5 Myths About House Cleaners – Debunked!

For one reason or another, many people are hesitant about hiring a house cleaner in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Francisco (we’ll take the local perspective). Even when they have an abundance of telltale signs that they need a professional helping hand, homeowners will be reluctant to have their house cleaned. Often it is because of a host of misconceptions that cloak the true value of professional cleaning services.

We have debunked the myths we have heard of.

House cleaner doesn’t steal or snoop

Many films and series would have lost a valuable plot twist had it not been for a shifty cleaning lady. Unfortunately, this myth seems to persist in the real world, even though hiring your cleaner through a reputable cleaning referral agency should disperse this doubt. Trusted cleaning referral agencies vet their cleaning teams thoroughly. They perform background checks and follow up on references.

House cleaner doesn’t judge you

When you hire a professional cleaning lady in San Francisco, remember that you hire a professional. It’s their job to make your house look great, so they won’t expect it to be spick and span. There’s nothing to judge – you’re simply too busy to make time for house cleaning, just like every other customer of theirs.

People who hire a house cleaner aren’t lazy nor incompetent

Time is at a premium in today’s world, no need to explain further. Reality says you can’t have it all and must prioritize. Delegating the stuff that you can delegate and focusing on what really matters for you is a smart use of resources. No one has it all together. Without a little (professional) help.

House cleaner won’t do shoddy work

If you hire a reputable and trustworthy professional, why would you expect them to slack on the job? It’s a very common impression that you pay cleaning ladies to do crappy job that you could have done, maybe even better. What this idea leaves out is the fact that you can and you should hire a professional to do your house cleaning. If you go through an established agency, you’ll definitely get a referral to a professional who is trained and experienced in cleaning, cleaning products and cleaning procedures.

House cleaner’s services aren’t reserved for the well-off

This is so not true. Long gone are the days when professional cleaning services were the privilege of the rich. Not only can these services be affordable, they can also be entirely transparent. Maid This! Also has discounts in place for weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleanings. Bear in mind that there is a bunch of reasons why you should take house cleaning off your to-do list. Still think professional cleaners are out of your reach?

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