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Our Short-Term Rental Cleaning Services

Our Tampa short term rental cleaning service is available for Airbnb/rental unit owners who don’t have time in their busy schedules to worry about cleaning responsibilities. You will find that our real value comes from our ability to handle your busy rental schedule without skipping a beat. Want more benefits from using MaidThis in Florida? Try these:

Residential cleaning services benefits


  • Prices that will blow your mind
  • You can cancel your cleaning service when you want or need to
  • Enjoy the efforts of the elite cleaning personnel
Vacation rental cleaning services benefits

Vacation Rental

  • Our automated scheduling system makes cleaning appointment simple
  • Enjoy getting cleaning online and unit damage reports
  • Our No-Show Guarantee means guaranteed service every time
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Short-term cleaning service in Tampa

Short-Term Rental Cleaning Service Benefits

Short-term rental units usually come with high turnover rates. If you were to try to handle cleaning your unit independently after each occupancy, you wouldn’t have time for anything else. We have the time and resources to constantly provide quality Airbnb cleaning services on request. We simply follow this formula:

Fast and Efficient Booking System

Our unique online automated scheduling system will make scheduling a short-term rental cleaner easier by allowing your Airbnb system to seamlessly sync with our system.

Services provided quickly with precision

We use a comprehensive screening process to help us identify and locate top contract cleaners who are very proficient at providing vacation rental/Airbnb cleaning in Tampa.

Creating more free time for you

While we are handling your rental short-term cleaning responsibilities, you get more quality time to spend doing fun things with your family and friends.

Housekeeping service

Our 5-Step Cleaner Screening Process

Our position as reputable vacation rental cleaners depends heavily on our ability to work with the best available cleaning service providers. To ensure we do that, we use the following 5-step cleaner screening process:

The secret of our success lies in the following comprehensive 5-step cleaner screening process:


Applications Accepted Online

Technology allows us to efficiently collect online applications, which enhances our chances of encountering the most highly qualified candidates.


Initial Video Interviews

Online video interviews help us sift through more potentially qualified candidates to increase our ability to identify the candidates who fit the right profile.


Face-to-face Comprehensive Interviews

Only the best maid candidates are brought in-house for lengthy discussions (interviews) about their work experience and overall qualifications.


Company Orientation Presentation

Our orientation presentations focus on educating future contract cleaning providers about our requirements as a top short-term rental cleaner.


Thorough Background and Reference Checks

To land that first job with MaidThis in Tampa, candidates must be able to successfully clear our stringent background and reference checks.

Long List of Satisfied Clients

Jonathan Boyce
Jonathan Boyce
home cleaning done right
bonnie shrader
bonnie shrader
they did a good job.
jonathan montenegro
jonathan montenegro
did an amazing job cleaning my home.
Michael Luna
Michael Luna
Great service
Shailey Shah
Shailey Shah
This is the easiest service to book and they tell you exactly what you are getting in your cleaning. It's great that you can include add ons online if you need anything extra done. Whenever I have called, there is always someone available over the phone to help me; and when they are busy someone always promptly calls me back.
Robin Brinson
Robin Brinson
Teresa deep cleaned my house today. I can says, without hesitation, she did a really outstanding job. The entire process with them from beginning to end is such a pleasure. She did an incredible job and had every detail sparkling clean. I will definitely use them again and highly recommend them for your job.
Catherine Cameron
Catherine Cameron
Awesome! Today's cleaning by Teresa was super efficient and I'm still basking in how clean our house is - I don't think it's ever looked and felt this good. So grateful for the fantastic service. The customer service is great too and the service is very easy to set up and use.

Why Choose MaidThis Short-Term Rental Cleaning Service

Knowing we have competition, it’s our job to give you plenty of reasons to choose MaidThis. With that in mind, here are three (3) things we do to set us above the competition:

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We let you have control over the appointment scheduling process via our online automated scheduling system. Once you set appointments that fit your schedule, our no-show guarantee ensures your wish is our command.

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It’s up to you to set your cleaning standards. We’ll use that information to match your cleaning requirements with professional short-term cleaners who we believe can best deliver what you need and expect.

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Via our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, we are promising you the highest level of service possible. To us, that means leaving your vacation rental clean and smelling good for each and every subsequent renter.




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We’re Not Happy Unless You’re Happy

In the service industry, satisfied customers are happy customers. Our motto is our happiness comes from your happiness with the quality of services.

To avoid collateral issues, here are three (3) cleaning tasks that your maids might need to avoid:

MaidThis Tampa lamp cleaning icon

Washing or cleaning delicate household items that could easily be damaged if mishandled

MaidThis Tampa furniture cleaning icon

Moving and lifting heavy furniture or appliance when doing so could cause injury or damage

MaidThis Tampa wall cleaning icon

Wall cleaning with a substance(s) that might cause damage to paint or a wall covering

«This sounds ideal. Tell me how to book your services.»

We so appreciate your inquiry.
You can get things started by booking your first vacation rental cleaning online with our automated scheduling system or by calling our office.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many maids will you send to clean my Tampa vacation rental?

 With an eye on efficiency and saving you money, we’ll allocate enough resources to ensure your cleaning gets handled as quickly as possible and with complete precision.

How do I make sure the maid has access to my Airbnb/vacation rental?

We can offer you three (3) suggestions. If there is a rental office on-site, we can coordinate with them. Otherwise, you can hide a key in a safe location or purchase a realtor’s lockbox and provide us with the combination.

What cleaning supplies do I need to leave out?

None. Your maids will report for duty with everything they need to clean your unit right. That will include commercial-grade cleaning products that are certified as safe and eco-friendly.

What will the cost be for an Airbnb cleaning in Tampa?

Our affordable prices are determined by factors such as the location and size (# of rooms or sq. footage) of your vacation rental, the level of cleaning service requested, and the frequency of your bookings.

Is it appropriate to tip my maid?

It’s not a requirement. However, our cleaners are very appreciative when one of their customers gives them a “pat on the back.”