A Short Glossary of House Cleaning Terms

Where in Studio City can I find reliable house cleaning services for my homeDid you know that cleaning and sanitizing aren’t the same thing? And what about deep cleaning? How is it different from standard cleaning? Well, Studio City professionals who offer house cleaning services use various terms when referring to different services and maintenance methods. 

To save you the trouble of browsing numerous websites to find what each term actually means, here we provide a short glossary of the most common home cleaning terms. Read on!

What are the different terms used in cleaning?

House cleaning has a long history. Throughout the years, many terms have been clearly defined and standardized. Here is a list of most frequently used house cleaning terms and their definitions:

  • Cleaning means removing dust, dirt, and other impurities using water and a cleaning product. It doesn’t necessarily kill viruses and bacteria.
  • Deep cleaning refers to a service that covers every inch of your house. It entails reaching into inconspicuous areas where grime accumulates over time and requires a lot more time than regular tidy-ups. Professionals will tend to your carpets, furniture, high wall corners, kitchen appliances, and much more.
  • Disinfecting is aimed at removing as many germs as possible. It’s a mandatory step in the house maintenance routine that follows the cleaning.
  • Disinfectant is a powerful chemical used to deactivate pathogens. It must be handled cautiously, following the manufacturer’s instructions and wearing personal protective equipment. A disinfectant must be stored carefully and kept out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning means cleaning practices that don’t use dangerous products that can leave toxic residue and endanger your family’s health.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products don’t contain any life-threatening substances and aren’t harmful to your health. People with weakened immune systems or medical conditions can safely use them. As they don’t contain chemicals that pollute air and water and often come in recyclable packaging, they are also less hazardous to the environment.
  • Move-In/Out cleaning is a specially designed service for people who are moving in or moving out and need a detailed clean-up of the property. 
  • Post-construction cleaning consists of several carefully performed practices to clean up construction debris. The task is carried out by a team of experts who use special equipment and must wear personal protection equipment as construction dust is hazardous.
  • Referral companies don’t employ cleaners directly but maintain a list of local cleaners they work with on a contractual basis. Their clients are subsequently paired with these cleaning experts as needed.
  • Sanitizing is aimed at removing germs in food-related areas. It goes after cleaning as it doesn’t get rid of grease and other dirt.
  • Standard cleaning is typically done weekly, biweekly, or monthly and includes everyday maintenance tasks.
  • Vacation rental cleaning is a specially designed service offered to people who rent their properties through Airbnb and other similar websites. These people need to have their properties ready for their guests 24/7, so this service is usually envisioned to resemble a hotel-like maid service and provide spotlessly clean rental spaces.

Where in Studio City can I find reliable house cleaning services for my home?

What are the different terms used in cleaningDid you have fun learning all these cleaning terms? Now you want to know where you can find a trustworthy referral company for your Studio City home? We have the answer to this question, too: contact MaidThis.

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