourself struggling to keep activities off your holiday schedule, remind yourself that your primary goal this season is – to enjoy!

Delegate and ask for help

Asking others to help out with organization will make it easier for you to keep that to do list short. Yes, asking for help is also challenging, but look at it from this perspective – why don’t you give it a real go this year? Ask others for help, give them clear instructions, written if need be, and restrain yourself from intervening if you’re not fully satisfied with the results. The important thing is to be together and keep stress down.

No clean-a-thon

The previous two items apply to this one. Keep things simple and delegate. Will you get more kicks from a pristine kitchen or a nice glass of wine in the company of friends? Yeah. Someone else can do the kitchen.

If your family members are too busy to take on cleaning, or if they cannot be relied on when it comes to scrubbing, give some serious thought to hiring a professional cleaning service. Our professional maids will work around your schedule and give you cleaning results that guarantee your satisfaction. If you need a cleaning service in Laguna Niguel or anywhere else in Orange County, call Maid This! – the most trusted cleaning service in Orange County and beyond.

Decorate wisely

The Big Three – the front door, the tree and a focal point – may be the easiest way to decorate without investing too much time and effort. The spirit of Christmas is inside you!

Give gifts that symbolize your love

Paradoxically, when you have known someone for a long time, or a very long time (like your mom and dad), gift ideas can get exhausted. If it’s not that, gifts can easily exhaust your budget – and your budget has to cover many more things besides gifts. Repeat to yourself that it’s the thought that counts and that money invested in a gift can never ever really show how much you love a person or care about them.

Set a budget

Talking about the budget, it would be best to sit down and calculate just how much is acceptable for you to spend this winter holiday season. If you know what your financial limits are, it will be easier to make decisions when buying gifts, food for the meal, tickets, making reservations, etc. Planning like this in advance can also help to rein in shopping sprees and forestall undesirable debts.

Remember the limits of your powers

You’re no Superman nor Wonder Woman. Stuffing your schedule with visits to family and friends, guest stayovers or parties is highly likely to have both your plans and nerves come undone. Prioritize and plan lighter days after you’ve been to a party or away, so that you can recharge your batteries and enjoy every moment of the holiday magic.

Also, if you are hosting a party, consider making it pot-lucky. You’ll get a variety of tastes and foods without exerting yourself to the point that you only wish the party is over so you can get some sleep.

How about a holiday staycation?

Your home can be a place of undiscovered enjoyment in the holiday season. Is it your tradition to travel round Christmas? Why not experience some R&R in the comfort of your home and in the company of your family only? You may be surprised how different your home can feel when you slow down the pace.

To maximize the delight have your house professionally cleaned by Maid This! We provide premium flat-rate cleaning services in Laguna Niguel and other cities in Orange County and across South California. Get your time back and book a cleaning right now!

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