Would You Ever Think of Cleaning With These?

Surfing the Internet and talking to people, you hear all sorts of stuff. And the hacks that get shared sometimes sound out-and-out ridiculous. We have already written about some cleaning tips. Here are the wackiest ideas for using ubiquitous household items instead of cleaning products. Who would have thought?


Ok, this is not such a weird idea. Everyone has a few socks that have lost their pair. Don’t leave them buried beneath sock balls and don’t throw them away. Next time you want to dust (link to the dust article), you can get those on your hand like a puppet, and put them to good use. They’re great at trapping dust from blinds.


Old news is good news when you want to get rid of funk from your shoes. Crumple some newspapers into balls and stuff them in shoes – you’ll also ensure the shoes keep their shape. You can also get rid of smells from your fridge if you soak the newspaper ball in some water and throw it in the fridge. Finally, squeaky clean windows will be a pushover when you arm yourself with some newspaper and window cleaning product (or vinegar).


This guilty pleasure has a great greasy consistency to polish wood furniture. The oil, lemon and vinegar give mayonnaise its magical properties when it comes to furniture polishing and removing scuff marks and scratches. You can remove water marks with a dollop of mayo and a cloth. If that’s not enough, try leaving mayo sitting on the water ring for a few hours or overnight.

Tennis ball

Don’t ditch the tennis ball your dog has chewed over. You can wet it a bit and then rub away at scratches and scuff marks on your wood or vinyl floors or tiles.


Talking of floors, mouthwash is supposedly good for mopping your floors. The dosage is said to be one cup per bucket. And the bacteria-killing components could also prove efficient at disinfecting your floors. The bacteria is likely not the same, but who knows? And the house will sure smell fresh!


Tap the bathroom cabinet for some silver-polishing product – your toothpaste. Polishing silverware is not something you do on the reg, so does it really pay to have some dedicated product for it if you’re not going to use it that often? You may already know the baking soda trick for polishing silverware, but toothpaste might be easier to apply. You won’t know until you try – a pea-sized amount and a soft cloth should be enough.

Shaving foam

This is a trick for light-colored carpets. Spritz a greasy stain with some plain shaving foam, leave it sit for around 30 minutes and rinse with a rag dipped in warm water.


There’s no need to stash a bottle of vodka away. Keep it under the sink. A Cosmo is a well-known and popular remedy for a crappy day and a dash of vodka is a remedy for marks made by sharpies, markers and pens. Vodka is said to be a powerful tool against these.

Not wacky at all – call professional cleaning services

You can give these quirky cleaning hacks a go or you can simply call in trusted and reliable cleaning professionals who will clean or deep clean your home efficiently and affordably. Maid This! is a top local referral agency who can link you with the best cleaning services across LA and wider – throughout Orange County and SF. We are proud to have flat-rate transparent packages that will never give you nasty surprises. Shoot us a call at (855) 971-6243, send us a message or book now in less than a minute. We’re here for you!

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