Organizing Your Cleaners & Cleaning Products

The irony of having an abundance of cleaning supplies in your home, ranging from common household products to the more pricy cleaners, is that they can create an unsightly disorder in their own right. Clever organization of your cleaners will not only help you use available space in a more rational way, but also make cleaning much easier and more time-efficient. In fact, organizing your cleaning supplies is an essential part of an efficient cleaning routine. Professional cleaning services are another way to go, and here they share what years of experience have taught them – preparation is key.

Declutter and narrow down

Just like with your personal hygiene and beauty products, you probably have cleaning supplies you use on a daily or weekly basis, those you never use, and those you don’t even know you have. Another problem is they are probably scattered all over the place, or, even worse, jumbled together.

First things first – get rid of all the nearly empty containers and the cleaners well past their expiration date. Throw away any brooms or brushes that have been rendered practically useless over the years. They are inexpensive and should be replaced on regular basis for health reasons alone. Decluttering will ease your mental burden and narrowing it down to the essentials will make sorting and organizing them easier.

Categorize and tuck away

Depending on the storage space available, the easiest way to categorize your cleaning essentials is to have separate containers, say, a box or a bucket, designated for all the tools and products used in a certain room of the house. For the lucky ones with generous living space, having a neatly organized closet is an answer to all the questions, as you can put the cleaning supplies for each room in it.

For the rest of us who cannot afford to keep the supplies out of sight in such an effortless way, here’s a few helpful ideas:

  • a hanging shoe holder – put it behind the door of your closet or bathroom and you’ll have everything in plain sight;
  • bins and baskets under the kitchen/bathroom sink – use the back of the cabinet doors to suspend them and store kitchen or bathroom cleaning supplies right where you need them;
  • hooks – attached to the back of the cabinet door, you’ll be able to hang all your cleaning gloves and cloths;
  • a DIY pegboard – decorated to your liking and installed on the wall, it is great for getting brooms, dust pans and mops out of the way;
  • wire shelving – hang them behind the door of your closet to create ample storage space;
  • tension rods under the sink – hang all the spray cleaners and you’ll get extra storage space below.

Cleaning Services to the rescue!

Enjoy your time at home and never again be forced to spend an absurd amount of time merely prepping for house cleaning, only to feel  worn-out halfway through.  The cleaning pros we refer spare you the dirty work and leave your home spick-and-span. Call us today and let us make your life easier!

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