Top 5 Must-Have Cleaning Tools & Products

What cleaning supplies do you really need

It’s time to tidy up your home thoroughly, but you’re unsure what supplies to use. You know you need a mop and a vacuum cleaner, for sure, but what should you use to remove dust, dirt, and stains? Do you really need all those commercially praised products?

Well, experts in house cleaning who operate in Montebello, CA, will tell you a secret. No, you don’t need all those oven cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, window cleaners, etc. The list of home maintenance essentials is actually much shorter. Keep reading to learn more!

What cleaning supplies do you really need?

You need to restore order in your children’s room, straighten up your drawers, and much more, right? So, you probably think you’ll need to spend a fortune on all those products specially designed for different surfaces. Well, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Most supplies you need are probably already in your home!

Here are 5 cleaning supplies you should absolutely have:

1. Microfiber cloths/mops

Microfiber is an artificial material with tremendous absorbing power. The secret lies in splitting microfiber fibers (so-called split microfiber) which become 200 times thinner than human hair. That’s why microfiber cloths can soak up to seven times their weight.

On top of that, microfiber is positively charged. It attracts negatively charged dirt and grease. This means you don’t really need harsh chemicals while using microfiber cloths and mops. Another advantage of microfiber is that it dries fast, not allowing pathogens to multiply.

Caution: Since microfiber is positively charged, it’ll attract linen, dirt, and hair from other pieces of laundry, so machine-wash it separately.

2. HEPA vacuum cleaner

High-efficiency particulate air vacuum cleaners are an essential part of your home upkeep arsenal. These vacuum cleaners have filters that can trap 99.97% of all airborne particles larger than 0.3 microns. This is much smaller than a human red blood cell which usually measures 6 and 8 microns in diameter.

3. White vinegar 

This eco-friendly substance (93–96% water and 4–7% acetic acid) is an absolute maintenance gem, as it easily removes dirt, mildew, and bacteria from many surfaces around the house.

You can use it to scrub your fridge, oven, sink, coffee maker, and microwave, to name just a few kitchen applications. It’s also versatile in the bathroom. It unclogs your shower heads, freshens your toilet bowl, and makes your tiles sparkle.

Warning: Since it’s acidic, it may ruin delicate surfaces, such as marble.

4. Baking soda

Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is a strong base that dissolves organic compounds such as dirt, grease, and other sticky substances. Moreover, it’s a gentle abrasive that leaves no scratches.

You can use it with white vinegar to deep-clean large kitchen appliances, garbage disposal, and drain. It’s perfect for many bathroom maintenance tasks, and you can use it to deodorize your mattress.

5. Dish soap

Dishwashing liquid is a powerful degreaser as it contains surfactants. These substances work as emulsifiers and foamers that combat grease and grime successfully. Dish soap is a non-toxic alternative that removes dirt from various surfaces.

You just need to add a few drops into warm water, dampen your microfiber cloth, wring it, and address areas with it. You can use it around your kids and in your bedroom. It’s also great for wiping inside the drawers and cabinets, tops of closets, coffee tables, etc. Just make sure you rinse it.

Extra tips

Other tools you’ll need include a broom and a dustpan to remove larger pieces of debris and a toilet brush to scrub the toilet.

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