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What One-Time Cleaning Service Do You Need?

Our standard cleaning services are comparable to what you likely do on a weekly basis. That would include chores like floor cleaning, scrubbing in the bathroom and kitchen, cleaning countertops and cabinets, dusting and polishing furniture, and doing a load of laundry on request.

Hourly Cleaning

When you need someone to perform very specific cleaning chores, calling us for a special hourly cleaning session makes sense. While your cleaner addresses your custom to-do list, you control your cleaning budget. A perfect option for after-party cleanups or preparation for out-of-town visitors.

Every home needs two deep cleanings a year. Such cleanings remove the grease and grime that causes unhealthy living conditions. During a one-time deep cleaning, our cleaners direct their energy on cleaning things that get missed during standard cleanings. That means getting to those hard-to-reach places.

Empty homes expose what each home needs in love and care to prepare for new occupancy. We’ll come in and scrub away all the dirt and grime, leaving the place looking new. Depending on the home’s current condition, we usually plan on spending one hour cleaning for every 300 sq. ft. of empty home.

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We Keep the Process Simple

Since we respect the fact you are busy, we have created a cleaning process that is smooth and easy on you and your family. The process includes the following three components.

Fast one time cleaning service booking procedure

We have created an automated online scheduling tool that allows you to book your own appointment with a few clicks of your mouse. If you would prefer, you can call our Office.

Fast and efficient one time house cleaners

By employing a strict screening process, we are able to identify top house cleaners who work fast and get the job done right every time.

And your newfound free time?

While we clean your home, your biggest challenge will be trying to figure out how to use your newfound free time.

Our 5-Step Cleaner Screening Process

Above, we mentioned the effectiveness of our strict screening process for contract cleaners. Here is some information about that 5-step screening process:

Only 2% of the applicants can meet the high standards required to work on the MaidThis team.


Collection of Online Applications

Collecting online applications is an effective way to pull in more applications, which often leads to more qualified candidates.


Initiating Online Video Interviews

Our online video interviews allow us to save time while we get a feel for what applicants can offer our clients.


Bring Applicants in for In-person Interviews

The best applicants will come in for in-house interviews. We use these interviews to discuss work experience and personal background.


Holding Company Orientations

If we like a candidate, we bring them back for an orientation meeting. That’s their chance to learn about the company and the company’s expectations of its cleaners.


In-Depth Reference and Background Checks

No one goes near a client’s home until we confirm their work experience and learn about their trustworthiness.

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Sounds too good to be true?

By reputation, we are everything we claim to be. We contract with the best cleaners in West Palm Beach. They always perform at the highest levels, leaving homes clean and smelling fresh. Oh, our prices (no hidden fees) are suitable for any family’s cleaning budget with the work backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.‌

Important: We could elect to bypass the following tasks:

Wiping light fixtures and household decorations when doing so could cause damage.

Moving furniture that’s heavy enough to injure a cleaner or damage property.

Wall cleaning with water and or chemicals that are known to damage paint.

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We offer two ways to schedule your one time house cleaning appointment. You can call us at 561-556-3471, please feel free to use our convenient online booking form (see below).

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