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Your Time and Energy Are Precious

Our job is to give you back your life to do the things you want to do. By working with you to set up personalized regular cleaning services in your home, MaidThis lets you look forward to relaxing every day in a bright, clutter-free setting. Imagine how much tension will disappear from your life when you no longer have to worry about mold, dust, and the exhausting frustration of messy chores. Your West Palm Beach home will be the haven that it’s meant to be.

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The Process is Smooth as Silk

Once you’re getting weekly cleaning services, your life will change. No more rushing around cleaning before the cleaner arrives because your home will already look good. No more pressure, guilt, or shame.

Book Your Cleaning Service in the Blink of an Eye

Setting up a regular cleaning service can be done over the phone or online. You decide whether you want to schedule recurring visits weekly, every two weeks (biweekly), or monthly.

Our Professional Cleaning Team is Experienced, Speedy, and Dependable

MaidThis in West Palm Beach hires only the best of the best housekeepers. They’re skilled in deep cleaning, one-time jobs, annual cleaning, and handling special needs as well as custom requests.

You’ll Get Your Life Back!

Weekly maid service will give you time for the people and activities you care about. You’ll also improve your health by decreasing exposure to allergens, mold and bacterial buildup, and toxic chemicals.

Our 5-Step Screening Process for All Cleaners

Imagine having a hard-working team you can trust to perform as promised and deliver good customer service every time. Our cleaners are based in the Greater Palm Beach area, meaning that they’re part of your community. Here’s how we make sure you get what you’re paying for.

You deserve top-level professionals committed to promoting not only cleanliness, but safety, privacy, trust, and good communication. Only 2% of applicants succeed in passing our strict screening process.


Online Application

All candidates fill out an online application so we can assess their ability to follow directions and complete assignments. We also examine their relevant experience and ability to maintain a job.


Phone Interview

Applicants who pass the first step take part in a phone interview to engage them in conversation and show more about their social skills. We can evaluate their responsiveness and ability to listen.


In-Person Meeting

Perhaps you’ve had the experience of meeting someone on the phone but been surprised by the way they present themselves face-to-face. For that reason, we interview each candidate in person to assess their grooming and body language.



At this phase, the pool of potential MaidThis cleaners has dwindled. The ones who remain are eager to work for you! Our operations team conducts a group orientation to explain the policies and procedures.


Background Checks

Nobody can fake their way through tough background checks that reveal details of the truth. The service providers who enter your home may be strangers to you but rest assured they’re no strangers to us.

Why Choose Us?

Our regular cleaning services offer you flexibility: weekly cleaning service or biweekly cleaning services. You can arrange custom visits as well. We’re all part of the West Palm Beach community and we’re honestly not happy unless you’re happy. Give us a try — nobody EVER regrets a clean house!

Hassle-Free System

Our job isn’t only top-level house cleaning. You’ll be glad to know that the entire process from beginning to end is streamlined and easy. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We always offer open communication and transparency.

You’ll Love the Booking Process

Easy-peasy: Call us or use our convenient online form. You choose which service you need, and we contact you with automatic reminder messages. If you want to change your schedule, you can do that online, too.

Secure Payment After Services

The billing system design protects your privacy and security. You won’t even be charged until after your house cleaning service has been completed to your satisfaction.

deep house cleaning services in West Palm Beach

It’s Not Too Good to Be True!

MaidThis in West Palm Beach is a nationally established company that uses experienced local professionals who have been thoroughly vetted. You’re offered a variety of choices including weekly cleaning service, biweekly cleaning service, one-time jobs, deep cleaning, and personalized arrangements. Being mindful of your safety, privacy, and health is always part of every package. The prices are posted upfront with no hidden fees. You know exactly what to expect.

To protect our clients and staff, maids are instructed to avoid these tasks:

Wiping light fixtures: Electrical outlets, wiring, and brittle glass can cause unpredictable accidents.

Moving furniture: Some furniture items are fragile, and heavy furniture is best left for moving professionals trained in body mechanics.

Wall cleaning: Wall treatments including paints, wallpaper, stone, plastic, cement, and wood all require specialized care to prevent damage.

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