Tips On Cleaning Up After Christmas And Preparing For The Next One

Every year it’s the same thing all over again. After all the fun’s over, what went up must come down.  As with any major cleanup, not having a thorough and realistic plan can really wear you down. But this year, turn the page and think ahead. Organize everything (and everyone, including your kids) so that both unpacking and repacking your Christmas decorations goes smoothly. Our domestic referral agency is here to provide you with tips on how to put away all your Christmassy items and spare yourself the hassle of the “not this again” time of the year.

Create ample storage space

It seems like, no matter how spacious our living area is, we somehow find a way to create clutter. So many items that you no longer need but feel that you might need, eventually. The truth is, you probably won’t.  Clutter is both a physical and a mental burden, and you definitely don’t need that in your life.

Also allow for new items. If you’ve purchased new Christmas ornaments or taken advantage of Christmas-themed items’ sales, these will require even more space. Do not throw away the original packaging as it will come in handy.

Planning ahead with proper labelling

You’re probably familiar with the scenario – you’re eager to set up the Christmas tree and put up the Christmas lights but the lights are all tangled up and some of the ornaments have been damaged in the last year’s chaotic yet tedious cleanup.

This year, start fresh. Housekeeping Orange County recommends setting up categories. It might seem like you ought to have too much time on your hands to do that, but separating the breakables from the non-breakables is easy. It will also spare you the trouble of sorting everything out the next holiday season.

Simple cardboard boxes and labels are all you need. Get boxes with dividers for the breakable items, and if you really want to be on the safe side, wrap each ornament in a paper towel or crumpled newspapers. All that’s left is to find a secret corner in which you can store the boxes in a neat way.

Before you get started, make a handy set of before and after pictures. That way, you’ll have that satisfying visual overview of what you’ve done. What’s more, pictures will refresh your memory and you’ll be able to effortlessly recreate last year’s well-thought-out layout, saving you time and energy.

Get everyone involved

Everyone in your household enjoys the Christmas celebrations, so it’s only fair if they too contribute to this cleanup by doing their fair share of the work. What’s more, you’ll be spending precious quality time together and get things done much more quickly.

Spick-and-span post-Christmas housekeeping

The New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and you need all the energy you can muster and all the time you can find to look and feel your best. With professional housekeeping services, you can feel confident that your home will look impeccable so that you can, too!

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