Philippe Park

Philippe Parkway in Safety Harbor, Florida

If you’re a tourist in the Safety Harbor area, you’ve likely heard of Philippe Parkway and Philippe. But what’s it all about, and how do you find this landmark? In this article, you’ll find out. And we’ll also tell you about Philippe Park itself! Here are some things you should know. And don’t miss the Philippe Parkway marker! This place is full of attractions!

Philippe Parkway

Mostly two-lane, Philippe Parkway offers scenic views of the bay and is ideal for bicycling, walking, and sightseeing. Connected to Memorial Highway, US 92, and the Upper Tampa Bay Trail, Philippe Parkway turns westerly before heading south, intersecting Main Street in Safety Harbor, and terminating at the Safety Harbor Library and Resort. Philippe Parkway is one of the county’s oldest parks.

Located on the northwest shore of Old Tampa Bay, Downtown Safety Harbor is located along Philippe Parkway. This road turns into S. Bayshore Boulevard, which ends at the Courtney Campbell Causeway in Clearwater. The spa, park, and pier are located just south of the road. The park has a long grassy area where residents can host outdoor events. Across the street, Philippe Park is a green oasis with many recreational and historical points of interest.

Philippe Park

If you’re looking for a unique place to go for your next vacation, you might consider heading to Philippe Beach Park in Tampa, FL. Located on the shore of Tampa Bay, Philippe Park features beautifully landscaped open space, an historic mound, and views of Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. For outdoor activities, Philippe Park has boat ramps, playgrounds, softball fields, and picnic shelters.

Whether you’re a family looking for a fun place for children to play or you’re an active adult looking to work out, you’ll enjoy this two-lane road. Philippe Parkway connects to the Courtney Campbell Causeway, Memorial Highway, and Upper Tampa Bay Trail. The road then turns westerly and crosses Mullet Creek on a 1926 bridge. In Safety Harbor, Philippe Parkway ends at the Library and the Safety Harbor Resort. Check it out here!

Philippe Parkway marker

This Phillipe Parkway marker is located in Safety Harbor, Florida. Philippe Park is named after Odet Philippe, the man credited with introducing grapefruit to Florida. The park is situated on 122 acres of Philippe’s plantation, the first non-native settler in Pinellas County. If you are in the neighborhood, you should see the marker to learn more about Philippe. You can also learn more about Philippe’s history.

The Phillipe Parkway is the route that connects Oldsmar and Safety Harbor. It starts off at State Road 580, west of Oldsmar. The Philippe Parkway was named after Odet Philippe, who is believed to be the first European to settle on the Pinellas County peninsula. His name is pronounced Phil-EEP, although residents in the bay area tend to pronounce it with an EE. The Philippe Parkway begins where State Road 580 was realigned in 1988.

Philippe Parkway in Safety Harbor

Phillippe-Parkway in Safety Harbor, Florida is the name of a Pinellas County park that honors Odet Philippe, the man credited with introducing grapefruit to Florida. Philippe Park is located on the 122-acre site of Philippe’s plantation and is an outstanding example of an English landscape garden. Its lush vegetation and scenic beauty are a highlight of a visit to the park.

A beautiful open space in Safety Harbor, Florida, Philippe Park is perfect for a relaxing stroll, family picnic, or fishing. This Pinellas County park is located in Eiko’s Beach House and features an indoor heated pool and direct beach access. You’ll be able to enjoy the park from the comfort of your Safety Harbor vacation rental. Once you’ve had a chance to experience the park, make sure to stop by the heated pool at Eiko’s Beach House!

Philippe Parkway in Oldsmar

If you’re looking for a place to go for a nice family day out, Philippe State Park in Safety Harbor is the place to go. This park was named after Odet Philippe, the man who is credited with bringing grapefruit to Florida. Philippe Park is located on 122 acres of Philippe’s former plantation. It is also home to the Phillipe Plantation, the largest non-native settlement in Pinellas County.

The Philippe Parkway connects the cities of Oldsmar and Safety Harbor. It begins at State Road 580 west of Oldsmar. The parkway is named after Odet Philippe, the first European to settle the Pinellas County peninsula. Philippe’s name is pronounced “Phil-EEp,” but bay area residents pronounce it as Philippe-EE. Despite the name, Philippe Parkway is one of the oldest roads in Oldsmar. Browse next article!