Ocean Inlet Park

Ocean Inlet Park is a manmade reef made from giant boulders. The park also features a playground and salt water diving. In addition, the water area is great for fishing, boating, and picnicking. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful beach, the area is a great choice for a day out in Boynton Beach. Click here for more info.

Ocean Inlet Park is an artificial reef constructed of giant boulders

In Boynton Beach, Florida, the ocean is home to Rags Reef, an artificial reef constructed from giant boulders. It was built in July 2006 and is located in the water 35 feet deep. The reef was created as a memorial for the late Ginger Catanzaro. In August 2009, the artificial reef was expanded to include another eight hundred tons of boulders.

This new reef in Ocean Inlet Park Boynton Beach FL is close to the inlet and is close to a boating area. If you plan to snorkel or dive at this site, make sure to carry a dive flag to show officials that you are an experienced diver. This new reef will be monitored by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the Army Corps of Engineers. If it is successful, the South Palm Beach chapter of the CCA Florida plans to add more artificial reefs.

It has a playground

If you’re planning a family day out, you might consider taking your little one to the Ocean Inlet Park in Boynton Beach, FL. This 11.4-acre park offers everything from a jetty and marina to a playground and children’s play structure. You’ll also find restrooms and outdoor showers, as well as a picnic area. Parking is free.

The oceanfront park is located across the street from Boynton Beach’s Inlet Beach. The park has shaded picnic tables, a playground, lighted parking, and a beach wheelchair. It’s packed with smiling faces, natural beauty, and spirited fun! Explore more!

It is a salt water dive site

Ocean Inlet Park Boynton Beach FL is home to one of the top salt water dive sites in the country. It is a public beach with many activities such as swimming, kayaking, fishing, and picnicking areas. Visitors can also try their hand at scuba diving.

You can see a variety of marine life, including the M/V Castor, a wreck that sank in 1898. Its hull is made of soft coral and is home to numerous species of fish. Spiny lobsters and damsels can be found in its coral beds. The nearby Casino reef is another dive site worth checking out.

The site is easy to access from the shore. It is less than 5 minutes from the South Lake Worth Inlet. The water depth is six to twelve feet. A recommended entry point is in front of the third set of rocks on the beach.

It is closed until further notice

If you are in the area, there are several things you should do while you are in the area. You can take advantage of a public beach, kayaking, fishing, and other fun activities. There are also plenty of picnic spots to use. It is best to call ahead to check the hours.

If you want to go to the beach, you’ll have to plan ahead. Oceanfront Park is located just a mile north of the Boynton Beach Inlet, which has several beaches and is staffed by certified lifeguards. It is also clean and has separate barbecue areas, rest rooms, and concessions. The park is a good place to bring children to play.

Renovations at Ocean Inlet Park marina will begin in May. Work will include removing the old concrete fixed docks, replacing the marina bulkhead, and building floating day-use docks. Boat owners should remove their boats by April 30, and the project is expected to be completed by spring 2022. Next article.



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