Chillingworth Park West Palm Beach

Chillingworth Park is a 4-acre park that has plenty to offer, including a basketball court, play structures, a picnic pavilion, and a paved walking path. It’s a great place for kids to play in a safe environment. If you’re looking for a park in the West Palm Beach area that is open year-round, give Chillingworth a try. Browse around this site to enjoy more places!

Chillingworth Park

Chillingworth Park is a four-acre park with playgrounds, picnic pavilion, basketball court, and a paved walking path. This park is an ideal place to spend a day out with family and friends. It’s located just east of downtown West Palm Beach and is easily accessible from the I-95 expressways.

Chillingworth Park West Palm Beach is a neighborhood park that offers many amenities for the whole family. The park has playgrounds, picnic tables, and basketball courts, and is surrounded by beautiful homes. It was named for prominent judge Curtis Chillingworth, who practiced law in the city in the 1920s and served on its judicial board. He later disappeared from public view, and his name continues to live on in the park.

Blum Park in Pleasant City needs to be renovated

There are some things that need to be done to improve Blum Park in Pleasant City. It is in need of new bathrooms and a splash pad. The West Palm Beach Parks and Recreation Department is working to fix these problems and make the park a place that is fun and inviting for the whole family. The splash pad will help keep the kids cool during hot months. Additionally, the park will have new lights and increased patrols.

In addition to that, the Pleasant City Community Center needs to be renovated. The facility was built in the 1970s, and needs renovations. Impact doors and energy efficient lighting will make the facility more energy-efficient. The community kitchen will also get new cabinetry. The project will add over 1,200 square feet of space to the facility. The project will also include a new roof that will last for 30 years. Check it out here!

Phipps Youth Baseball in Pleasant City needs to be renovated

While most of the Baseball Complex at Chillingworth Park West Palm Beach is currently closed due to renovations, the surrounding community is not left out. The city is leasing the fields to Phipps Youth Baseball, which oversees the renovations. The park has several facilities that could use a facelift, including a splash pad and ADA accessibility upgrades. There is also a playground for kids, as well as a racquetball court and basketball court adjacent to commercial buildings.

A proposed redesign of the park is being spearheaded by the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach, which is raising funds for the project. The park was donated to the community in 1948 by the Phipps family. Although the park has not undergone major improvements since opening, the redesign plans include moving the Little Red Schoolhouse to a better location, at the base of a 22-foot beach dune.

It is a safe place for kids to play

Chillingworth Park is a neighborhood park with picnic tables, playground equipment, and basketball courts. It’s located between Okeechobee Boulevard and Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. It’s surrounded by beautiful homes. There are paved walkways and shade trees, and a playground. The park also has a pavilion with tables and water fountains. A great place to also visit is

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