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things airbnb guests are looking for


Every guest is looking for something different when they book a vacation rental. While “vacation time” is often the first reason folks will be scouring the depths of Airbnb and other sites, there are a few other instances when guests will be seeking a place to stay.

Are you ready to cater to guests who are looking for more than just a place to rest their heads at night? With the slower season coming up, it’s a good time to re-evaluate and see if you’ve set up your home to fulfill the needs and desires of what some may deem as “non-traditional guests.”

Here are two types of spaces potential guests are often searching for plus a bonus tip for securing bookings.

1. An Inviting, Dedicated Workspace

Let’s be honest: Sometimes, to actually get things done, we have to separate ourselves from our “normal” environments. When you’ve been working on a particular project for an extended period of time, things can get monotonous and it can be a challenge to concentrate, let alone finish the thing you’re working on.

To refocus your energy and wrap things up, sometimes the best thing to do is to leave that all-too-familiar environment and finish up somewhere new.

Entrepreneurs and business people do this all the time – they escape to a place where they can find some relaxation as well as a place that will cater to their work needs.

Set up a space that’s completely dedicated to work in your vacation rental – whether it be an actual desk or just a small table. Ensure you provide all the general “work” tools, like pens and pencils (and a pencil sharpener… those babies don’t stay sharp for long!), a stapler, a desk lamp, maybe a hole punch… Consider even tossing a basic printer and paper into the mix!

Whatever you would want in your dedicated workspace, offer it to your guests. If they’re working while they stay, they’ll be grateful.

2. Quiet Seclusion and a Relaxing Environment

Maybe your guests aren’t looking for a work escape; they’re just looking for an escape. You can provide that serenity in your vacation rental.

Quiet doesn’t just stem from the sounds in and around your home – it also stems from the things inside your home. If you’re attempting to create and provide a calming and secluded space, consider how you’ve decorated:

  • Are your walls painted any bright, dark, or otherwise vivid colors?
  • Do you have an excess of decorative items on the walls or on tables around your home?
  • Do you have many “statement” pieces of furniture or oversized decorative items?

While it’s true that having a unique design and feel in your place will help you set yourself apart, too much uniqueness may drive away potential guests.

Decide what you’re going for and who you’re interested in trying to attract, and go for it. But if you’re looking for folks who are hoping to escape the “noise” of life, you may need to rethink some of your decor choices.

Bonus: Write your description using complete honesty.

This, in some ways, seems obvious. You should always be upfront with your guests about your house rules and what to expect when they check in. However, if you know there are a few things that could come as a (not so happy) shock in your building, on your street, or in your neighborhood, you’re better off to acknowledge those things from the get-go than to leave them as surprises for your guests.

Here are a few examples:

  • You have a neighbor with an especially noisy dog.
  • The garbage truck comes at an ungodly hour and it makes a racket on Tuesday mornings.
  • Your downstairs neighbor has a tendency to play loud music.
  • There’s little or no parking near your house.

Whether there is an easy solution or not, people don’t like being surprised by annoyances. If they’re prepared for them, however, things tend to go a little more smoothly.

So, the moral of the story here is to make your guests aware, from the very beginning, of what might be irritating to them. Don’t leave them to be caught off guard or you face the chance of negative reviews with very specific mentions of those annoyances you could have been heading off earlier.

Every guest is looking for something different, it’s true – but they’re all looking to stay in a place that meets (if not exceeds) their initial expectations from the time they book. Remember to over-deliver and give your guests exactly what they need, be it a quiet workspace, a relaxing retreat, or a fun place to recharge.

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