Howard Park West Palm Beach is a Great Neighborhood for College Students and Working Professionals

If you’re looking to live in a college-student-friendly neighborhood, you might consider Howard Park West Palm Beach. Although this area is walkable, you may have to drive to work. It also has a high real estate vacancy rate. If you’re a working professional, you might want to avoid Howard Park. Discover More about West palm Beach here!

Howard Park is a college student friendly neighborhood

As a college student, you’ll be happy to know that Howard Park is a safe and walkable neighborhood. The neighborhood also rates higher than 85% of other neighborhoods in Florida, which shows that it’s a great place to live for students. The area is also home to many amenities and services for college students.

It has a high real estate vacancy rate

Howard Park West Palm Beach, Florida, is a suburban neighborhood. The average property value is $825,534, which makes it one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the state. The median rent is $2,473, which makes it higher than the average rental rate in 63.0% of Florida neighborhoods. This is one reason that the real estate vacancy rate in Howard Park is high.

It is walkable, but you may have to drive to your place of work

Howard Park is a small neighborhood with single-family homes that were built in the 1920s. Most of the residents are small business owners or working professionals. There are also some vacation rentals in the area. Some of the homes in this neighborhood are also rented out as extra rooms. This area has many restaurants and shopping options. Check this out!

It is a middle-income neighborhood

The people who live in Howard Park West Palm Beach are largely middle-class. The average household income in this neighborhood is higher than the median household income in 49.1% of American neighborhoods. Despite this, the percentage of residents who are living below the federal poverty line is higher than in 83.0% of neighborhoods nationwide. Many of these residents are employed in sales, service, and management jobs. Approximately 25.6% of the population is of Latin ancestry.

It has a large urban park

Howard Park is a large urban park located near downtown West Palm Beach that offers a variety of recreational opportunities. The park includes tennis courts, basketball courts, a fitness trail, 16 shuffleboard courts, and plenty of green space. The park’s name honors the city’s first Superintendent of Streets and Public Spaces.

It has a high concentration of same sex couples

Last night, the ban on same-sex marriage in Florida came to an end with a glittering group wedding. More than 300 people turned out to make history. Celebrities like Suze Orman and elected officials from Palm Beach County were in attendance. The local clerk and comptroller spoke from a podium as dozens of same-sex couples exchanged vows. Up next is West Palm Beach!

Driving Direction from MaidThis West Palm Beach to Howard Park

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