How to Keep Your Vacation Rental Spotless: Part I

Your rental property must be pristine, or it won’t get any traffic. We’re not exaggerating for effect here. The reality is that your guests have chosen your rental property over a professionally-run hotel or inn, and they will expect a similarly high level of service.

Giving your rental property anything less than the best vacation rental cleaning Sacramento can offer will, at best, save you some money in the short run. However, it’ll ultimately net you a bunch of middling or negative reviews that will make your property unattractive to future visitors.

Luckily for you, there are easy ways to avoid this. In this article, we’ll explain how to optimize your vacation rental cleaning in a way that keeps your property fresh at all times. Keep reading to learn more.

How is vacation rental cleaning different from standard cleaning?

Regardless of whether you’re renting out an Airbnb or VRBO property, the basic rules are the same: your guests expect to get an expertly cleaned vacation rental for their money. A standard cleaning like you’d perform for your own home simply won’t do.

In addition to basic dusting, vacuuming, and mopping, you should:

  • Ensure there are no missing items or damages from previous guests,
  • Wash the dishes and arrange them in cupboards,
  • Replenish expendable items (toilet paper, soap, toiletries, paper towels, etc.),
  • Keep track of supply levels so you can buy replacements in a timely manner,
  • Make sure towels and linens are clean and dry before the new guests arrive,
  • Tidy up and remake beds with clean linens,
  • Make sure there are no cobwebs, leftover hairs, or mold buildup,
  • Clean the inside of the fridge and throw away any food the previous guests have left,
  • Pick up any trash you find and empty the garbage bins,
  • Be ready to do all of the above at a moment’s notice in case there’s a same day check-in.

Can I clean my rental property myself?

In theory, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be able to do it. In practice, however, unless you’re a professional cleaner, or you’re willing to devote a huge amount of time to cleaning, you’re much better off outsourcing it to the experts.

Trying to lower expenses by cleaning on your own will likely result in you missing something or not cleaning an area to the highest standards. This will lead to 1-star ratings and negative reviews that will forever follow your rental property. It’s simply not worth the risk.

How high should my vacation rental cleaning fees be?

There’s no such thing as a universal price for cleaning services. That’s because different cleaning companies charge different rates. In addition to that, vacation rentals vary widely when it comes to size, location, type of cleaning services needed, and more.

Your guests won’t mind paying a cleaning fee: it’s par for the course in the rental business. Look at other rental properties in your area that are similar to yours, and take note of how much they’re charging for their cleaning fees. You should aim for a similar price.

Location is important as well. People will happily pay a higher cleaning fee for a vacation rental that’s right next to a famous tourist destination such as Old Sacramento, but they won’t be so open-minded if your property is at a remote or less-desirable location.

Where can I book the top vacation rental cleaning Sacramento can provide?

Do you have a few extra rooms or a vacation property that you’d like to rent out? Or maybe you manage a lucrative Airbnb and VRBO rental business?

Maid This is here to help. We’re a first-rate referral agency that works with highly skilled and experienced cleaning pros who can make your rental property sparkling clean in no time. Reach out to us today and book a superb cleaning in under a minute using our hassle-free online scheduling form.

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